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  1. Heey guys, Quick question if I put the splody harpoon shard + chaos boom + Melee boom on my balista will they stack?
  2. Armedias

    Set Bonuses

    I would love this to be honest. It would make the game a bit more grindy aswell and that's what i love about it!
  3. No I think it's nice to have something to grind for AP should stay as it is!
  4. Heey everyone, I like to see the amount of defender medals you can hold to be infinite ( or atleast to 50k). Currently it's capped at 12000 which seems odd to me. I don't know if there is any reasoning behind it, but this should be changed and could be easily changed aswell. Thoughts?
  5. Cant wait! you guys are doing a great job thanks !
  6. Heey trendy and fellow defenders. I wonder what you'd guys would think of some kind of clan system. For me personally I'd like to have a standard group to play the game with. It would also allow for pvp aspects in the game--> clan vs clan for exmaple making the game more interesting. Please let me know, kind regards Lionel keijzer
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