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  1. Unfortunately I've pretty much checked out - just stopped through for the first time in a while to check for news of the patch, only to find bad news rather than no news, lol. It depends on what the patch contains, but honestly at this juncture I regret trying to have understanding for Trendy's position. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. There's a long list of things that could feasibly help me find my love for this game again, but I feel like I'd need 100% of them to be taken care of to get any more enjoyable play time out of this. So long, and thanks for the couple of fish. I'll be ba
  2. Doesn't seem relevant anymore, but this. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=12273
  3. Allow me to clarify: while I agree wholeheartedly with punishing people who claim to be Trendy employees for the sake of scamming others, this does not make it acceptable to ban a person solely for naming a character "TrendyEnt." Sure, a person named "TrendyEnt" could feasibly be using it to scam people, but until you have proof he does then you don't belong screwing with his day. Naming a character "TrendyEnt" is not wrong. Scamming is wrong. Simple concept.
  4. Just because someone has there name as trendy, doesnt mean you should report them. They may just have that name for fun to trick there friends,think its cool,etc. Unless they attempt to steal or trick you, you should not report them. +1 I don't care if there's a reason to do it or not; I disagree wholeheartedly with preemptive measures. It violates general principles of freedom.
  5. Before SODA's and the DLC, I would solo it regularly with an aura monk and a traptress w/ an elemental SF and a fairy. Grab the first chest with your monk, drop healing and str drain auras in the middle, switch to your traptress, spam inferno-gas-prox-spike lines at all entrances, spikes in the middle for stray wyverns and DEWS, profit. But yeah, SODA's and Kairi kindof make this moot.
  6. CT is the best weapon for it (unless you have a SODA's or GS, in which case you probably aren't struggling with Assault). My first successful solo runs were with a 1500+ CT, so it doesn't even require a good one. Resistances are surprisingly crucial for mitigating F-up damage. I can't count the number of times the DEW at the last crystal has killed me. Take the left in front of the first crystal, skipping it. This will take you up a path with ensnare and str drain auras and a couple towers, which is significantly faster than going around the long way. Climb up to the third crystal and
  7. Theoretically I use the stuff on the floor for organization and to show off what I'm selling, but yeah it's just extra vault space. Once you hit the limit of what can be dropped the game won't let you drop anything more. Not sure what the limit is.
  8. On a somewhat related note, I have also seen people drop spare items in my tavern to "give" to me. After it's made clear that I cannot pick it up because it's locked to them, they offer to show me how to unlock items in the menu so that I can pick up whatever they dropped for me to use. Needless to say my tavern has a ton of my own gear strewn about it, so this would have given them access to my stuff as well if I were dumb enough to try it. Just use some common sense. If you find yourself in a situation that seems out of the ordinary, THINK THROUGH what you're being asked to do and what
  9. imo ogres should always be taken down by two people unless you're in a room where everyone has a Soda's.
  10. Mix Mode dropping better loot and loot getting better as you progress in Survival waves are both items that were patched into the PC version after release, which means it's not a feature we have yet. I think? Dunno don't really feel like digging through the patch log right now. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_Notes_(PC)/Archives Honestly, I'm not terribly sure why you would farm Insane Survival on Glitterhelm over just running the board normally.
  11. Jue Jue: I don't understand what you just said. Nilla: There was a sticky at the top of the console forums. I'm not sure what kind of additional advertising they have access to?
  12. My understanding of the "advertising" is as such: events were hosted to appease us who were pissed about the PC having more content than consoles, and since people who do not visit the forums do not know that PC has more content, they do not need appeasement. Yes, I love the concept of a map editor, but I don't really understand how having one would help Trendy with events? Keep in mind that we are discussing the official events that just ended, not "events" as hosted within the playerbase.
  13. Genies always give 70 mana per, regardless of how strong they are. At least until it gets fixed by the patch.
  14. The PC version is pretty busted. Just because we haven't gotten a single patch doesn't mean they don't need them just as much.
  15. I'm keeping an eye on this thread. ;^) Like, because you're open to ideas, or because you're gonna ban me for being a complete and utter ingrate? D: lol But thanks, Hitmon, and I'm glad that you're accepting this in the spirit that it's intended. Now that you're an admin could I get a cookie to keep these freaking smilies disabled? XD - Viva - thank you :) I don't have any ideas for this one, but I will definitely add it to the OP in hopes that somebody comes up with a suggestion. - Re: deputizing people from the playerbase Right, so, Trendy uses the DDDK to mod a map, performs i
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