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  1. running dd2 on a console emulator, wont let me do split screen
  2. banned for banning people for not understanding that the ban thread can never die
  3. Yesterday i went to farm gear on onslaught On floors 30+ i went into a game with an EV2 with 11 mil dmg manifq I thought it was some fluke or something so i finished the match and went into a different game. And here it is a monk with about 1 mil dmg flame aura, how is that possible?
  4. i cant seem to get my suicide button to work on my xbox 1 controller, any assistance?
  5. i cannot seem to replicate the glitch, maybe it was just some thing with my pc
  6. i just saw some weird ass black orc thing, is that normal?
  7. what about, lets say... cartoon blood, ya feel me? :>
  8. Dumb question but, any way i can defend myself againts the assassin that teleports to you and knifes you?
  9. I go into mastery and try and create a new game, it says looking for session and the pop up window dissapears. After a while it comes back and says matchmaking error what do i do? help? Cheers - Marty
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