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  1. It is really annoying to have to click links to dungeondefenders.com twice because it forward you to the about page the first time you enter the domain without a cookie. I regularly clear my cookies so for me it is pretty much every other time I go to check something on the main site. Almost worse than that is the fact that it locks you in to that page. meaning if I'm coming in from a search page or if someone sent me a link I can't click back because clicking back takes you right back to the about page... even links from the launcher. So you either have to keep open the link to a new tab, twice or go searching for the link again. I just want to be able to click on a link and have it work, not forward me to the about page.
  2. I definitely want something because it is really hard to gear your builder when the only way you can survive is to be running your DPS.
  3. I think it is a good deal IF you want/need the bulk of the pack. Personally I don't so it's not something I'm really interested in but I do recognize that if if my situation was slightly different I very well might have jumped on it.
  4. In short no, because player input has never ruined a game. Player input can certainly offer a fresh perspective, that isn't always good nor is it always bad. It is up to the developer to decide how or if they ever act on that input.
  5. Yeah same here just got 2 cards, Which would cover my retroactive cards from the skellie skins, which is awesome :D I will say more often than not Trendy has managed to pleasantly surprise me :)
  6. Doubtful but in theory I would think it might be possible. Since as far as I know DD2 has pretty much always been on Steam they should have a purchase record they could probably track down who spent what before the cards where added. It would be really nice if they managed to swing it as well as give both Valve and Trendy a little boost on market transactions.
  7. Since DD2 is a F2P game we don't get cards from playing like you would with a normal game you own. Steam's policy on F2P games tends to be you get a card for every $10 you spend on the game.
  8. Hmmm can't say I'm not interested could really use a nice sword like that to help me break into Nightmare ^.^
  9. Not sure where exactly greed started playing a part in this map seems more like Hanlon's razor if anything.
  10. Of cause it is, it can be whatever you want it to be untill you manage to come up with a decent rebuttal. Confused as to what the subject of any rebuttal would be? What boils down to one of the Internets oldest and most pervasive standard substandard avenues of dismissal. Either goes one of two ways 1) The numbers on the forums support you so obviously the enlightened few have spoken and their wisdom is law. or 2) The numbers don't favor your side so claim that it doesn't matter because the forums don't mean anything anyhow. Generally neither side of that coin leads anywhere productive. Or where you talking about the Mathemagic angle?
  11. You're just spinning your gears, anyone who already has decked out heroes isn't going to see the new content as a problem. Unless it makes the game enjoyable for other people :P
  12. 5 times more ppl will speak up when it is something they disagree with compared to ppl speaking up that its ok, a public poll means nothing, so grow up and dont tell me that im wrong when your basing your statement on a 0.01% share. Translation: If the numbers don't agree with you play the vocal minority card!
  13. Those are the rumors, but there is no evidence to support that. But honestly, at this point, the game is so screwed up that starting fresh with maybe a character carry-over might be the best thing to do. This game is put together with so little regard to balance and consistency that it's not really easy or pleasant to play past certain NM maps. I'd say fixing DungeonDefenders should be their top priority. At this point my friends an I who play the game have reached the general consensus based on the Rumor that we probably wouldn't touch a second game outside of a steam sale. Dungeon Defenders as it stands now is just too schizophrenic to have faith in a sequel. Balance that out and they might just be able to turn a steam sale hold out into a day one purchase.
  14. Well that went from enjoyable (friends and I could get to about wave 20) to hopelessly pointless in record time. I guess I'm glad to see that the players with super twinked out end game gear QQing got their way. god forbid other people start having fun with the game again... Also getting some serious flashbacks from early Dundef when we had like 5-6 patches a week rubberbanding the game between playable and broken. Sorry if I sound a bit irritated, its because I am. I guess I'll just check back sometime next week to see how the game has settled out by revision G
  15. To be completely honest a friend bought me some of the DD DLC a while back, they already have all the DLC themselves I'd just like to be able to pay it forward to someone else.
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