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  1. game is coming up on its 1 year. Maybe a special event for it.
  2. no need to give me credit, i wont play again till mid winter at best. if i come back ill come back and bash heads like i used to because it's entertaining.
  3. i haven't played in nearly a month. the beach, boats and stuff~ have been eating up 99% of my time. you guys are free to do whatever with my builds.. but at this point there is surely better ones out there. i may check back around winter time. we'll see.
  4. haven't even gotten to toy with summoners yet... Its summer now and my time is greatly reduced. most of it is spent at a marina or on the water. i am going to continue playing DD as i can but no plans to make a public build for the 4th part of the expansion.
  5. junk storage / clicked the button. i don't open my shop to the public. think those were from a while back.
  6. i haven't done misty in a while... i thought they stopped that crap from happening
  7. Right, make sure your buff beam is off the ledge as far as possible and build the fireballs as far from the ledge as possible yet still in the buff beam so that they can shoot the corner. Remember that fireballs also have splash damage which helps it get around the corner farther.
  8. surely not on the darkness. Its not just the electric that can see around that corner. The fireballs can as well. i haven't had any clogging on that corner at all since the fireball changes.
  9. This thread was left to die, i haven't made a layout for the zone since before the EV was released (for public use) if you're looking for my layouts specifically, go to the DDplanner website, search Kandar and click a map you want. it will bring up a layout for each zone.
  10. 30. Player awareness is starting to play a role in progression. Learn to map hawk if you're not already.
  11. Supreme armor DOES drop. I've seen lots of people running around in full sets with 4500+ in all tower stats recently.... (uh huh) yeah. I'v found 0 pieces of good Supreme armor thus far. anyone walking around in top of the line set(s). well, you can do the math.
  12. try running 4 of the same class if you haven't.
  13. lots seem to have issues with that corner. Double gas will do it of course. I just hate the expense, as you have said. You say you placed the gas so that it was just inside of the drain? maybe that was a typeo? Its effect should actually go beyond the corner just short of the electric aura's area of effect. Ignore the str drains area of effect, it isn't important for sharks, only goldfish. The drain itself doesn't even come close to reaching the corner (which is ok)
  14. Thats a lot of xp in servants quarters. And yeah thats probably right. they're not all the most efficient layouts~ they're just ones i made up as i was going through and some of them do require good stats.
  15. yeah there is a few things i'd like to do to the build but new content (yet again) is just around the corner and Diablo3 is starting tuesday. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33581946/d3/index.html Ill probably be playing Diablo a while so anyone is free to do whatever with my builds~ And as previously stated, i wont be making a part 4 build right away. well, i will be.. but i wont make it public for a few weeks after release in hopes that someone posts their ideas and such.
  16. Do you mean the upper level on the bridges? No Never ever ever ever. Ogre Free up there.
  17. the video isn't a gold standard. Look at the DD planner then go to the zone and do a few practice builds and try to get stuff to fit. After you understand why stuff is there, the build will work for you. if you just try to mock it, you'll probably fail.
  18. If he scoots those south harpoons all the way back to the end of the area, similar to how they're in my build, than it should take care of spiders AND be viable as a Mix mode build. But right now there is just too much going on behind those south harpoons. birds fly up directly from the spawn below south crystal, harps have to be behind that point thus you might as well put them behind the spider spawn too and kill two birds with one stone and all that~ down side is you'll have to get DU from somewhere to pull that off. upside is that the build will function better. The corner before th
  19. if your north wall got pushed every round, you have some serious issues going on with positioning. I don't think there is a "perfect" position. Surely walls can go @ X Pixel point but you should be able to easily grasp the general idea of where they should be. Wall positions are not that critical. If you're getting charged @ wave 10 you have serious serious issues and need to take a step back and try to understand the build piece by piece rather then just copy it. Understanding the "how and why" of each piece will allow you to achieve perfect positioning and nothing else. Everyone
  20. Option C. None of the above. Each pet type has a set number of projectiles and attacks per second it can achieve. You will get the option to upgrade them every 3 or 4 upgrades until they reach that maximum number.
  21. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33581946/d3/index.html tick tock
  22. stopped watching it when the latest doctor took over, he was no replacement for David Tennant
  23. use the "better xbox emulator" thread. you use F1 through 4 to select characters and controll them normally on your keyboard.
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