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  1. I have the same point of view, thanks.
  2. Hello, before I start, I would like to clarify that these are only suggestions, some may appear bad, some good, so I would like you to leave your opinion as well as other ideas or modifications of my Ideas.Some of the suggestions you are going to read are somewhat out of Dungeon Defenders "build" spirit, so I tried to "mitigate the damage" so as not to make people crying.But i'm not really sure on theses points, so they will be written in italics. I am currently maxed C7, and I do not hide the fact that i turn very fast in circles, these suggestions are addressed essentially to the people who have "finish the game". If some things are hard to understand, I apologize, I am not English and I used Google Translation for most words. AUCTION HOUSE I think a auction house in town would really be a good idea, to avoid intensive farming for people who do not really have the courage. EXAMPLE If you have found a good quality bow but you don't use the huntress for something else than build, you can go to the auction hall and set it to sell, at the recommended price or whatever you want, and if another player who play huntress for DPS and search a good bow from a while and can't find it, he can buy your bow against gold and receive it in his mailbox. In Auction House you can sell every important items in the game, for example souls of night, pets,shards etc.If in 72h your item don't have found a new owner, he go back in your mailbox and you need to take it back before his autodestruction.Make Auction House Inter-Servers can be a good point. IMPROVE THE FRIENDS SYSTEM Actually, the friends system is not really good. Add a friends listYou can now whisper your friends by this list You can see what they do: (Simon is actually in C7 Siphon D) GUILD SYSTEMA guild system can be something really great, because actually it's pretty hard to find mates.Create a guild will cost medals or diamondsAlls guilds will have theirs own taverns (different from the solo tavern, and you can "upgrade" the tavern (increase the max guild member slots) with medals or diamonds)Trading between members Guild Dailys (if most players do dailys the guild will earn levels, and members earn advantages (missions will give "guild medals", a medal who the leader and coleader only will have access)Grades System (Leader - CoLeader)Can create stuff like the raid portal (to access to raid) with guild medalsCHAOTIC RAIDHere is the idea that I find the most interesting and that is only for high level players.The raid would be a very difficult mode, more than C7. 5 Players or 10 PlayersOnly accessible in guildReally Really High DifficultNeed tactics to win (Like Abyss Heal and Monk Booster, Squire Tanker with Taunt,etc)Can loot a new tier of stuff (we can call it "fade" ; "rainbow" or "chaos" stuff, the best gear in game, you can only drop it in raid)The drop will only be legendary or chaos/fade/rainbow gear10 Waves (special new boss at 5/10 and 10/10)Can loot chaos shards, you can trade them at a new PNJ against chaos/fade items, this PNJ will be in the guild tavernNo build (yeah i know its out of the build spirit of DD2, but something different can be good no?) Really Dark Map, dont forget its the highest difficultyYou loose if everybody is deadI dont really have an idea for the map and the spawners, but they need to be different than usually THANKS FOR READINGDON'T FORGET TO GIVE YOUR OPINION :-)
  3. All is in the title no need to explain moreSimply because sometime you buy a skin,your weapon don't really look great with it
  4. Platform: ComputerRegion: EuropeSteam / PSN: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Frozzek/In Game Name: カこ Current Chaos Tier: Chaos7Langage(s) You Speak: French ; EnglishSchedules (Optional): //
  5. COPY, FILL AND SUBMIT THIS FORM BELOW! ADD PEOPLE WHO MATCH WITH YOU!Platform:Region:Steam / PSN:In Game Name:Current Chaos Tier:Langage(s) You Speak:Schedules (Optional):
  6. Ability Power everywhere at third stat, normal?^^
  7. In this map you spawn quite near the core, and when +10 assassins come to you, they push each other and destroy the core
  8. WOW. More than 10 assassins at the last wave, and no spawn-protection from them. -> +10 assassins rekt you -> You respawn -> They come back in 1sec -> Core destroyed.
  9. I have never see one only bug in this game lololololollolllloolo
  10. If you have a C2 gear and try to gear up C4 ok, but i pass my time to kick campaing or c1 gear in C7..
  11. I think it's trolls more than leechers bringing the number of games down. I try 2-3 games max in public and if they all have trolls then I just go private. Trolls that hit go before you're done building or stand next to the core with assassins.. It's the same as the old bastille incursion where they'd purposely die over and over on wave 7. That why i purpose had a "report" button too.
  12. Please Trendy, i play this game a lot and actually leechers are killing it. I will explain why : actually when i play, i don't found a lot of public sessions, why ? because everybody are annoyed by the leechers, can't do a C7 map without kicking 2 - 3 leechers, so everybody play private sessions, and actually it's killing the multiplayer gameplay, please do something !
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