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  1. lol mods everywhere....but there is legit people be sure of that
  2. good to have an ancient defender .....
  3. ummmm out-dated bro, u need a serious farm now since old days, everything change lol even the upgrades lvl :summoner: hint >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 253 :D
  4. it should be like ( plate -mail-pristine-chain) i think it will like that each eventso there will be balance so folllow defenders you should be have towers in all of the type lol just saying
  5. holly molly i pit if you Dredd do an auction for it they will pay you a fortune :D WONDERFULL STAFF!
  6. i dont believe i missed all this fun, i wish was part of the event. everyone talk about it. nice guys!
  7. ooooooohhhhhhhh guys Nak u win i am really thrill to say this is cool and you sure throughing a hack party lol good to see this
  8. Used to see it repeated on the forum, "Don't rush to 90". I'm a firm believer in that. With Team One (7 90's) I don't pull 100^ very often. I recently switched to my other team (Team Two). No character is level 90. My two huntress reached level 84 this month and my luck on Team Two seemed to go through the roof. Beginning of the month I was mainly running challenges and Moraggo with Team One. Late in the month I switched over to Team 2 and mainly ran Ramparts. Every chest, always to completion. Anyway, here's my log. It's been a good month. 8/10/13 "Tavern after Labs" - Team
  9. welcome back bro good for have you back man
  10. good for you Niki and good luck guys
  11. awesome and good luck guys unfortunetaliy i wont be able to join becuase im busy with work. have fun guys and do you best. app build gona be extreme this time for sure lol
  12. lol you guys are not even close or in the same ballpark. ok it's hammer then lol
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