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  1. Hey fellow DD2 Players! I recently started playing DD2 again and coming from C1 to C4 wasnt that hard of a Challenge but now I am in max. C4 Gear and still struggle with C5. I am currently using the Dryads Trees and Nimbus with the Monks Air Defence but it really doesnt work as good as in the other Chaos tiers. Is there like a better Tower/Defence Setup for C5? Thanks in advance, InHuman
  2. I am searching for a Vampiric Shards for a while now an i am not lucky at getting one. I am mostly playing Chaos 3 but becuase there is a Chance i can get it i asked myslef if it is woth still trying to get it in Chaos 3 or shouldi play some gmaes in Chaos 1 where the chance is higher ?
  3. In the past few days while i was doing Chaos 2 and Chaos 3 i Had massive Problems with Siege Roller and i asked myself what is good against Siege Roller? Some People got some Monks wich dealt some massive amout of damage like some 500k-1Mil Bursts Or Apprencentices with like a grern glowing axe where they can Spawn floatig axes wich dealt like 50k onhit and they can Stack Them in top of each other
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