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  1. Well i did start this thread in the wrong way for sure, so i'll clear my mind on what i was expecting with this map that i created I'm actually ascension 624 with 4 char maxed out c7 gear myhtical/legendary I would just create a map low level with title "i do not build" so people joining should be around c4 and i could help them with my current gear to carry the map without building op tower with 4x the defense power required All my "plan" has been shutdown by those guys and i was clearly triggered by this man happy to kick people cuz he likes it and other people in the party didn't check anything and accepted. I have a game in mind for example : You can : Kick if host Force start a map even someone is ready Accept or not that people join if the map has already started Put a Message that you can choose as : Beginner only, Advanced player, Startegic play, Farming, Casual player so everybody joining knows what the party will be. Choose the first map then the next one will go randomly I would just to point out again how stupid the kick system is actually, why in DD2 it's not possible to have a good "kick" options available that it's already correct in others games and working properly mindlessdefenderThx you for all your suggestion, i like them Juicebags : i do love all the work you do for the community with your stream and youtube video, and i would thank you for trying to help me out on this =)
  2. You wanna context, the first who joined asked for mana since i don't wanna build i gave him, he spent 2 min build During those 2 min the 2 guys came, none of them talked, and just before the start wave they kicked me I didn't say a word against them, just was waiting moving around that the guy finish to build one of the 2 last guys was the one i met the following map
  3. Hello I created a C4 Public map with name "you join you build" SO i wait a little i get 3 new guys with relic around 4k so i give them mana then i'm getting kicked from my own map. I create a new C4 public map same name and a guy from the last map join again. Here are the few word we had : http://imgur.com/a/xWYyp Trendy ? Still waiting Host power
  4. Assassin are not fun >>> go to c4 to get fun then EMP Orc are not fun >>> go to c1 to get fun then Here we go C1 has no assassin no EMP Orc, you will find your fun there If you wanna gear up then get better and find the correct way to deal with those new monster They're already enough easy no need to trigger the fun so much !
  5. They already lower the Scale on Multiplayer, if player could slack less while playing their hero, they woulodn't be any problem playing as 4 players. It was +35% hp/atk each player, now it +25% hp/atk They removed the option of "IPWR" since chaos patch, so yeah everyone can join everygame now, so it's screwed up between the lost "noob" player who join anything called "trial" randomly and pro leeching people trying over and over to gear up in map they will never get any better gear
  6. Well it's not mandatory, it's easier I do play only squire, i'm just telling how to deal with them with the "easiest way possible" If you don't like! Play your char, max it out, and kill roller, any maxed char can kill it just repair wall meanwhile you kill it =)
  7. Monk has a trap, an AA 2 very useful tower in this game, he is a basic char All player should have it, so i don't see any problem, since blue gear drop a lot in the game no need full legendary +60, full blue +45-60 is correct to kill fast roller
  8. Well Gold is an issue for low level i'm sure. as i reached C7 and can farm it almost "afk" with win streal i generally have around 60k to 100k gold each map when i reach 3 win streak, that's pretty fine to my mind. But i do agree 20k-40k for chaos 1 to 5 is pretty tough since this is the moment you use massive amount to gear up About Host privileges, since Trendy doesn't wanna answer about implementing it in Public game i generally create my own public game and wait until "leecher" leave and do not build the map when they stay on it + i stay near an Edge, cliff, river on map. so if they decide to rally and kick me to get back the Mana to build, since i'm close to the edge, some mana will go out of map so the map will be screwed. Enjoy !
  9. Yep Monk make roller almost useless, so it's not a problem anymore. Just raise a Monk full AP hero health, get Pole Smash shard and roll your head on keyboard when you find a roller
  10. As far i know there is a shard to increase the "width range" of proton by 40% when maxed out Pretty hard to know if it work so i never used it
  11. I tried to inspect someone and got this bug i tried to re inspect and it dispeared http://imgur.com/a/Ms9n0
  12. It's 5 min and i was farming c4 shard. if i had to wait all the time i got the roller stuck in my farming win streak i'd have lost 30 min cuz i got unlucky as hell Each time i got this map a roller was stuck. So yeah i wouldn't wait 5 min each time, that's annoying when you try to farm fast :'( ty ty just discovered it 3 days ago =)
  13. I farmed one full bag of c4 shard yesterday to get that shard I got only one for 1 full bag of c4 shard You will have to pray Rng or you won't get it
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