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  1. I found that my characters(4x) all gone in this evening. T.T this is my 1st time lose my all data in my phone. I spend much time on it... The game ask me to create a new character while I start te game. Someone please help me...
  2. Good gamer spirit plss, hacker fooled around the game. Drop the game quality, so I have to donate to get +50 eq?
  3. I have ever seen it on some player, but there is neither chat system nor friend request, so I couldn't find the answer as my wish. Actually how to get that stuff?? Donation? Or...??
  4. Msg me what you wanna sell to me. :3 great weapons, equipment and pet pls with alot of status improvement.
  5. I'm having problem with getting a decent stuff for my apprentice lvl60... I tried ao many times to fight with dragons and seem inconducive... Now all my wish is getting the Igameshoot from some pro players. Just give me 1x enough. Your help is highly appreciated... Wish you were there for help me.
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