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  1. Wow. That is incredibly disheartening. Thank you for the information though.
  2. Hello again. So I have done around 20 C4 maps since yesterday and I have changed out all of my NM4 gear, the relics on my builders, and have been using just 1 hero in my deck. Unfortunately I am still only seeing C3 level gear. Is this normal are the upgrade drops just incredibly rare or what? My gear is not upgraded due to lack of gold as well.
  3. Your explanation was great! I was afraid I'd have to replace all of my NM4 gear which really sucks because i spent all my gold upgrading it. Oh well thank you for the information!
  4. I came into the patch with NM4 items and spent all my gold upgrading those. I'm currently able to do chaos 4 I have relics in all my heros slots but im not getting any upgrades. Example on stats armor avg 800 relic avg 4000. Do I have to replace all the items I came into this patch with in order to start getting upgrades? This new iteration of how to get upgrades is just....poorly thought out.
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