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  1. Nice, got rid of the defense health on tower and now have north of 350k dps. Thought I had tried this before but I guess I didn't have power transfer on at the time lol. Not sure if serious O_o........ What exactly is the problem mate? Besides skyguards, that got wrecked with this patch . Problem was that my dps was essentially half of what I saw other flame towers achieving just because I had yet to realize that the crit damage made that much of a difference. Sorted now though.
  2. So I just got back after taking a small break from the game and everything is completly different. My aa are so worthless now. along with alot of my other towers. People are saying that towers got buffed but I am not seeing that at all. For example my flames are terrible in comparison to other players I have 290 acsension and on my flames I use a med c5 gold level 60 speed and health, with rate, vamp ( because the numbers seem to be higher with vamp instead of the crit damage one) and power transfer and my dps is not even close to what other players are achieving. With that setup I get 180k dp
  3. So since the update yesterday every time I open the game it does the intro and everything then the screen just goes black. No noise or anything, there something that I can change to fix this?
  4. Wish I knew this sooner haha have spent countless millions and thousands on thousands of tokens on the struggle haha.
  5. Calmchaos awesome thanks man. Finally it is going quickly. Some streamer told me a while back that the relics do not matter so I have been trying to get gear with 600-1000 relics on me in all slots xD. Thanks again man :D!
  6. So I have been playing for a week now and the progress feels so painfully slow. Is it just me, am I not understanding the loot table drop right or what? Right now I have One card in my deck with fully upgraded gear around 1200's and the base levels are about 900's, so I am farming in C3 atm, and the progress is just horrendous. Say I have a base level helm of 921 if I don't max it out I find gear that is less than 800, than when I max it out I start finding helms that have 930ish, very small increase than I have to fully upgrade that to get 10 better on my next piece of gear. I played for abou
  7. Is the quality of the drops better the more people that you have? When I am in a full group of friends and we are farming for a while I often get 1-3 mythical a game and at least 1 legendary every 3 games, but when I am farming solo in the same C level I can often go 5 games with only 1 mythical drop. Is my luck just bad or is this there way of encouraging you to group with more people?
  8. Same, I have so so many unanswered questions because the community seems to have very little to no knowledge of how to get better gear the fastest way if you are a starting out fresh player. Have been playing for 5 days and any questions I ask I get an "idk" lol. In my experience to get the best gear the fastest is to just fully level up the gear that you have on a character and leave only him in your deck, then when you get gear that has a higher base stat than the gear you fully upgraded do it again but just be sure that the new base stat gear will be better than your current fully upgraded
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