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  1. Meat least is an awesome typo. It sounds like something they put in raw meat at beef packaging plants. Or Meat Least, hes the guy that delivers my milk on the weekends!
  2. The only difference is when you play online theres a list of servers you could join, or host a game for friends/strangers/fellow gamers to come join you. Also, you can make a private match so only people on your steam list can ever join you, and even further than that you can hide the match so that no one at all can even join if you just want to solo. Playing online is the way to go, you can do everything single player offers but with friends if you so choose. Also, you can set up a shop and sell afk items if you play online which you never could. If you ever get to the point where upgr
  3. Since 100 speed is the cap, the second item basically might as well have an empty stat slot. Also you are upgrading your armor incorrectly, and therefore probably judging upgrades incorrectly. On *MYTHICAL GEAR ONLY* you can raise the resistances past the old cap (23% unequiped, 30% set bonus) every 10 levels. You should have already had 2 extra upgrades put in generic resistances, or 1 into generic and fire resist so that your resistances looked more like 33% generic resist, or 32% generic and 32% fire. Without high resistances (especially to generic) it is very difficult to stay alive
  4. Ahh sweetness dude thats awesome thank you :) I didn't even know such a thing existed in this game - and I've been playing since release. Knowledge is POWER!
  5. How in the world did I do this. I wake up this morning to play my squire, all of my hotkeys are the same (the only thing i've ever changed was open up the menu button to thumb mouse button instead of middle mouse) except that the repair button is missing completely. I didn't realize this until I actually needed to repair something - was halfway through umf 2.0 and I realize when I go to repair it tells me I'm at cap for DU - huh? Look again, it's summon spike barricade. So now I can hit 4 or 6 to summon my spike barricades but nothing to fast repair. I've been looking in game for somethi
  6. I think it's pretty damn insane. I don't want to risk buying cheated gear, or cheat myself out of the games progression and I've put lots of hours into it, I dont have 2k on any stat except my wall squire and adept.
  7. These are good ideas. It's been suggested before to turn off the ability for players to build in your tavern(I guess they didn't like it), but locking items to include it so that no one can drop items is a good idea.
  8. Cool. Path of Exile is giving me my loot fix. Check it out. Their beta invite system is commical. How long did you have to wait?
  9. I had plenty of incredible moments playing on campaigne before insane difficulty. I had more fun with this game in Oct/Nov (when I first started playing, just doing campaign with a friend) than I did the last 2 months. That's just me though, I would never encourage someone to skip the core start of the game.
  10. Guys, we seems to understand people have different views and likes to play different ways. Some like to help, some would like new people to learn, that's all good.... I can't be as articulate as Drago Dracini and word my opinion in a very gentle manner. Please can we bring this to a discussion to a more neutral level? Reading the post tinted with a bit of aggression can often let other reader get the wrong idea if they have opposing views. senzation54 and HKN, I totally get where you guys are coming from and suffered looters many time myself. Your intentions and principles are agreed by ma
  11. A lot of other people sympathize with them and act like the people who kick unupgraded Endless Spires geared people without resistances and guardians from Survival games are at fault, while it's really entirely justified. I'm just trying to express my viewpoint, and if I come off as a bully then I'm sorry. If I come off as a ****head saying I think your contradictive of yourself, over opinionted and frankly just hypocritical, I sincerely apologize in my viewpoints. I don't respect people who mod/cheat the game on ranked, and definately don't respect those who have been found guilty of such
  12. Nightmare is for level 74's. If you can't solo it, stay out of Nightmare games until you can be useful (which is typically after you can solo some levels). Very few people like boosting people they don't know. Get yourself a squire and a monk builder and read some guides on the forums here. Oh, and no. I'm not elitist. Elitist is a stupid term made up by noobs who get mad for not being boosted by good players(elitists). It's the same in all RPG type games. Bad players expect good players they don't even know to help them just out of the goodness of their hearts without giving anything in
  13. Also, if you get VAC banned its particular to each game. Or atleast, people who have been getting vac bans for this game have said they still can play others on that steam account.
  14. If you are not going to cheat, but you do work hard you can expect to be successful and even highly successful, but you won't ever be the most successful. The cheaters that get away with it will be the most successful and the cheaters that don't get away with ultimately end up last. This is a reality you must accept if you are going to lead an honorable and upright life. Not everyone's focus in this game, is to top a leaderboard. Many of us realize its a game, have spare time, and play it for fun. Most games have some healthy competition, but that should never be the focus of a "Game".
  15. "At least to a knowledgeable buyer" I agree with that. However I find I make more money mixing in some obvious crap items, for about the same price as the good item next to it. My gear up to wave 20 not even on misty doesn't sell to the "knowledgable" buyer very often. I'm just beginning to touch waves where loot with great stats and great negatives is dropping, but just scratching the surface so they are rare, few, far and in between. Most often with undesired stats, and low upgrades. Still, even the ones I would NEVER wear for myself (only 2 resistances, negative casting speed, but
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