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  1. Biggest problem i'd say is the 999 cap. It fills up pretty fast.
  2. I've just had a blue defender pack disappeared on me after the second reroll. Not sure what happened or if I got any items at all. Think I had something similar happened with a mythic box also. This was in public town when I open them. Anyone else had problem with defender packs? Edit: Might have been on the third reroll it went poof.
  3. Yes replay from wave is pretty much unusable atm. You get so little mana back from upgraded towers that it makes it very hard or impossible to rebuild the lanes at wave 4+ , where you most likely need a few upgrades also on most defenses.
  4. I don't understand Trendy's obsession with RNG?? Shards, mods, defender packs, victory chests even floor layout with mutators. Everything in this game has some sort of extrem RNG to it. All this RNG with extrem low drop chance on shards, mods etc. makes it really boring and not something a game should have.
  5. [[174624,users]] Still adjusting drop rate for high quality mods and make the scaling from 1/10 -> 10/10 more linear would make it a better system then it is now regardless of what floor or chaos lvl you playing on.
  6. Why is it relevant if mods are needed or not for some type of gameplay? It's still bad implemented and need a fix, both drope rates for high quality mods but also the system with 10 steps and the balance between each tier of quality. [[24131,users]] post on page 2 has some really good pointers on whats need to be fixed!
  7. Exglint Thanks! A question if you don't have a perfect tenacity what tower would you go for as main tower to do resets?
  8. Anyone have numbers on how much mats it needs to upgrade one relic from reset to max?
  9. @Cymmina Very good points, hope everything you said gets implemented as it sure sounds like the system most of us want!
  10. Haven't played that much but I climbed to floor 130 pre patch and now floor 100+ and I haven't seen a single c8 amp drop.
  11. I'm pretty sure I heard Juicebags talk about resist number and stuff on his stream a week ago.
  12. [[40452,users]] With no replay from wave and add to that all bugs on temple map, it gets very frustrating and frustrating is not fun! It needs to be fixed.
  13. If it's a lane that you can place a tower on a good place behind the roller I usually put down a pdt and a canon. Otherwise I put down a proton beam to stall the rollers to a almost full stop, works great and kill em last. Love to hear how others deal with em :) I'd be interested in your strategy for High Rollers? I gather the answer is to bunch them up with a Frosty or Proton beam or something. That never seems to quite work for me though. I want to take out the lead roller obviously, but end up being mullered by the ones behind! :/
  14. Agree something needs to be done about the temple map. Its super frustrating as it is right now and not fun. I just don't understand Trendys reluctant to do anything about it?
  15. Is it just me or does the defenses sometimes don't attack on the Temple map?? Had so many strange loses when mobs walk pass my defenses. Just had 2 Skyguards NOT attacking flying mobs flying right past the skyguards! Temple is worse now then ever. Please do something fast it's really killing the game for me atleast.
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