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  1. jokes aside i think you gotta deal with the map, and deal with the fact that your defenses wont always fits perfectly in and you gotta be smart to deal with, its okay for one character to have it in purpose to make her walls differents, i think its more game balance wise, could cost more DU, or use a squire/apprentice wall because it could offer something else that you couldnt have with her adjustable wall, maybe more health but gotta know exactly wheres mobs pathing or stuff like that, if every walls become adjustable, you would only use one for every situation, kinda
  2. I remember when i was younger and discovered Dungeon Defenders on Xbox 360, i was like 13 or something like, i've became so much into tower defense game i used to wrote tons and tons of defense/tower for DD, i had lots of imagination, thoses kind of game have lots of potential i think, fun wise :^)
  3. Imagine stretching up a squire blockade
  4. Bouncing blockades confirmed, maybe we're going to land in a push-mobs-off-the-cliff meta in DDA...
  5. Didnt played DD1 for kinda long time, but doesnt negatives stats means higher positives ones ? Like imagine you wanna gear up a builder then you loot a -300 hero health/+600 tower damages/range/rate, how cooler it is than a +300/+300... Like its damn cool.
  6. Frost Defenses : Fast firing frost tower that would kinda look like the Hailstorm from the female apprentice in DD2, except it targets grounds, would fire ice shards/spikes that split into aoe after it first hit, you get the idea Would work like an aura, but that would be something similar to a glacial patch where it slows down enemies, the frost could breach enemies armor ( imagine a debuff that simply buff the dmg enemies takes the longer they stay in), also if there's something like they keep elemental combo from DD2, would buff fire damages taken and the armor strip would buff the physical. A defense that is high enough to be realisticaly called a tower as it would drop down/bell shoot some stalactites, nothing else, it just sounds fun to me Fire Defenses : A lava beam tower, imagine lava, in a beam. No others idea, fire so mainstream :^) Nature/Lightning Defenses : A rock catapult, because why not. Could be aoe, we're talking about big rocks. Rocks dont do lightning but they are made from... Nature. Well you get the idea, could be physical but i like my rocks nature. Besides chain lightning (hello LT) and single target zap ( hello LSA) there's not much room for lightning stuff, what about a Tesla coil looking blockade but sturdier than a Tesla coil because... that would be a blockade and it would need to be in the heart of the fight, most likely in the middle of a lane, could gather some energy/electricity from dying/living mobs/whatever and would release it for big boom or more likely big zap, like in a circle. After thinking, it gotta be really sturdy... (Categorized em by elements just to help with the looks, doesnt matter much) but without element, what about some more usage of nodes/pod(traps) mecanics like Nimbus/Bees from DD2 Dryad, maybe a kind of hybrid thing ( Pods already being a trap hybrid mecanic) like imagine bees ( wouldnt be bees, but you get the idea) and proton beam, like bees are capped at 3 per mobs, but if you place like alots of nodes, it would raise up the amount of thoses "bees" ( A cool looking things could be mecanical/high tech drones from el famoso man and machine but whatever) that a single target can get damages from, like 3 nodes would be like 3 thingy per mobs, with 4 nodes it would be 4, up to X nodes like proton beam. Not really DD1 things, cause my defenses are way more inspired from DD2 mecanics, DD1 defenses are kinda straight forward, like nothing complicated/looking really different, except LT with her max targets/range between targets scaling but thats something else
  7. Even if yes, it is an element of the gameplay, i dont think they could/would make it to DDA, like they want a release to BuRsT OuT the charts, and every gamers arent veteran/dedicated/hardcore gamers, this might be a brick in the wall against casuals players that is alots of potential future DDA players, also i think that most of DD2 players that only plays DD2 since (which are also potential future DDA players), or at least a good amount of em are used to the "QoL"/bit more of a casualization that DD2 brings, no mana chest, no building route/pathing, just raw mob bashing experience, that they couldnt make it to DD1 again. You got the idea. I could easily understood em even tho i wouldnt mind, if DDA is extraordinary, would you mind if they removed that or make it only to some very challenging maps where only veterans/dedicated players would care to have a pathing/whatever that gives em more chance of winning things I mean, when you think about DD, like 1 or2, do you think first about pathing or enjoyable experience of mob bashing tower placing and loot/stat fiesta ? Thats my opinion tho
  8. Even tho there might be peoples enjoying the 2, most of em ( i think + me included) still want DDA to looks like the 1. This looks like this because everyone, both 1 and 2 players really like the first and thats kinda obvious for DD2 players that DDA should look/play like the 1, dunno if you get the idea. The ones you hearing the most are DD2 players but even tho they play it, they still want DDA to looks like DD1, and DD1 players who couldnt play the 2 because its so bad, different/whatever, they legit say "Hey, make DDA like the 1" I think
  9. The word "aggressive" never did sounds that good
  10. Wanted : Defenses and Heroes customization like DD2. Shards/Mods are great tools to makes your characters/defenses unique, there is and will still be meta builds like the dps/nuke monk, but if you want to play a jack of all trades/master of nothing Monk with some ability power and hero damage you simply can, same goes for defenses, there's some shards and mods that allow the players to do some changes to how a defense works, or more likely adds some bonus that make you use em more efficiently in differents situations : Ballista with Splody Harpoons make em even better at fighting big clusters of mobs while making em less efficient for handling large health pools mobs due to a shard slot being used for an AoE setup). (That's where it comes in confrontation with DD1/the progression where a defense is basically already designed to do a precise job and her efficiency is all defined by your raw defenses stats. But thats Tr... Chromatic Games, they know how to do games right). This in pair with the stats progression from DD1 could make some insanely ridiculous things happen :^) If there is any kind of mod/shards/spheres/whatever to customize things, i want A TONS OF EM :^) More Heroes, more defense, more loots, more differents stats, more everything Pet's being not only a stats slot/spell slot, and more like DD1 ( Everyones want that anyways) The wall/things that make bounces enemies as (i think) Elandrian talked about, because its another gameplay/build enabler, like it most likely allows peoples to do something new. in a single word : Physic. An even greater loot system than DD1. :^) Dryad and Mystic, maybe in different forms/names/whatever, but they added some mecanics DD1 could lack, like how the bees/nimbus works, same goes for Obelisk ( smiting around the map) Reflexion rewarding stuff, imagine i've brainstormed a defense setup ( most likely talking with dd2 experience ) to works a really, really efficient way using a really special/unusual/whatever mix of mods/shards to build a special map, fight a special type of enemies, or just generally to handle a certain situation, why would i got a cap on the targets an AoE defense can hit each shot ( think about flame aura/Weapons Manufacturer nodes caps at 10 targets, if its still capped atm) or what ever that would block you from doing something smart. Well, you got the point but that might be not a problem anyway, DD/2 is usually kind of rewarding for that Did i talk about customization ? More and more skins for weapons/shot type, sword/melee swings animations, always more, we never get enough of em :^) Elemental combo/maybe physical element, thoses kind of things that could simply relate to depthifying the gameplay, cause i think thats some real replayability added, or just allow enthusiasts players to squeeze the maximum out of their character/defense or what the game can offer and feel smart :^) The QoL things like press shift to see the radius of your defenses, things that doesnt matter much like gathering mana from chest each wave should get removed or maybe just for added challenge in X special map with a build timer but thats something else. Being able to switch char with a bind and not run to the forge every time you wanna build something else, even if they dont want us anymore to hero switch while in combat, its just QoL to let us switch in building phase, dunno how people who played both game a long time feel about it tho. Thoses things should make it to DDA imho. More of everything that make us want to test it out. Achievements/Tavern trophy stuff, but prettier and shinier than ever Trading, even if they make it less exploitable/whatever, if i want to give a friend of mine his dream's sword while he is in Deeper well easy level 1 first character never played the game, let me do it, just that :^) Same crescendo courb of chaos, start wave 5 with 120 enemy, enough mana to build 2 blockade and 3 MM tower total for 14 lanes, makes it, 8 waves later finish on an absolutely rampaging 2800 mobs speedrunning to your blockade to crush em level 9000 and behind em an ogre train and a father of all ogre who's no joke or nothing to laugh at Imagine if each defense for every hero had a tree with 1300 nodes an... wait Yeah, i dont hate DD2 and i'm kind of enjoying it for what it is (Not every parts of it tho, you know what im talking about). It have some very interesting design choices (even tho they are not always implemented the right way, but also thats not my job, i can only criticize/give my opinion), they could get alots of inspirations from it and take the winner formula from DD1 to create something fresh and amazing Not wanted : Any kinds of resetting stuff, i got enough dusty idle games on my mobile phone... Uncreatives ways to make it last longer ( think about DD2 overgrindy things like gilding a defense rate shard for 10 unique defense you use offtenly) CAPPED STATS DDA being DD1 but prettier My kind of hype for that project not being worth :^) The Kickstarter stopping before we know what is '??????????????????????' But hopefully he'll reach over nine thousands of billions of pure creativity enabler foundings dollars :^) I think im done for the moment, got craptons of idea tho but thats it for Wanted/Not Wanted thingys
  11. Hornets are okay, Harpy sock a bit. Hornet tooltips show dps for 1 hornet, basically there is 2 hornets or 3 with Dryad form, if tooltips show for example 300K dps ( i dont remember well but it was something like this for me) its more like 350-360K PER hornet, which is like 30du for about 700k+ dps, which is not that bad, just need to know what you need, but they are versatile + hive build so fun :D
  12. If this work, what about buffbeam/boost aura + dryad hive + radiant power + sh*ttons of walls of different kind ? :D
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