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  1. Its really sad to see another player leaving this game, but a big thanks to the help you gived me everytime. My favorite stories here : First of all the after the event Talay Randomizer. We all shooted our ball blaster every where in the tatvern. :) And that my second story we played the event Talay Randomizer to wave 20. And here our team picture ^^^ I hope you have some fun in other games A big Thanks from Featch
  2. 1 coal on the leather 159 ups
  3. Hi defenders, Can i please get a price check of my armor? ty ^^
  4. Featch

    WTA Event Set

    This Auctionary ends at the 5. of April
  5. Featch

    WTA Event Set

    Hey Defenders I want to Aucitonary the new Event set: http://imgur.com/a/NIpOX i accept : cubes 6:1 diamonds 5/10/15 and event items if i dont like the offer i wont sell mine. lets get started with the Auctionary HAPPY BIDDING :)
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