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  1. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142547/?scrollTo=1261603&page=1#1261603
  2. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142547/?scrollTo=1261603&page=1#1261603 I can recommend Planes emulator, I have been using it for a few years now and never had any problems with it.
  3. I support the 20% Nerf on the beta ... However i wouldnt support that they dont target Bosses at all. Maybe doing like 30% Less dmg against bosses So they dont like completely killing the bosses in a few seconds.
  4. I nominate kana, so maybe he wins a beard in this giveaway.
  5. Amazing? with the setbonus they dont even have 200 attack rate :/ this doesnt seem amazing to me, they are still useable though i dont think you get even close to 100cv with those
  6. players helping players These are the DD1 forums, So if you have questions about dd2 you should go to the dd2 Forums
  7. Untraced doesnt have to mean that a Item is hacked, however in most cases theyre hacked thats atleast what i have experienced Untraced event items are generally worth nothing though.
  8. ( Not Enterring ) I Blame Avonlea for not giving me Pixel!
  9. Please get this in the game <3 Would make tavern decoration or setting floor shops up ALOT easier :)
  10. I agree Cats dont really need a buff. Chickens / Seahorses Are in a really good spot atm. It just takes time to get a good one and thats totaly fine. Same for cats tbh, it might take a long time to get a good one.
  11. Sounds like a cool Quality of Life change even tho most of us are probably used to just clicking to swap characters.I Support that change
  12. Oh that actually makes sense, i didnt think about that Yeah i support that aswell than.
  13. Build phase only is fine; I don't need to see it during the combat phase. Don't know that I need it in the tavern. Would be kinda neat, but I don't personally see much purpose. Personaly i wouldnt mind to see it whenever i open the map, And about the tavern thing .. Idk .. i dont think its useful.
  14. First off. those are the dd1 forums, if you have questions about dd2 you should go to the dd2 forum. Its been a long time since i played dd2 actively. but back when i played you Got gear uppgrades if you Equipped the stuff with the highest Sellvalue/ Stats on them. Also make sure that you Are atleast maxgeared for a chaos tier. so that you can actually find stuff in the next chaos tier.
  15. You can just use Open gear with like 5 billion stats as the first post already tells you. And all the screenshots were taken with only 1 player.
  16. Ok so three people posted things and got it right, I posted with a question and two people copied my comment and one person posted screen shots that didn't count. Maybe instead of telling people to just read it again or claiming they are refusing to read or replying with "sigh" you could just actually respond helpfully. You are hosting a contest, if people have questions or misinterpret your rules just help them out. Edit: All I am trying to do here is make sure the rules are clear for anyone who wants to participate, for example that person bonny went and spent time getting the screen shots that didn't count because they didn't understand the rules. I don't think it should take someone having their submission not count for people to further understand what you are looking for. If you look at the title of the Thread it says screenshot Replication. And as Jyutta said multiple times by now .. Only the Colors / graphic settings doesnt matter.Also she never said that the first person isn't submitted. My feeling is that you didnt find any of the spots yet and Just trying to talk bad about this contest. Maybe i am wrong but thats what it looks like to me.
  17. About that, did they reduce the loots on moonbase surv ? Since the last update, it is way harder for me to drop good items. Even after 2-3 moonbase runs (from wave 18 to 35 and without mix mode) I droped just 1 ult. I dont think they reduced the Loots at all Its a grind game. so you wont get a uppgrade every run. maybe not even every 10th run.
  18. Ok that was unexpected.. thanks for the trade. auction closed.
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