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  1. He was a bit of a hard ass in NM4, need more bosses like that one that can take a bit ingenuity and luck.
  2. Somebody forgot to pay the AWS bill. Good grief.
  3. Agreed, should have saved up enough DMs for the Initiate but didn't : / Was very disappointed to see Blood Moon so low in the Chaos tiers, was really hoping to take a crack at the Eye with 200 million health haha!
  4. Yup, searching for session, request timed out. Even stranger, after waiting for 5 mins on the timed out screen it is now cycling through error messages on screen. We've had "item cannot be used to upgrade" and "a party member would like to leave the session" then back to timed out. Odd.
  5. Yup, searching for session, request timed out.
  6. Fairly big nerf to smash spammers. Not causing a problem from my experience today though.
  7. Definitely want all the incursions in C7. Having fun playing them again, but have run out already. Got a funny Cow AL book from Bastille too, not 11k but I think it's a new drop. Watch out for the Magma Lord guys in Demons Lair, they don't despawn sometimes after you knock out Demon Lord and are invulnerable until you start the next wave. Preview stats on the new purchasable weps would be nice too!
  8. Just looks like they're going back to fix a flawed system to me. TE threw in a hard cap at the inception of Ascension because the system demands it, it got abused by a small minority of diehard players, corrections are going into place to curb this. The same as any other game I can think of that uses a system like this. Why worry about it? It should make the game more challenging and it gives the devs something they need to benchmark progression properly; consistent metrics. I do agree with what some are saying about Chaos tiers expanding in perpetuity. There should be reasons to go back to c
  9. Bump. Hop in and join the fun if you haven't already!
  10. Down on PS4 too, stuck at title screen.
  11. Yeah. You just threw any credibility you had into the street with that troll tag line and nonsense post bud. SpiderDanX, never to be taken seriously again.
  12. C6/C7 are ok. Not what I'd call a thrill ride. Same maps, and not any of my favs either. No special objectives or twists like Incursions had. No guaranteed drop levels for gear or shards like we had in NM4. Nothing to really strive for. A new relic with +1500 stats on CD or DP... Not really something worthwhile grinding hours for. Open ALL of the content back up, give us Incursions with Chaos difficulties, make a new set of weps or something like Terraria gear. Something. Anything. If you put up Chaos 8/9/10/75 I wouldn't play them. That's not a new or compelling direction to go in imo.
  13. i don't think it's this at all. the game is difficult for everyone just some people are getting that medallion on their 3rd "try" of a map and clear the whole tier easily from then on. some people aren't getting the medallion after 20 tries and it's starting to wear on them. they've gotten OTHER stuff and some ascension levels and it's SLOWLY getting easier, and sometimes no rollers spawn so they finally get a win and a chest, but other than that it's really painful grinding losing games until you get the one drop that trivializes the content strategy-wise, you put towers behind walls. it'
  14. Just played a couple matches with Rhyno, great player, friendly guy. Nice to meet some new folks on the PS4! PSN: n8hfx
  15. currently, weapon manufacturer/PDT/flameaura Played with a guy using the same setup +sandstorm this afternoon. Really strong build in C7.
  16. It's not just me though, and it does not happen all the time, yes there are days when I get a good rotation and its easy to play that day cause you don't feel "stuck" dealing with a worse map than some of the others. BUT, the main issue is that you can still have a bad day and get the same map numerous times. I was just trying to draw some attention to the badness that is their RNG system and was hoping to get them to look into it because even if they do add more maps to each tier, if there RNG system still sucks then you could still get the same issue. Although, it would be less likely due
  17. Agree on core health. It's absurdly low. I was playing Bastille the other day and had a barricade in dire need of a rep, tried to skirt a crystal with an assassin on me but he incidentally grazed the core and boom, gg. Pretty frustrating.
  18. It's a lot better on PS4. Probably because the game costs $20. The pop is far, far lower but the people are generally nice. Probably only came across 2 legit dbag trolls in the entire time I've been playing. Public games should still have iPWR gating, the game is doing far more complex math to calculate gear drops now, so you know there's a value in there that the loot system uses to determine those drops. Put it back in as a gating metric. Just do it Trendy, people are sick of complaining and you have to be sick of these threads. Honestly, host control and iPWR gating should both be introduce
  19. My walls were pretty much junk until I picked up an 11k DH relic, that helped quite a bit. Took forever to find it though. Even with that, still have to overwall every lane or a Zerk will juke or hurdle your barricade like Tecmo Bo Jackson and your crystals getting dirtied. Irritating. Are you running PDT/Flamethrower/Sandstorm/Flame aura Ram?
  20. I'm about to hop on and play a couple c5 matches
  21. Just started working on PS4, had to force close app and restart.
  22. Hey guys and gals, I started a new community on PS4 for meeting forum buddies and getting into matches. If you want to join up the community is called "DD2 Forum Group". Hope to see you there!
  23. Glad to hear Defense rate is working now too, will test momentarily..
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