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  1. I really enjoyed when I started playing the game again with a friend. We grinded and grinded and got to Mythical gear, but sadly we stopped playing together since DD1 was too complicated for them. It was some good times. Real good times. http://steamcommunity.com/id/WavingStory
  2. I just really, REALLY love the Arch Mage's Blade. It's a spellsword. And I think spellswords are really cool, even cooler than regular staves. It's why I'm really glad that they're good DPS staves right now. Even though Rainmaker beats them like every staves ever. http://steamcommunity.com/id/WavingStory
  3. I have to say I am a little disappointed that the gilded costumes and crystallines are mere reskins. Crystalline makes sense, but 300$+ and up for a reskin seems overkill. I feel like you should have rewarded these people a little more than that than with just a mere retexture, that feels a little lazy. Personally paid 75$ so ain't getting those, and I am glad I did not. Gunwitch is totally worth it tho, absolute looker of a costume, 10/10. And that new mystic looks like an almost lavamancer and I love it.
  4. ok thanks for official meme thread blessed memelord lawlta for now I can trigger my trap card
  5. soryy my camera is LOW KUALITY so plase bear... with me...*
  6. Hello, I'm WavingStory, aka Succ. Here's my mind on the current updates, and game on it's own, knowingly posting this before a devlog that may just change a lot of these. Or not. Who knows? I sure don't. The Defenses: DD2 is a tower defense action RPG as far as I know. And I must say. I love the art designs of the towers. And how a few of them work. Though I have to say, some of them are pretty boring, or feel underwhelming. First of all, I have to say that I'm really glad that the new expansion brough mods, it's a really nice addition that I enjoy quite a bit. It has it's flaws too like every updates, but i'm sure those will be corrected with enough time. Hopefully by then, the game wouldn't have died off due to some super infamous patch that everyone will hate or something. It makes me glad that we can now use a lot more defenses than before. But sadly a meta is still going on. You can probably use any towers now, but I don't think anyone is going to bother with such a thing still, except if they really want to play with x tower. For example, the apprentice's Flamethrower suffers from poor reaction time which destroys it a lot. It also suffers from not having a large enough range to be usable anywhere and is very vulnerable to Kobolts. Putting mods on it won't help it much either. Tenacity will probably help with negating the Kobolts' stun, but it won't help with it's health getting decreased quite tremendously. Mostly in high onslaught. Nor frosties orcs slowing it down by being very close to it's range. On the other hand, you still have Flame Auras reigning supreme, huge range, can have Tenacity put on them to negate Cyborks. Or you could even go and ignore Tenacity and put as much range as you can on them, hurting Cyborks before they can even get close to stunning it. This works with WMs too, which also have an amazingly huge range as of now. They're pretty meta too, since they crowd control very nicely, helping with damaging the ennemies before they can reach the core, by not allowing them to move at all (at least barely). I can't speak for all the towers too, but I feel like this problem is shared on most of the towers. From what I've heard, Mystic's Snake tower is also a very weak tower. Frostbite Towers are OK as long as you place them correctly, but they also don't have that much of a range either (mostly if you have the shard that removes range from it). We don't talk about the Adept's Ice tower and it's awful reload animation. Ballistas are actually quite fine, since they have the extra range which helps them survive, but they're quite slow. Not only towers suffer from this pain in my view, I've not seen people use quite a few traps, tho i'm sure they can probably be alright? Such as the huntress' drenching traps, blaze balloons, explosive traps (these can be quite good and can nuke quite hard in my opinion), Snaking Sands (also think it could be quite good, it's rather cheap and it stuns, I bet it can be very decent), Oil Geyser... You get the idea. I'm sure most of you know which towers are suffering from this. What would I do for those? Change stats, maybe, or make their range better, or change some to not be single target. I'm not sure what to change since I don't exactly know what would break the game entirely. Oh yeah, also a lot of towers with unique mods suffer from using them instead of Anti mods. A lot of mods are actually quite underused and some are just not so great. Ballista Bite doesn't seem like it's worth it for such low poison damage, tho I could see some use for it in Controlled Burn lanes, if it counts. That explosive trap mod seems like it would build up too slowly... I think you get the idea. Anti mods are pretty much the meta at the moment, along with Piercing, Tenacity and Defense Rate/Defense Range mods. They work for Onslaught quite nicely. A few of the antis aren't very good either, like anti-skeletons. tldr: A lot more defenses are useful now, but still a few of them remain a little underwhelming. Also, some mods are extremely meta while some mods are pretty much unused or bad. The Grinding Shards, Mods, what to pick... what to pick... I think most of you know the struggle of getting that one shard that you want. That one precious 'Defense Rate' in my case. Spending replays after replays of the same map while still having consecutive bonus for that extra one just for that beautiful, precious, shard. All while i'm getting tons of terrible ability shards for heroes I don't use, and defense shards that aren't so good. Look, I think everyone knows this is a pain point. I understand having to put work into being rewarded. A lot have said that not everyone has the time to spend all their time in DD2, and I can understand that. If I had a job and barely any time to play Dungeon Defenders II, I'd be a little aggravated by the lack of progress i'm making due to RNG. I've pretty much noticed that I spend average 10 minutes completing a map, from building to pressing G as fast as opssible. I could understand the frustration of having only 1-3 hours and being able to do from 6 to 18 maps max, and not getting any shard I required. Also, on the topic of needing a specific shard, imagine needing 10 of them, and spending 2 million of your hard earned gold that you would have probably earn twice as much of the moment you get 10 of them. And now imagine having 9/10 of them, all eating up your inventory space. Come on, Trendy, give people some kind of shard stacking, or something to help with this. Vaults don't cut it. I can speak for that since I've got a maxed inventory space, and 3 vaults. It doesn't work. My inventory is 90% shards, 10% gear I need. And while you do that, change the shard dust recycling system, and shard packs, make it more worth to player to get these and to spend so much time getting just one shard. Let the people have a little more reward for all that work! I'm sure they will appreciate it, and by connection, appreciate you extra for giving them that pat of 'here's your pay'. As for grinding mods, the recent patch surely made them easier to farm, I see a lot of 6-9 (haha, funny number), never seeing any 10. I'm sure i'm the only one struggling with those, considering i'm hearing from the Discord that people are getting those quite often, but please, let me have my dopamine fill! They feel really rare, I only got one after way more than 9 hours of gameplay, plus those are way too expensive for me to buy them in trade chat! ;( Also, please don't give people so many Anti-Skeleton or Skeleton Booms 10/10. That's not very pizza pasta of you. But anyway, I've heard something about that is coming in the devlog tomorrow, or maybe I heard what I wanted to hear. Hopefully not. I think everyone could use a little more rewarding, without being spoilled either! tldr: Shards of a specific kind are really hard to farm, gilding could be better, they also take too much inventory space. 10/10 mods can be as rewarding as they can be awful, depending on the mod (Skeletons mods, go away! Choo!), and depending on luck, they can be a true hassle to farm, even after patch, unlike 6-9s. The Heroes Apprentice is the best. Monk is still a huge nuke. Everyone's pretty much really nice now. I don't have any complaints. The Ennemies I, hate, assassins. Look, I see how people can see no problems with them. But they still take time for me to kill them, even if I make a dedicated area to one shot them, by that time, I'd have an ennemy already by my core. Hex Throwers can also be annoying, I wish they would just debuff and deal minimal amounts of damage instead of debuffing and dealing nukes, it'd be much more in the mind of 'hexing a tower'. It's also very annoying that they seem to chain me semi-constantly. In the words on a very edgy muscly man: 'Yare yare daze'. They make it hard to play active, really hard. They're the perfect duo of 'god damn it let me play' along with rollers, tho those are slow so you actually have time by the time you get of assassins to deal with them. Unbelievable I know. Frosties still feel way too tanky, and way too fast. And way too strong. Frost Cyborks just make a lot of 'low range' defenses completely unusable due to how slowed down they get. And frosty throwers are really hard to kill, along with frost berserker goblins. (They're literally just Lady Orcs but way stronger and way more annoying to kill). It does help having anti frosties defenses. But the fact that not having anti-frosty defenses makes them way harder to deal with makes me also want to have a break. I absolutely despise Cannon Ogres, no matter how hard I try to dodge them, they always manage to snipe me and one shot my barbarian. Which has a lot of health. And they go so fast too. You'd think having a cannonball or two inside them would make them slower, but they're almost as fast as a Lady Orc. Killing them active is really hard, and they give you no room for error. As you will get one shot. Unless you use LSAs and manage to kill them with only those. I'd say, even if you get close, you're gonna have a bad time. A really bad one. The big Lady Orc from Bastille is also a bit mean, literally wipes a few defenses instantly like nodes. That's rough man, again. No room for error. Even if you built your setup correctly for that lane. It's not a guaranteed win. Good thing about her is that you can probably kill her actively a lot easier, since she won't one shot you (at least not in low level Onslaught). Except if you play projectiles, tried that, it hurts. Trust me. And the flame lancer really hurts once she touches your blockade just a little, it's pretty much a guaranteed wipe. That DoT hurts more than I can repair. Not sure how to feel about that. A little room for error tho, as you can have an easier time killing her. tldr: A few bosses are a little too strong, even for bosses, a little unforgiving to active players, or to defenses. Assassins counter playing active a little too hard in my taste. Hex hurt a lot. And frosties are really hard to deal with if you don't use anti frosties defenses, really, hard. Difficulty Wise Game is hard, mostly early on. When you have no gear to save you, when you barely begin Chaos, it can be rough to new players who just got out of campaign. It gets easier the more you make progress by APing and getting good mods. But it still is rough to get to that point. Farming helps tons in progressing, if you're lucky enough. I don't mean to say to make the game braindead easy, I just mean to say, be a little less rough on new players. That's all. tldr: c'mon it's short, read it. lazy. Quickfire Round Multiplayer Bonus is a huge divide, as much as I can appreciate a multiplayer incensitive. I don't like it when it is too much of an advantage compared to singleplayer. Multiplayer guarantees you a Legendary chest everytime, even with two player. While Singleplayer will give you a ton less. Remember, Legendary gear has twice the mods, aka twice the odds of getting a better kind of mod. I myself find myself playing singleplayer most of the times, not because I want to, because people rarely ask me to play, and I am not sociable enough to bother people by asking them to play, and this hurts me tons. Most games would just give players a XP bonus, or just a small gold bonus. Not guaranteed better odds. Lootboxes still could be improved, I'm waiting for you guys at Trendy to get working on it before I spend more gems. I think i've made enough threads about it ;) Please, fix stuck ennemies once and for all, almost had to restart an entire map due to it, thankfully I had a hero with a defense that could hurt behind spawn. I know you can do it! I'm probably the only one suffering from this, but I have a really annoying bug that makes it hard to play while doing other things, which freezes the game up when it gets unfocused. It's a major annoyance to my experience and makes it hard to boot up the game knowing it will happen 100%. Sometimes it freezes so hard I get disconnected and lose my streak. Following on that... A feature to make players not lose their streak on timed-out would be appreciated. Conclusion That's pretty much all I have to say. Please bare in mind that most of this is my opinion, and that you don't have to getting stabby if it doesn't follow yours. If you're going to reply, please don't be rude to eachother (or me) and have fun discussing!
  7. Based Trendor doing a patch which is also a change with the game's code and sometimes assets that is also of a temperature that's in the 'hot' section. Yeet for that Defenders Pack fix!
  8. To be serious, one thing I love about DD2 is it's visual design, I REALLY, REALLY love the artstyle they went with and it fits the game perfectly! The character design is also amazing and some of the costumes are super, ultra, creative. I love the apprentice too, he's my favorite character of them all, plus there's goofy pics of him, have I told you all about goofy apprentice pics? They're the best!
  9. love u bb call me but in all seriousness, nice post. that 'exclusive in lootbox first, then payable later' idea sounds neat enough. anything where you can buy the thing directly without gambling is awesome really.
  10. i like warframe because it has some nice characters in it and i like the volt he's fast too i love the volt a lot also u all lie because the only thing dd2 has that's really amazing is the apprentice, if you say otherwise you a a stinky salad main and should go eat pant
  11. Look, I get it, new update and all. You guys at Trendy need to get your real game on right now tho, if you don't get your game on, you will go bankrupt. Here's ideas to get your game on: - add yugioh card child game into DD2 - crossover with notch from minecraft - buff apprentice cuz u stink - give me stuff or i will stab Hopefully you get your game on with these mad tips :ok: (also these crit changes sound really neat, someone reach +100% crit chance, maybe there's red crits back there)
  12. We can close up this topic fellas. I did the unthinkable, something truly amazing. I finally figured it out. How Yu-Gi-Oh works. I even dueled against people, and made my own deck and realized that Yugi is a god damn cheater. I did it DD's forums, I god damned did it.
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