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  1. And who knows, maybe trendy need extra funds for the further production for dd2, or they wanted to test the dd2 engine on dde. Really isn't an excuse for unethical business practices, no matter how you slice it. You may be right, and I agree that Eternity is probably testing grounds for features they may have wanted to put into DD2... and that alone sickens me that they WOULD CHARGE US FOR IT. They promised fixes, rebalanced classes, among other things you can clearly see listed on other sites/steam. It was just underhanded of them as usual. To defend what they did here would be promoti
  2. Been playing DDE for a week now, and for anyone who has not made the plunge yet. Just don't... it has so many problems right now it isn't even funny. No testing, no promises kept aside from hacking possibly being dealt with. Their servers you are always connected to are very laggy, so even while playing solo you get very annoying spikes quite often. Their new hour long survival set up doesn't save progress so if you crash or server is taken down, you lose it all... also looting is an issue with so much of it disappearing in less than a minute. No hosting of private taverns, no kicking
  3. You can never play on open and expect to have a "legitimate" time playing the game. In the end, you will want to play with other people, and most people will make a character on open to mess around by become extremely geared with unlimited mana from just a single custom map, which there are plenty of. Granted, the dc's piss me off to no end as well on ranked, but you don't run into 'that' many players who have hacked armor sets.
  4. Still waiting for some kind of assistance as well. Nothing you do will make this issue go away, and as far as I can tell, it has only been happening in the past month or so for people.
  5. Any new antivirus running, or perhaps firewall interfering now? If not, there is big thread with quite a few others having issues while hosting, but they usually get into the game at least before their sessions is closed.
  6. Has anyone solved any of these issues? I've tried more than I really cared to try, and I am convinced it is not on my end. It isn't my router (or at least isn't within my control), it isn't my new card, it isn't a hardware issue. RAM is perfectly fine after running checks. Harddisk checks came up with no errors or corrupt files. According to MSE and malwarebytes scans, no infections. Also did a spyware scan with super antispyrware and cleaned everything up. Tried a different ethernet cable, reinstalled all drivers known to man (sound, video, cpu, mboard). Also redid all of adobe jus
  7. Pretty much every game in existence has different issues with different kinds of hardware. It's impossible to predict the conditions under which every single person can play the game, and when you're a small indie studio, you can't test every CPU, GPU, and network device. Heck, even the big name studios can't keep up with that fully. Games like skyrim and planetside are powered by public investors and a massive team of people, while Trendy is comparatively small versus those organizations. Unfortunately, as alluded to above, it's not possible for a developer to make their software compatibl
  8. Well, it still may indicate some sort of issue with either that enternet card or maybe that card/GPU combined. I dunno. Can you try wireless or another ethernet card? Pain in the butt I know, but worth a shot if it's feasible for you. Not meaning to sound like a snob by saying this, but everything else I play works very well, aside from this. Games like skyrim and planetside 2 seem to run flawlessly minus a couple known bugs here and there. I feel no need to replace a router (if it is the problem for this 1 game) just so I can play this. To me, as a consumer, I feel that if everythin
  9. I have this happening as well as another crash of some sort. Not sure if they are related, but a lot of people recently have been having similar issues.
  10. My connection is wired, so unfortunately that doesn't help me in the slightest. At least you solved your issue though.
  11. Verifying doesn't do anything to help solve the problem. Should have mentioned that after some crashes, I actually am forced to do it anyway. If this was the only game I play, I would willingly go back to another driver (if that is indeed the issue), but it isn't, so going back simply isn't an option for me when games like planetside 2 and skyrim depend on newer drivers to run smoother, unfortunately.
  12. Screen will freeze for about 5-10 seconds, then windows just tells me in the background that the program stopped responding and closes it. Running on windows 7. Been playing a bit more today, and sometimes when loading back to the tavern, the game will just close and go to desktop with no error message or anything.
  13. I just upgraded from a 280 GTX (which never gave me problems in this game) to a 570 GTX. Ever since then, the game will randomly crash even if nothing is happening on the screen (build phase). I completely removed all of the old drivers using a driver cleaning tool, and updated to the current nvidia driver for the 500 series. Everything is up to date. I set my settings to medium, then tried low, but to no avail. It still randomly crashes, which as I am sure everyone knows, pretty much screws you in this game.
  14. Same exact thing happened to me yesterday :\ Luckily I wasn't hosting, but we had 1k enemies left, and my game decides to freeze on me. Idk if it is just the amount of enemies on screen at the time or what, but my pc usually never has any problems with this game. It has been an issue for as long as I can remember. They should have released the game with some form of saving, or way for people to join back in without consequence. The game has never been fully optimized after all, so wouldn't logic dictate that a function like this be essential? Getting to the point where I should just
  15. GTX 570 here, and having the same issue. Hate to say it, but I am glad I am not the only one.. was starting to feel hopeless. My guess is a driver issue, but sometimes the game simply drops to the lobby out of my hosting session, so it almost always feels more like a connection problem.
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