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  1. I was looking forward to playing. Guess I'll wait for the next patch now. How does fixing loot affect Auras??? People are inserting code into these patches that the dev leads aren't aware of.
  2. So the roller can be hit from the front now due to the larger hit location?
  3. I just posted about that. So frustrated that spot STILL hasn't been addressed even though bug reports were filed the day of that issue.
  4. This spot has been known ever since the bug game out. Map devs, you had one job. Play your game so that you can see all the issues that the players are seeing. Now I wait for it to despawn because you guys couldn't fix a simple spawn point in the map. Oh, and minions now bunch up in the opposite spawn location. That's new with this patch.
  5. well there's no point in playing this week then. :/ Ah well. Looking forward to the changes when they occur.
  6. Yeah, I agree that Assassins should ONLY hit players and not structures.
  7. You make very valid points. Basically, the ship is run by the chef, and then the janitor, and then maybe medic, all the while ignoring the need for a captain. In #10, you really need three versions of each hero since you need to put points into a particular tower. I have three for all my mainly used heroes. In #4, The special weapons removal confused me because that's literally a copy and paste and edit operation in the loot table. There's no reason why they couldn't have updated those weapons to have high Chaos variants. None. Copy, paste, change values, done. They must send out their coding needs to India or something because that's how you get code cheap, but you don't get anything else BUT that code (including the ability to think about other things that are needed.) I work in IT and so I know how India resources can really hamper a coding project.
  8. They aren't sure. Seriously, how does one design a loot system like the current one when there are SO many other games out there with better mechanics? You do it by not playing other games or even your own game. Like when I asked on the Dev stream about allowing F1-F12 builders. The host acted like I was asking for something completely stupid because I could go into the hero select screen and redo my F1-F4 builders. Seriously, that host is someone who hasn't put in as many hours as the rest of us in the game if he believes that F1-F12 solves nothing to optimize the build phase. That's a person who has a low count deck or not very many hours. The game very much feels like a ship without a captain. Right now they are trying to get out of early access so bad that they aren't dedicating any time to what would really make the game better to play. (The loot update is grand btw, but it should have been implemented from the start if any of them had played other loot based games of the age.)
  9. Yeah. It makes me believe that Dummies have different code than regular enemies by a huge margin if they can't be subjected to status effects.
  10. I think the ASC cap was a band-aid. Anyone that can get over 140 will basically be nerfed now because the relic (for builders) will mean so much more than what you have in ASC. Basically, those 140 will become "nice to haves" instead of key players in defense construction past C7. What they really need to do is make it so that you only need two of any hero. A builder and a DPSer of that hero. I don't need 3-4 monks/ALs just to do some viable defense builds. They accomplish this by combining various tower ASC levels into one stat instead of breaking them all up into individuals.
  11. All useful suggestions. Again, it really seems that Trendy doesn't actually play their own game.
  12. Agree. That or F1-F12 builders, or F5-F8 loadouts with specific heroes included.
  13. Ever since the last patch, I've never seen so many games that give me absolutely nothing in terms of rewards. Playing with people nets no extra rewards, and currently playing solo is just a grind for the chance of one piece of an upgrade. Plus, with the issues with how loot is calculated and how I have to swap out my deck to build, it's just tedious with no benefit. They need to massively streamline building, and fix the loot so that there's a reason to do map after map outside of the lousy bonus of an extra C7 shard that I don't need. (you need to be able to choose your reward) It's like they designed the game to be played for a week and then stopped until the next couple Chaos levels are released and then defeated in a couple days. (Then more waiting.) Actually, it's almost like they don't play their game and just use paper concepts as the design methodology without an understanding of how the game plays. This grind and lack of understanding happened with Fortnite and they lost a lot of their playerbase during the alpha/beta because there was no point in playing the game anymore. You only needed to play one hero, and it was just a grind to collect the resources to upgrade your main base.
  14. Lol, as I understand it, it's a bug that dreamanime PandynatorDD and a few others know how to do. He's not being serious, he's just poking fun of the other thread, in a beautiful way I might add lol. Ah. I'm not good with sarcasm. :)
  15. If they removed the significant damage boost, that would help. That or they give actual rewards to encourage coop play.
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