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  1. so that means you can run gates of dragonfall fast and up your pet fast?
  2. Alright, so if I manage to do that i can finally start chaos 1 a bit lol. thnx guys!!
  3. [[83985,users]] I tried to change the placement , and i managed to finish wave 2. although it depends on what sort of boss i get. the skeleleon is easy, ogre very difficult and siege roller is just impossible for me
  4. [[83985,users]] that could be the issue, although i wouldnt know where to place it.
  5. [[60725,users]] my blokade has 300k and dummy has 144k
  6. [[60725,users]] i tried the dummys but they dont have enough hp, by the time i repaired one another one gets destroyed
  7. [[60725,users]] i tried it with some more fully upped shards now, and i can get through the first wave sometimes. only problem is that i never get a drop on the first wave?
  8. [[60725,users]] still cant seem to make it. no matter where i place the flame towers, they always get destroyed...
  9. [[60725,users]] ahh i see. I did jump on the blockade and kill them, so that explains a lot. thanks!!
  10. Move the baricades to the point where both flamthrower ranges cross. HP on my baricades currently is 300k but i have full C1 gear. Was about 200k in C1 before i got max c1 gear. So yeah a bit less than 200k i think. tried to place it on the point, but the witherbeasts (the ones that dig in the ground and heal everyone) go quite far behind and I think thats the reason it doesn't work for me? also my flames are getting hit, did I place them wrong if they do?
  11. [[60725,users]] how much hp you have on your blockades? cuz my flame and frosties dont have enough range hit the enemies once they are at the blockade. any tips?
  12. ah, i see! thnx. ill try that when I gt back home. but what stats do you have on your frosty relic? i dont really understand, like, does defense power freeze the enemies faster? And how do you kill the siege rollers? I assume you have a monk and just spam pole smash, do you?
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