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  1. +1. But they still need a "standart package" Map + chalenge + chalenge reward + survival/PS reward + possible weapon reward (for boss maps and "top" maps).
  2. 1/ Well i already uninstalled the game again. Anyhow, IIRC, my tower app got around 110 Hero Hp, and around 35 % on generic resiatance...i remember having approx. the same amount of res on the others element, but i'm not quite sure. All my armor got higher cumulative score, but its seem to have a different calculation to give the final result. This net me around 1100 hp. If i was to put 100 more point in hp, i would go around 1600-1700 hp total. So, just enough to let me substain one more DEW hit. Oh, joy. Pump more into resistance. 30-35% more physical resistance would have give
  3. For ranged fighters it done so. Why not for melee? O'rly? Show me a ranged weapon that can rapidly push a group of enemies backwards. Also, have you ever pushed an enemy outside your reach with your weapon? If I had a cookie for every enemy that got covered from ranged attacks by the ones that were following him I'd have enough cookies to start a revolution.
  4. I completely support this! I always use the map and my friends dont, and we always get confused when someone says go north, or anything like that. Go UP would be more problematic, no? Seeing how we are in 3D game. And picking north "out of the blue" is just as wrong as it is in real life. In games "north" is generally the top of the MAP, or wherever the compas sais the north is. Since we don't have a compas you've just been sent in a wrong dircetion by someone not used to the map. All we need is a minimap. Optionally make it turn and double up as a compas, to define where the heck the
  5. or they could just remove all the elemental resists from the game, and then you wouldnt need to switch weapons... Yeah, right, make NA towers and weapons completely obsolete. It's not like anyone would mind suddenly being nerfed for the purpose of simplicity... Heck, elemental towers already dominate the field as it is...
  6. I'll just post new threads until the section is full of these. Don't be a jerk. Do you think other people's concerns are less worthy than yours? And besides, that'd just get you banned.
  7. ...not just as is now, that each one guard one exit and dont move. This kind of attitude ususally vanishes around the time of late medium. Maybe not for everyone, but endgame is bound to set them strait. If nothing else, placing Ensnare along other defences pupms their effeciency around 5 times of what they had on their own. Otherwise sounds fun, though it'd need a LOT more DU than we get on average.
  8. No. There are better alternatives burried in this subforum.
  9. I wonder... when you say "retroactively" do you exepct them for free? Anyway, making new visual content, free or not, is not a direction I'd like them to take.
  10. Mana? I didn't mention anything about mana. After you get enough mana to upgrade all buildings to 3 star, there's no reason to really need it anymore. It's not like you're NOT getting any. That's not the problem. The problem is the amount of monsters that come out of the doors. Let's say for a particular wave, in total 300 monsters will come out this one door. Though only 50 will come out at once before it'll stop spawning monsters for a minute to allow other doors to spawn monsters. I'm saying we should be able to forcibly increase the amount of monsters that come out at once so they maybe
  11. Both. Having +7 hp per point is ridiculous. Monk can be deadly in hhero mode, but i prefer hybrid, personally. Once again. How much did you invest into HP and resistances? And as for Monk, that's only what I've heard on numerouse ocasions. Well, in my opinion, OGRE should one shot a crystal :p i'm talking about other monster, that rip it in like 2 second. Its a powerful artifact, after all. So was I. But when monsters get to crystal on any remotely serious wave that's a slide to gameover from there on anyway, since they'll get to it on a subsequent waves even easyer.
  12. Er.... what? What was stopping you from playing the Huntress? His personal prefernce I guess. Quite a limitation, but to each their own. Personaly can't handle a pantless squire.
  13. DST miss. They anticipate movement like an archer anticipating player movement. So if the monster have an odd behavior after the shot is fired, miss. And that's probably why I never saw it miss. How often does that happen btw? ... I still find it hard to belive... could have sworn that they just "home" on the target
  14. I made this suggestion a few days ago. And probably wasn't the first either. Anyway. +1
  15. +1 Though "often" is subjective.
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