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  1. i have to reinstall the game again haha i was to salty yesterday after reading ancient is just a big troll.... dloading atm. anywayz to quick reply as far as i remember zero in gambit.. i used vicious and deadly for range + mass destruction but i maxed slow since i am close to asc700 i could miss the points, to be honest i think gambit and slow are a waste of points on sgt since it doesnt really work when those flyers go suicide, if you dont hit them hard enough they will crash into? slow really doesnt do much for that in my opinion ...just need to kill m before they fuze or before they explo
  2. medallion is indeed better, that and having gambit removed resulted in a easy win. even the next floor lost temple i ran trough whitout much effort last questions on my mind now is DPS dryad , i now run HeroPower AbilityPower armor cause i need ability power for that meow weapon (kitty cat sword). focussing DPS on my tree dryads ascension is this the correct setup regarding to armor substats ? or should i for example discard AP and go allout on hero damage+crits (i do have the whisp weapon to but it doesnt seem to be as effective as the meow weapon) and last but not least what is the best way
  3. I do not use range gambit on my Nimbus. 1) The nimbus range is huge already. 2) The nimbus moves slowly. 3) It is too easy for a Nimbus to be distracted by another lane. I use a Medallion for my Nimbus as it just edges out the Mark for superior dps. ah thnx ill try medallion to and yes i was already having that issue of runaway nimbussus let alone the dps decline when maxing gambit but then again i was using a mark, most endgame builds i scrolled trough had marks installed on nimbus but ill try medallion asap ...lil low on gold atm.
  4. hmm i did finally make it past 60!!! wuhuu but im still wondering if range gambit is a bad thing...sure they get hit earlier and on lost temple it actually had benefits ...but on all the other maps they be flying all over the place attaking the wrong lanes thats why im actually having problems on maps i could afk before i have 3 dryads now , that lost temple map is sooo op with that in mind i should get 3 more dryads just for lost temple to have range gambit installed and for the normal maps whitout ? what are your opinions on this ?
  5. ouch so i just wasted medals again trying to balance out nimbus and hornet ascension.... got 100 in both now ill buy 3 more dryads asap and ofc herocards (is there a max of hero cards you can have?) cause i really dont want to delete heros EDIT: how to stray from topic ...this is turning into a dryad topic whoops.. anywayz i got another 1 and i noticed i got allot more defpower then most players on hornets and nimbus but my nimbus is on a mark...so that just added another question is anyone using range gambit ascension ? cause i am not at the moment
  6. i got everything maxed 6006 gearscore and still i cant beat lost temple... onslaught 60 no mather what i do i keep failing in wave 3 or 5 unless i get 1 of the first settings i played i beleave it was on floor 57 or 58 ...i try rerolling but i never get that 1 again i play dryad now...i even resetted the hero to maximize ability points300 since i just discovered i needed to stay on dryad to buff defences lost temple is mission 3/3 on floor 60 the other 2 i can afk just switch to corrupt and wait each wave to end so any pointers on how you beat that temple are much apreciated im stuck here now
  7. When you're use Dryad defenses, it's a must that you have to be in the Dryad's corrupt form for them to be even stronger. So yes. You have to use the dryad. At all times. hmmm okay....i might need to practise on dryad then and rebuild her gear/shards/ascension
  8. going offtopic, what heros are good to fight with ? cause im stuck at lost temple 60 using dryad setup but my hornets could be stronger , yesterday i see someone with 650+ dps on them mine are 540 (edit now 610) i fight with abys... or monk but im gettin wrekt at lost temple all the time
  9. allright!! hornets did the trick ...just did as you told me upgrade at wave4.... another mistake i made was placing everything in proximity of spawn thatway all my defences got stunned...kinda obvious when i think about it, that vicious strike really helped out not only for AAhornets but also to place my nimbus and Ghornets just far enough away so there range would just miss the spawn area's wich resulted in no stunned defence except for the pit sometimes many thnx everyone ancient powrs here i come!...
  10. 1 quick add , i also prefer raw damage over crits in most cases
  11. thnx for all the usefull replys to start off i was using vicious and deadly for skyguard but that just didnt damage enough i switched out range for dps and that didnt work either i never tryd vicious on dryad tree yet but am using deadly so why didnt i think of that thnx! i sadly do not pocess "the adept" yet i ahould have gone for that1 but i chose barb instead.... currently only missing the initiate and the adept that being said ill try the hornets i luv dryad ! but really i like to play other heros to my main deck is monk, abys, dryad, mystic (sometimes switching mystic for ev2) so i shoul
  12. i been trying onslaught and i cant seem to find the correct setup for anti air... my skyguard does 2m dps max mass destruction, max destruction , max power transfer still those big flyers dont seem to die ontime when they come in groups my gear score is 6k whats the catch? im not even in onslaught 60 yet
  13. ah wow how stupid of me.... i doubble checked again and it seems like i only checked item raritys and heros but i did not checked the actual weapon armor and relic icon pffff how noob of me edit: thanks for stating out the obvious
  14. i do pickup shards and consumables ....but i donot pickup any armor why could that be ? im not soing c7 but i still want my auto looter to pickup all gear so i can sell it for gold... i did activate all heros and i have 2 bags collecting 1bag just epic and legend all heros / the other bag all but no epic and legends...but both all heros.... is it a bug ? or ....
  15. this is off topic since itsa suggestion but allot people already made this suggestion so its useless trying to get etrendy to fix this problem...this is a old problem with many fixit requests what was the suggestion ? max 2 buildables per player still retaining the town limit like it is now to avoid laggy or unjoinable towns but limit players also town...
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