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  1. We need more explosions. Every melee hit and projectile should explode like a nuke. Oh and ragdolls. Yep, explosions and ragdolls.
  2. You can already figure out the area which they block by brushing against the blockades, and seeing if you're able to walk through the cracks between your walls. If you can walk between the two walls, then the monsters can too. The same technique was used in DD1 as well.
  3. After spending a thousand hours on DD2 as a solo player, I was absolutely burnt out. That is until I saw the endgame update. The game is much more reminiscent of DD1 now. The challenge is about right, and it takes countless tries to master a map. I'm by no means a masochist, but the challenge is very appealing. It's so satisfying to finally run a map, that you've had so much trouble doing before, without even breaking a sweat, but then move on to the next map, and get your ass absolutely handed to you. Strategy is what was severely lacking before, but now, I feel more inclined to play.
  4. It's not even the emp orcs that are an issue. They're quite easy to take out before they reach the walls. The issue is that the traps are so underpowered, you might as well use a paper fan to slap the monsters to death, and you'll still do more damage than the traps.
  5. I'm sure it's because they believe they've grinded enough pre-update, and expect to do Chaos 5 with their NM4 gear because of the amount of hours they've already logged. I'm also enjoying the recent update, it makes the game much more challenging and adds more longevity, however, there are cases where the AI just randomly plop over walls, which is infuriating. What towers/traps are you using? I've tried placing an explosive trap to test on a dummy, with a medallion that has 8.6k dp and a destruction shard, it only deals 15k per pop.. The balloon is also only doing a low 38k per hit, so that also doesn't justify it's DU.. I'm currently only reaching the 5th wave on C5 using flamethrowers, frostys, squire dummies and SGT. Something always goes awry as soon as the last wave starts..
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