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  1. that sucks! i havent gotten that far? is o hard coming from campaign to chaos/incursion because i am barely getting by do you have to grind campaign to lvl up enough plus playing on hard doesnt give me hardly any better weapons lol maybe i just suck
  2. Thank you, I noticed the shards duplicating, so I always try to lock all of mine lol. I noriced something else in the inventory when trying to compare items it never compares like items, totems to totems .etc and everytime I equip it sends it to the first slot of defenses which is frustrating lol.
  3. I've also wondered if anyone knows if trendy will add two separate inventory menus for split screen?
  4. Has anyone had issues with signing in the second player mine takes FORever to log the second person? Once there in they usually stay in for whereever i go it just takes a minute or two lol.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to start this thread for discussion on anything wrong or right, in split screen, and ideas or solvents for these topics!
  6. Mines an infinite i sat for 10 mins at least and that an eternity to me lol but its only that dam DRYAD SCREEN! lolol
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