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  1. Some day? Absolutely. Anytime soon or on DD2? Extremely doubtful. There has to be a big market push for this across the board before small companies like TE decide to tackle that huge monster. Plus there needs to be a fiscal incentive. When the whole gaming community demands crossplay, and on all games - it will happen, but we are not unified in that vision yet, so companies see no reason to step out into that uncharted territory yet. Fortnite is our current best hope at breaking down some of those long standing barriers. But who knows - maybe it could happen any day... The world is finicky about trends, but they have such power in the moment. If Fortnite can break that wall down, and show that it is profitable, and that all of us gamers want it - well, that is fertile ground for that wish to grow upon. I figured. And well, cross-play may be out of the question, does seem like a large feat and yeah, I agree, I'm sure in the future it'll be there. But the other part of my question, stats transfer or the like don't seem to be so hard to implement.
  2. Will cross-play ever become a thing? Or will I ever be able to transfer stats from PC to PS4? I've been playing this game for a while now, started with DD1 but I've got over 300 hours on PC and would like to be able to play with my friend on PS4 without having to restart. Is there any other way to go about this?
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