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  1. I really enjoyed when I started playing the game again with a friend. We grinded and grinded and got to Mythical gear, but sadly we stopped playing together since DD1 was too complicated for them. It was some good times. Real good times. http://steamcommunity.com/id/WavingStory
  2. I just really, REALLY love the Arch Mage's Blade. It's a spellsword. And I think spellswords are really cool, even cooler than regular staves. It's why I'm really glad that they're good DPS staves right now. Even though Rainmaker beats them like every staves ever. http://steamcommunity.com/id/WavingStory
  3. I have to say I am a little disappointed that the gilded costumes and crystallines are mere reskins. Crystalline makes sense, but 300$+ and up for a reskin seems overkill. I feel like you should have rewarded these people a little more than that than with just a mere retexture, that feels a little lazy. Personally paid 75$ so ain't getting those, and I am glad I did not. Gunwitch is totally worth it tho, absolute looker of a costume, 10/10. And that new mystic looks like an almost lavamancer and I love it.
  4. ok thanks for official meme thread blessed memelord lawlta for now I can trigger my trap card
  5. soryy my camera is LOW KUALITY so plase bear... with me...*
  6. Hello, I'm WavingStory, aka Succ. Here's my mind on the current updates, and game on it's own, knowingly posting this before a devlog that may just change a lot of these. Or not. Who knows? I sure don't. The Defenses: DD2 is a tower defense action RPG as far as I know. And I must say. I love the art designs of the towers. And how a few of them work. Though I have to say, some of them are pretty boring, or feel underwhelming. First of all, I have to say that I'm really glad that the new expansion brough mods, it's a really nice addition that I enjoy quite a bit. It has it's flaws too like ever
  7. Based Trendor doing a patch which is also a change with the game's code and sometimes assets that is also of a temperature that's in the 'hot' section. Yeet for that Defenders Pack fix!
  8. To be serious, one thing I love about DD2 is it's visual design, I REALLY, REALLY love the artstyle they went with and it fits the game perfectly! The character design is also amazing and some of the costumes are super, ultra, creative. I love the apprentice too, he's my favorite character of them all, plus there's goofy pics of him, have I told you all about goofy apprentice pics? They're the best!
  9. love u bb call me but in all seriousness, nice post. that 'exclusive in lootbox first, then payable later' idea sounds neat enough. anything where you can buy the thing directly without gambling is awesome really.
  10. i like warframe because it has some nice characters in it and i like the volt he's fast too i love the volt a lot also u all lie because the only thing dd2 has that's really amazing is the apprentice, if you say otherwise you a a stinky salad main and should go eat pant
  11. Look, I get it, new update and all. You guys at Trendy need to get your real game on right now tho, if you don't get your game on, you will go bankrupt. Here's ideas to get your game on: - add yugioh card child game into DD2 - crossover with notch from minecraft - buff apprentice cuz u stink - give me stuff or i will stab Hopefully you get your game on with these mad tips :ok: (also these crit changes sound really neat, someone reach +100% crit chance, maybe there's red crits back there)
  12. We can close up this topic fellas. I did the unthinkable, something truly amazing. I finally figured it out. How Yu-Gi-Oh works. I even dueled against people, and made my own deck and realized that Yugi is a god damn cheater. I did it DD's forums, I god damned did it.
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