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  1. So close, yet so far, if I open the kickstarter page even a single time more frequently, they are going to stop me from connecting do to overloading that poor server single handedly lol..
  2. I just did the exact same thing, oh well. To be fair I sort of read it, but TLDR is life! Shame I put up a Kirabear so I had no choice but to pay the tax. I've been looking at different player shops, and it all seems so random, I can't make heads or tails of any of it.
  3. Bring back SODA's Addiction and I'll be complete.... I can't believe how long it's been since DD1 hit console....! I had countless hours played, loved doing the community events. I'm so old now...
  4. What is the current play state of the game? It's been almost two years or more since I've sat down and played. 1:How is loot grind? 2: What do the current build metas look like? When I played it was monk auras and walls with cannons. 3: How does the current mix of dps/towers look right now? I had a seperate dps and builder for each class. 4: Trading? 5: Server stability?
  5. I'll lurk wherever the streamers set up camp, the platform doesn't really bother me.
  6. It's possible, just really annoying/time consuming, it's easier now with the new frostbite passives, still takes a long time though, and build placemenet still frustrates me on that map. Having a good hero dps in group really helps.
  7. Well, me and everyone on my list just got booted from game, it's been a rough few days for the servers.
  8. Are you wearing it on a lv50? Mine wasn't leveling either till I put it on a new character. Also mine got a healing ability when it evolved, but it barely heals 300-400hp every 20 seconds.....
  9. I officially need my fix, it's been 10hrs since I've been able to play. I was finally able to get in tavern, but now I can't start a game.
  10. I haven't been able to use a steam group or friends to join a game successfully in days, it always comes back as "server is not responding".
  11. Seems to be acting up again, I can't get out of tavern, I just get matchmaking errors.
  12. I could really use that myself.
  13. I lost my best tower hp sword, turns out I accidentally equipped it on my tank squire... Took me 2 days to realize...
  14. Looks like the hard cap of 1.00 attack rate stops any issues for the most part, a better RNG'ed item with the right rolls should come up to the same stats, It's super unlikley anyone was able to get a "perfect" legendary drop with the new passive on an unintended item. Sure I have a few of the passives on items that I shouldn't around 750 ipwr, but a good RNG roll from incursion 840 ipwr should come up to the same stats easily, maybe even be more powerful. For example I have a totem with 10%~ hearty harpoon and a 5% helmet, as well as a 7.8% sword,(not exactly but guestimating a bit since I don't want to go check), I am able to get 4.4k dps at 1.00 attack rate on harpoon, but a good 17% roll with tower hp on 840 ipwr sword with other complimenting stats would outweigh all 3 peices alone, and now I'm free to get a good hp/power combo in the other two spots to outstat the "bugged" gear. Plus I'm certain lv50 wont always be the cap so why bother wiping and delaying everything else.
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