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  1. who cares how many rollers there are when you have smashing fist lol
  2. so our dd2 general discussions have been reduced to this...
  3. Can someone confirm from personal experience (not from online databases) that the power transfer shard actually drops from C4 since the spring forward update? Close to 350 ascension levels but only 2 power transfer shards.. been farming a crap ton of c4's since 14.5 and have like 10 def rate shards..
  4. I have to disagree with your sense of progression. Hours of dice rolling grinding is to max out your equipment/relics, and not required for progression through the chaos levels. Personally, I felt a sense of progression (though short-lived) as I did C6 and C7, i.e the process of finding drops, upgrading them till you become strong enough to tackle that level and move on to the next/complete that level with ease. If it is about keeping this sense of progression on a longer term then yes i fully agree. Now that I can complete c7 with ease, I can't be bothered playing much anymore since its now a
  5. Pandy what are you doing walling at the bottom of a flight of stairs!! But in all seriousness, you can build at the bottom of some steps, but its extremely bad to do so on any roller, ogre of slekeleon lane! But I agree with the OP its very annoying to have monsters slipping past clearly hard blocked off lanes. But at the same time, people cant complain if they do the aforementioned point or 1 wall verses a horde of Berserker Orcs with a gap either side of the wall. The real kick in the nuts is; this is an issue exclusively for those with less gear and ascension, so when the game is at its ha
  6. what causes him to start the dive? taking damage from flame auras doesnt right? is it only when the player attacks it?
  7. I bet every every monster type will appear in both chaos modes, regardless if it were intended or not.
  8. no he doesnt.. berserker ladies are immune to movement slowing effects from towers, you need stuns to bring them to a halt.
  9. agreed there should be a way to prevent this from happening.. I've pressed G more times than i can remember instead of E after the victory cutscene.. happens especially when im speed mapping :(
  10. end game is getting to ascension 3,000. For what? Bragging rights?
  11. Has the perma silence bug from assassins been fixed this patch? *fingers crossed"
  12. Anyone else experiencing uber lag? My friend and I have 100Mbps fibre connections but huge lag in game atm
  13. While I agree with you that the new shard system will have the problems you mentioned at higher chaos levels, I feel you're currently too fixated on a problem that hasn't arisen yet. This problem can be easily addressed by for example restricting the random shard pack to a tier brackets (eg. for c5 and below the random shard pack will be from standard to c4, while for say c10 the random shard pack will be from c5 to c9). Theres no need to discard the entire aspect of the random shard pack system.
  14. excited for the patch changes.. thanks and keep up the good work guys!
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