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  1. ... you’re missing the point. The game is free to play, with a small majority of players contributing towards server upkeep and development costs via in game purchases. In most cases, it’s the ones who don’t contribute anything, that get on the forums after every single update to have a go at the development team. They’re already getting a game for free, using somebody’s server bandwidth for free, and yet still think they have some divine right to complain. I wouldn't try to guess which demographic is complaining most, those that play without paying vs. those that play and pay. I have some s
  2. It's not. I just routinely see you have difficulty grasping how drop rates work. I can't think of a gentler way to offer help. A single person can't provide meaningful statistical data on drop rates this low. Just can't happen. Too easy to be an outlier in either direction. All Trendy has to do to clear this up, is publish the drop rates. Easy. As for Nigiri, it isn't a bromance, he's just right. And unfortunately, I don't play anymore. Something that's been true for a few weeks. I'd be happy to give Trendy permission to provide both my playtime and my spend on a monthly basis. ;) I wish it w
  3. Multiple people have also reported getting a max roll in the first 1-3 tries, did you calculate for them? The best and frankly only way to get a good set of data is to have one person do it all or even better have a few people each do the same number of rolls, not by taking random numbers from random people which will only lead to a mess of data from unconfirmed sets. I've rolled 6-8 times and there is nothing stopping me from saying I've rolled 150 times and gotten nothing above 5, it is common for people, especially on the forums, to blow their statistics way out of proportion, which can be
  4. I waited until the notes were live, and the last response that you were happy with the system, before providing this feedback. I considered just leaving without doing this, as I'm just one player out of however many, and inevitably some will find critical feedback on the forum a personal offense, but I don't want to leave a game I like without at least sharing an explanation with them. So, as concise as I can make this, using mods as the example: Specific 10/10 mods take far too long to get and Trendy has still not provided a system where you can work towards a specific 10/10 with a certain en
  5. The other explanation for why this happens is that the drop rate is abysmally low. ;) With current drop rates, you can attain a Master's in any field, starting from scratch right out of high school, in less time than it takes to get the mods you're looking for. Not sarcasm. It is fewer hours.
  6. But it does provide cover, because they reference positive anecdotes as a reason why maybe drop rates are fine. It happened just a couple of days ago. Except, the answer to whether they are fine or not isn't about stories people share, including my own. The answer is mathematical, determining whether as designed it leads to their design goals. 1) Does Trendy intend that getting 30 10/10s you want, via your own farming, is possible? 2) How much time do they believe this should take if so? 3) What are the mod quality drop rates? These are the only 3 things we need to answer whether drop rates a
  7. These are just the worst types of drop rate post. They provide cover to maintain woeful drop rates because someone gets happy with a stroke of luck that is an outlier. Trendy should publish drop rates for mod quality. It would eliminate anecdote as our best data point (they are always terrible, especially when relating to probabilities), including mine or others who are unhappy. I'd love to find what I believe is a common experience is in fact an outlier.
  8. The drop rates are low enough that probabilities would mean it's likely you could have done double that amount for the next 5 days and still not seen a 9/10 or 10/10 worth keeping. Even in c1's potential 1 in 19 servo pool. It's why I give a head tilting eye roll to talk of "drop rates are fine™".
  9. It would be good if drop rates per mod quality were released. Asking us for feedback based on experiences, with drop rates this low capable of providing 100 hour swings in what someone sees, won't produce as productive a result as us being able to do the simple work of going backwards from: - How often a mod of a certain quality drops - We know the mod pool, we can calculate chance for any 1 mod to drop - We know how many items we see on average, per map, so we know how many mods per map - We know roughly how long each map takes if farming them We could use this to pretty accurately place est
  10. While it's not best to measure how often you see an item drop in time, I can tell you that actively playing hundreds of hours to see a single 10/10 mod drop is not anywhere close to the intended time we'd expect players to see one. In fact, we know that it's not what the average player runs into, but have personally experienced what it feels like to be an outlier and extreme outlier (we did some rigorous testing over two entire days of running sims). Agreed, and it's not what I run into either. 10/10s drop. I see one every few days at the worst. It's targeting a specific 10/10 that would re
  11. Rate is getting doubled. I realize this is only phase 1, but it's far, far, far too small an adjustment. They could publish drop rates and put some of the speculation to rest, but we're still talking hundreds of in-game hours spent trying to get 1 single, specific, 10/10 out of a pool of 19 mods if you're targeting something that drops at c1. 1 10/10. And, if you need something like... Anti-Miniboss? Welcome back to thousands of hours of game time. Is the goal of 10/10s to make them largely unobtainable? I mean, this is the crux: I don't want to have to sit like a vulture on the Discord marke
  12. Resetting is enough work just progressing through the maps that the gear reset feels overly punitive. You already lose most of the progress you've made in Ascension outside of extremely high pushes. You lose your floor progress. Normal shards lose their level. That is enough to justify it as a "reset". At minimum, they should make c8 gear not reset. It would give you a reason to pursue c8 amps. Ideally, gear resetting wouldn't happen at all. It's why everyone seeks out the single defense option for reset spamming. It's a great sales pitch for EV2, not so great for buying anything else. Hypersh
  13. They are far more a lottery than shards. A gilded, fully leveled shard is the equivalent to a 10/10 mod. The drop chance for most shards is 2%-3%. Get one 11 times and you have a 10/10. At 2.5%, every 1,820 shards of that tier you're 99% certain to have a gilded version. 7 minute maps, 1.3 shards per map at optimal farm, you're 90% certain to have the shard you want with around 160 hours of farming. Far less for 90% certainty, or if you acquire them a different way (shard packs via medals etc.) That's a plan you can put into action and it will work. You'll have the shard you're looking for, gi
  14. Onslaught doesn't end. It will never be back to C7. Ascension provides incremental increases. Different map configurations make new floors possible. If you reach your personal limit, congratulations - It's ok for that point in a game to exist in order to make achieving a minor gearing goal possible in a person's lifetime.
  15. A 9/10 and a 10/10 are not the same. Finding a 9/10 isn't finding a perfect mod. You're not finding a perfect mod every 210-280 minutes. 10/10s are at least half as likely as 9/10s, perhaps less so. It's hard to say given their rarity. Let's be generous and say it's half, and that you are finding every 720 minutes (midway through your estimate) 1 10/10 and 2 9/10s. Now you're at a 10/10 every 12 hours. There are 145 10/10s to find. You'll need 30 to flesh out a minimalist deck. Based on your own stated time spent for these mods, if you could force every 10/10 you wanted to drop in sequence for
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