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  1. I do have c5 gear but not on every hero and not the ''fine'' ones. I did try c5 and lost on my first round
  2. Hello, I'm currently stuck on c4 trials and having hard optaining relics to replace my c5 bad relics with barely any shard slots etc. I got full c5 gear on hero on abyss, so dealing dmg and healing the party wouldnt be a huge problem with the assassins. If you're willing to help me out, ill be happy to accept it. My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125821549/ Ps: I'm playing on EU, but it doesnt matter I can change regions :)
  3. So.. which hero as a builder is really good compared to other and why?
  4. I want to advance to c5 from c4 and i wonder which shards to look for as abyss dps
  5. Hey i want try to macro my hotkey to spam right click with abyss, is it bannable?
  6. And do you know which ascension stats you should build up on?
  7. Build for mystic defense on the walls and the sands? Primarely stat: Blablabla Secondary stat: blabla and blabla Shards: bla and bla and bla :) also which shard to prio before another
  8. Hello, was wondering which Ascension build you should go as a Huntress hero damage :) and what shards should be used for chaos 5>1 Thanks in advance :D
  9. Hello, I was researching of what stats I should get as a flamethrower apprentice but I couldn't find any good answers and I asked lots of people in-game but the answers are different, either some say you go (Attack Speed- CRIT - DMG) or (Attack speed- DMG- HP). So I'm still unsure what stats to look for. Please tell me which one is the main stats and the secondary stats. Exampel: Main stat: Tower Att Speed Secondary: DMG Secondary: HP Thank you for listening! :)
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