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  1. Problem is, you got it unlocked and sold it. Learn with it like we all did one day, and before clicking Sell All you better check your items :)
  2. .....they not even invited DEW for Christmas Party
  3. Did u check if was block and you could not sell it? It happen to a lot of us, selling them.
  4. Doctor yeh the wyverns coming from the back on last wave they don't attack the towers (dont know why lol) but once they infront of them BOOM dead....can touch crystal a little but not soo much. Im going try ur's because the slow down there could be a great help :) but instead 2 Tesla towers i put only one and drop a Electric Aura and put another barrier in front instead of 2 barriers i prefer 3 in there :)
  5. Mmhm... :( But I will try this. Main problem is still getting 74 though, after 5 days of playing nonstop on my dps apprentice he's only 72-andabit. Can't imagine what it's like getting my towerguy there, holycrap T_T Dear god 5 days lol, from 0-70 on glitter Insane its 2-3 runs = 1hour...70-74 its 6runs BUT get full party, more exp :D i even connect one controller to get other one leveling afk lol
  6. Like this http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=5906 But im not "naked" i have 650 tower attack. And towers were upgraded to only 2 levels. Rest is kitting the ogres like a boss :D
  7. Welcome to the club mate http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?36208-18-days-later....still-the-same-tavern-crash.
  8. Damm, another tutorial working like a charm. Just finished Endless Spires :D My best loot was on last wave a random mob droped a 1m armor...all 4 tower stats with 65-72 stats on them but only 32 upgrades. Still its Pristine Enchanted lol
  9. Im looking to it :D Wanna listen some sexy voices with DD on the back.....hummm nice.
  10. I did it too, problem is try not get webbed, then killed. Even with invisibility they get me, because of stupid AoE EDIT: Then, try to get wave 12 on forges (survival normal not Mix) like i did and see what 1 spider can give the 10 ogres a free guest pass to ur crystal.
  11. PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Leave ogres stupid as they are. Instead, add this to patch notes: * Cut half spiders on maps, only shoot 1 web and no AoE web. * Web speed nerfed to 60% instead is 90% on hero (sorry Squires, we know you guys not on Ensnare mode when webbed, but really STOP mode) Everyone would be happy, rainbows and farting kittys. Yupiiiiiiii
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