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  1. I've beat it a handful of times with a partner using legit tactics. Best rewards I've gotten so far is a 105 boost huntress guardian(84^) and a 84 boost huntress guardian(115^), ironically in the same match as MVP (along with two crap < 30^ mythic gear, lol).
  2. I would be happy to help! It works best with two people in my experience. One with an 80+ boost app guardian, another with an 80+ boost hunt guardian (they compliment nicely). Uber tower speced monk for aura's, huntress for traps (1000+ twr stats at least) and both your DPS characters should be near the 2m DPS range on tavern dummies, which is significantly less in-game. Disc throwers work nice, so does the flamer/disc combo (disc for elem ogres / enemies). There's also a nice spot with only 2 chokes on the new map and escape routes for kiting/ninja dodging. I'll let you find it. 35:41 and i'm
  3. Leave item # and offers below. Accepting trades and mana (better if combined). Look for a similar monk weapon post tomorrow. :cool: Looking for: -Mythic tower gear, any type (having all stats and at least 100^ slots) -Guardians with ridiculous boost (currently have a 105 boost hunt guard equipped, looking for similar app guard) -High end pets with positive / complete hero or tower stats -Someone to do zippy terror with me ( lol :/ ) -Dinner and a back massage from your wife/girlfriend :huntress: Huntress Weapons :huntress: ------------------ #1 -- 190^ Crystal Tracker --
  4. 84 boost / 73^ - all positive stats. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009060607/screenshot/651000377776948143?tab=public Leave offers here or PM me. :)
  5. wrong forum.. it's too early for this crap!
  6. I've got everything you can possibly imagine from nightmare UMF. Want a nice 200^ huntress wep?
  7. UMF insane (for me at least) didn't get too easy, I tried multiple strats, and even with 500 tower attack with my monk, and 490 tower attack with my trap huntress, not to mention my 223k dps on my hunter, I still couldn't beat it. I was having a blast trying, and getting some decent gear on the way though. So in my case, it wasn't too easy, and it's just no fun anymore with absolutely no chance of beating it. inb4 "Stop QQ" I'm not QQ-ing, I'm simply stating for some of us, UMF insane was still a challenge, and increasing the difficulty took the fun out of it (for me anyways) I can respe
  8. Sorry I didn't catch that... but why does it matter if it's insane or nightmare? UMF is UMF and insane got to easy anyway once everyone figured it out. So yea, my opinion hasn't changed. :P
  9. maybe i did post too soon, but [in NM mode] i do not understand the point of any non squire class of having ANY hp past 1 or ANY resists at all. THATS NOT RIGHT. Trust me, a week from now Ogres and Ninja's will be flooding these boards complaining how characters are way to OP with their mythic gear/pets. ;)
  10. UMF is awesome, stop QQing. We're just all severely under geared right now. It should be extremely painful and challenging to gain access to the best gear in the game, and right now it is. So suck it up, get off the forums and go play.
  11. The best of the best gear (even the one day UMF gear from the past) doesn't cut nightmare UMF. It's going to take mythical gear with mythical pets and mythical amounts of patience to get there. Get to level 74 first... then just like how we all tackled the original UMF.. play, loot, gear up, rinse/repeat until your gear stats get near the ceiling. Which is going to dwarf where we currently are.
  12. I, like you OP.. have spent uber amounts of time getting uber geared only to have NM relentlessly punch me in the nards. Unlike youhowever OP, I enjoy the mountain Trendy has put in front of us. It's going to be a fun, frustrating and rewarding getting back to the top. Nice job with NM Trendy, it rocks. OP... This mode is in it's infancy, we'll figure it out with a little time and patience. So get to work!
  13. Same here. Bought bundle and nightmare no worky. :(
  14. Thanks. I will never get the 15 seconds I clicked, read the first sentence, shook my head, wrote this and left.. back.
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