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  1. Hornets are okay, Harpy sock a bit. Hornet tooltips show dps for 1 hornet, basically there is 2 hornets or 3 with Dryad form, if tooltips show for example 300K dps ( i dont remember well but it was something like this for me) its more like 350-360K PER hornet, which is like 30du for about 700k+ dps, which is not that bad, just need to know what you need, but they are versatile + hive build so fun :D
  2. If this work, what about buffbeam/boost aura + dryad hive + radiant power + sh*ttons of walls of different kind ? :D
  3. Or wait 2-3min and he disappear, its been patched...
  4. The thing is that it must be like perfectly balanced, otherwise it will increase the "tiering" of shard/relic, for now medallion/power transfer are #1 for dps tower (tell me if im wrong tho) If there is a shard like this and orb with it and a medallion with the best setting you can, people will allway take the one that get the better dps ( apart HCB shard or thing that scale out of attack rate) so it must change the tower " gameplay" and it must matter, otherwise it will just be new meta/godtier or just another trash shard, depend scaling. I think if trendy do some stuff like this it'll be ano
  5. Multishot would be FUN, and if balanced well not that overpowered Archer multishot with a good riven relic new meta kappa
  6. Cant record it but i prefer my no-walls build for farm C7 :p Also it take like 20s to set up, way better to farm
  7. Nice to see ppl with quite low asc clearing C7, it show to everyone they can do it :)
  8. Hex Thrower cant curse your defense if you dont have defense ( blockade) [Insert meme]
  9. When i won my first C5, my flamethrower had barely 55K dps, with no range shard, i had to play em with no health and critchance/dmg shards, my skyguard had about 180k dps and wall about 1m7-1m8, the first geode appear on the wave 4, there's only one and she allway appear in the starting wave, try to burst it out, otherwise you could lose cause of it, if your not playing something like flamethrower/ramster as main dps, another geode spawn the same way on the last wave. I didnt had stun and vamp. I played alot with Abysslord and some shard were buggy ( Worm Scarf for example), but i found my S
  10. Hi everyone ! Today is a great ! I helped lower players doing some afkable runs in C3/C4 for some hours, i even found a Range shard i wasnt searching for ! I took a break(fast) then played some C5 ( solo...) and i found 3 perfect medallion 0/60 leg ( 2 health 1 crit all speed) and 1 perfect orb 0/60 leg ( dp/speed, what i wanted for a while)... IN THE SAME RUN, not even leg chest on the end btw.. Its all about karma, RNGod exist !
  11. Yup, i also know that radiance buff buffflag and buffbeam, buffception its fun to watch
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