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  1. Err mistake posted above i used Fisures of emberment pdts canonballs. none of my pdt or cannon balls had over 150k health if that helps so i was not using them for blockades over lanes. only cc was hev cannon ball
  2. So this post made me want to try beating C5 sewer map without blockades, and also without any of the towers - or dps hero, mentioned in the quoted post above. It was actually fun and challenging even though I did succeed in first try. I used the following towers: Frosties w. empowered frostbite and frosty duet + deadly strikes for longer range. Oil geysers w. stun shard, and deadly strikes. Ramsters w. defense rate + destruction and deadly strikes. Sky guard towers w. vampiric destruction and deadly strikes. Assassin plan: One frosty + sky guard nearby. Hero: Mystic. Weapon: Oathkeeper light, 4S, 3Projectiles Shards: Lightning touch + Burning strikes. I used the frosties as makeshift walls and placed them right in the lane 3 each beside eachother so nothing could sneak by. I had about 500K health in them so they could take a hit or two, but not much more. The ork ladies were probably the hardest thing because they pretty much ignore oil geysers and frosty beams and run straight up and start bashing away, so I had to be on my toes and target them with ranged fire as soon as I spotted them. The siege tanks were not a problem as they were slowed to a halt on top of the first oil geyser and pretty much stayed there untill I had time to come and take care of it. Well done bro. i did it with cannon balls pdts and flammers no frosties or any sorta cc other then cannon ball hev stun. But nice job.
  3. cannon balls pdts flammers. no anti air or sand traps. yea i was on the abby. touch and go one time on 5th wave i lost a few towers.
  4. i dont need hard cc on any map. or any cc to be honest. no sands no ev slows no frosties. so ev is useless. i dont follow blindly into any ones builds. i tried a few of juicebags builds but did not work for me. In saying that i build smart offence as much as possible, like it says in the title i did c5 today with no walls no cc of any kind. not pet not nothing. Well canon ball stun is cc. Other then that i dont use any thing. :D
  5. This is about the only thing i loose c5 too. even if i complete cover a lane i get zerkers jumping baracades alot. this has been a problem for quite some time. take unit collision out of the game or what ever it is that forces things to push over walls. the mobs should auto agro walls any how regardless if they are pushed over a wall.
  6. they need to lower the du cost on the 80 per unit items. also the druid is a complete waste of a class with every thing requiring trees to build. kinda retarded. ev us also useless class that no one uses because she is useless in the current game state.
  7. asassins are easy to counter. pet stun cannon ball stun freeze towers. viper towers I just did a c5 test without any stun or cc no viper turrets no canon balls no freeze tower. no problems. once you work out how to deal with assasins they are easy.
  8. i have been testing diffrent builds. Just did 40 40 40 build flamers skelly walls pdts. got the job done. but i normly run canons with stun pdts and some emberments per lane. thats my easy build. Yet to try and cheese things with frezzy towers.
  9. Du unit is fine. Its your gear or your build. Watch a few streams and you will start to understand. Alot of the main streamers have du left over all the time at the end of a build. Whats that tell you? They have the gear to support there build and you don t. means stay in the lower tier till you get the gear you need and learn to build better. Just beat c5 sewers with no walls at all........ Its not the game its you
  10. There is no problem with the du limit on maps. your off your head. If you can t compete then your doing it wrong. undergeared poor build. Just beat chaos 5 with no walls at all. Its the things listed above. Watch a few streams is what i did. I had the same complaints as this post. its not the game its you full stop.
  11. I too came here and complained about assassins and build costs and so on. These complaints i felt were justified. In the end i took matters into my own hands and i seek help via streams of juicebags and others. If your having problems it will be due to a few factors. Your items are not on par with what your trying to do, Like every one who is progressing threw the chaos tiers it takes time you don t just get 1 upgrade and feel you can take on the next tier. Does not work like that at all,All tiers have cap level items and id suggest that you work on capping yours before you go onto the next level. Shards are massive any one who says they are not has no idea, Accession level also helps quite alot. I was in chaos 4 i could beat every map i was not fully decked out but i went to chaos 5 and had many many many attemps at chaos 5 and would fail due to build mainly. Watching streams will help you alot. I just hit level 233 i can complete every chaos 5 map no worries. Still not the best chaos 5 items im short on quiet a few things. Yes i did just beat c5 sewers with no walls at all just pure dps and well placed offense. Please people do some reserch i hope they make the game harder not easyer, When things are on farm and you have no were to go it gets boring.
  12. bees and earth shatters kill it. just leave till last and set up around entrence and stay out of the rockets and watch. i just placed like 30 bee turrents or 8 earth shatters and it dies quickly. you can use abilities also. Sell defenses to do it tho.......
  13. Also why in gods green earth do flame turrets not attack assasins. Fricking retarded if they are inside the radius they should be fair game. You have flame towers that dont attack air but weapons manufacture that does? mind boggles really
  14. So im up to chaos 5 after progressing threw chaos 4 and upgrading every thing i possible can,not perfect due to rolls mind you but i do chaos 4 with ease now. So i have been messing with chaos 5 for about 4 days now before and after the patch. Before the patch i could get to 4/5 most of the time depending on what spawns and what map. Since the new patch i have been getting 4 to 6 assasins round 1 2 3 i can not compete with getting gang banged by 5 assasins every round. Running frezze towers and air defense at my camp spot to fight them. but you dont get a chance at all they just get kicked off you and the next one gets on and your basicly perma stunned the entire time till your defenses die or something skips over the bugged broken viper blockades. I have no chance to repair due to being unable to fight back due to the amount of stupid asassins every wave. That is the only way i would loose chaos 4 was viper blockades bugged and throwing mobs over the wall. What im trying to say is you say no more geodes well i never had a problem with those its the assasins gang bang every game that kills me and im sick to death of it. Im yet to find a single projectile tower that does decent dps the huntress is a wasted class and offers nothing at all her pdts are worthless beyond a joke balisters are horrible also no matter how you build them. Just over it balance you game fix the bugs Rollers stuck in spawn is pathetic Minions glitching past defenses are pathetic. gang bang assasins are pathetic.
  15. ipower would be better like the old days. good way to know if your upgrade is better or worse and not just a fing guess............
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