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  1. 1st: Bump. 2nd: they should all stack to at least 999 <3
  2. Pretty simple, got bored while eating lunch and made a potential layout, figured I would see what people think. If I have missed and materials let me know but I think I got them all. https://i.imgur.com/zk0kgKx.png
  3. if you look in your ascension window you see the reset bit at the bottom. Currently that costs defender medals or gems, during the free weak it costs nothing to reset ascension. Same with AP I guess, can change your talents without the cost
  4. Yep like Daedledood said, it was near the end of the latest devstream. However, it was Elandrian who said it. It's a Free Asc and AP (stat) reset week as a Thank-You-For-Being-With-Us as the game going into Year 2. didnt know it did AP too, that is pretty cool XD
  5. Was near the end of the most recent Devstream, it was Lawlta I think who mentioned it. Let me grab the link and see if I cant get a time stamp. Will edit soon **EDIT** https://www.twitch.tv/videos/273624618 (still looking for the timestamp, long stream and i can only increase play back to x2 lol)
  6. I have a few ideas that I would like to gauge community interest in but I will be putting them out over the next week or two as some will depend on the Protean Shift to know if it they are necessary. The first has to do with Ascension Reset cost. When Trials was released you still had to level your new characters to 50 manually so the resource cost to reset ascension was a trade off of time vs materials. However we no longer need to manually level our characters, so the cost is mostly irrelevant because we can simple make a new character. This does have its own problem, namely that some players like myself want to keep our rooster of heros organized and since we don't have the option to reorder our heros it can be slightly annoying to remake characters but I would still rather remake my entire deck to fix one issue than pay 200 defender medals for it. My proposition is this: Make Ascension Resets free. Permanently. We have a free reset period coming up soon, I would like to see it just left on until the team can get around to removing the UI elements and set it in stone. Thoughts?
  7. -snip- what if shards were divided into hero shards and tower shards and each had a equal chance of dropping and you could buy them that way. So beat c3 chest had 50% chance to drop c3 hero shard or c3 defense shard. you could also buy a c3 defense pack for dust in this example. reduces rng but keeps it in game. seems a good balance This would be substantially better then the current plan. What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that most people (from what I have read) take issue with the extreme RNG factor in gathering 10 of the same shard. If the 10 cost is set in stone, then address the acquisition. Dusting should have done this but in its current form it is irrelevant when it comes to farming a specific shard. I would still prefer being able to turn dust into the EXACT shard i'm after, but narrowing the pool would help.
  8. Do you even realize how idiotic a statement that is? Rhetorical question. 'Complaining' about something that hasn't even been made live yet is EXACTLY how you fix *** that is going to be done wrong. Voicing a concern about a future update is not complaining, if anybody is complaining it's the people ***ing about others trying to voice said concerns. You are welcome to have your opinion on the balance of the feature but i'm not going to have you strolling in and trying to *** because people have issue with a major feature of the next patch/expansion. While i'm at it, I don't need to have played something to be worried about its balance. This is not a new system like it was going from NM4 to Trials this is an expansion of a current system (that being Shards) and I am quite familiar with farming shards. Before we knew how much they had adjusted the values of Hero Health I and many other where worried that we would have to stack hero health and forsake our damage in order to survive Assassins. Trendy gave us more information about it and that concern was quelled, and later completely reversed (like the tweet with a 1.5mil HP Barbarian). Now I and many others are concerned with the amount of shards required to gild. Rewarding the players who have stuck with your game is good, they spent the time they have the shards and can dive into gilding right away so soon after, but that does not mean that the system should be built around their collection. This system is supposed to ease one of the major issue with AP which is the large gold costs required to continually reset, by making it take 10 shards it means you will have had to ‘naturally’ acquire them through numerous resets or spend a MAJOR amount of time doing content that is otherwise meaningless to you.
  9. Unfortunately I doubt that we will see such a convenience but I guess we will see. Sadly if it goes live at 10 I doubt it will ever change. To many people would *** and moan because they already gilded them.
  10. -snip- -snip- I am going to guess that is an alt helmet for the Techwitch. they mentioned other parts for it but didnt show any.
  11. I hope so, i seem to remember them mentioning plural costumes but it could easily have been my mistake, that was on the previous devstream (not the most recent) near the end of the Q&A according to my messy notes. Ill always be down for more cool costumes lol.
  12. So. I am PISSED when it comes to Gilding. I will try to reign that in for this post but it's going to get ranty but honestly I don’t care right now, i'm sure Trendy expects people like me anyways especially since this is definitely not my first post of this nature. Most of this post will be pasted out of my notes from watching the devstream since it's the best way to present them, the rest will be in a more general format. I would like to note that I have very bad grammar and apologize if that makes it difficult to read at times but I hope you won't let that affect the message itself, if you need clarification on something I have said just ask and i'll try my best :D. So let's break these things down in as constructive a manner as I can right now. ----- Upgrade/Evolve/Advance ----- These seem fine, I am worried that the new resources will be a bit too grindy for a lot of usage but it doesn't seem too bad from what we have been shown. I am looking forward to having a more reliable way to gear although it will certainly require experiencing it to know for sure where it stands. ----- Tinkering ----- I was initially afraid that you could only transfer one mod at a time from an item but it seems that you can transfer multiple which is good, would have been awful having to scrap a very good roll on an item when it had two of those good rolls. Seems fine over all, interested in seeing how the Mods will work and what can be made. ------ Game Mode/Maps/Trade ----- Shorter Campaign is good Adventures seem nice, if you want the story it's there but not required Expeditions are much better than Trials and should have been the system from the start of the Chaos system. The potential crafting materials being listed next to the map is great, would been a pain having to wiki dive for it The economics of these resources will have to be experienced to know for sure if it's going to be excessively grindy Trading seems interesting but I am still worried about the fact that people with crazy AP resets are going to be getting sooooo much more gold even within the same group (which you even joked about….). Inflation is a thing. Farming 500k is ALOT for me, that's nothing for some players Turn on share trading. If you are going to make gilding cost 10 ***ing shards, turn on shard trading at the very least I like that the tinkering resources are tradeable, good stuff The rest of trading seems nice ------ Misc ----- 1 Primary, 1 Secondary. Still going to have to see ./shrug Mods WILL be on current gear after transition, about 70% of the pool which is nice. Should give a decent look at what is available Ascension changes seems interesting, it's a bit odd that the Utility tree has so few high cap options but it is whatever. Given the changes to Crit Damage i don't think it will change anything major Incursion weapons = Mods now. Sure? Could be interesting will have to test it out for sure Ancient Power Weapons. Extra rewards, unique weapons with unique mods for characters, tradeable, unique unique unique. (Fix onslaught then im down otherwise I will continue to ignore it. 3 maps for a floor is dumb, remove it please, I want to enjoy it but it REALLY don't enjoy the tedium) Onslaught 80+ gives the fancy materials and there are onslaught exclusive mods specifically for heros. Both have higher chances the higher you push floors. (Refer to previous statement) Techwitch Skin looks really cool, I prefer the black ops skin but this one is SUPER nice The new Two At Twice The Price animation is great. Is that only for Techwitch? AP and Onslaught mods are for hero abilities Campaign and onwards have mods for specific defenses (Example: Ballista will additionally poison enemies) Gilded shards are not better than Hyper shards ------ Gilding ----- And. Here. We. Go. The following is an example that I have written out based on what I understood during the devstream and what I have based my conclusions on. If this is wrong then please correct me, it's not very useful feedback if its base on a malformed understanding of the system. (Example: Fortifications base is 2% Defense Health, 1 Upgrade adds 2% Defense Health. Fortification has 16 upgrades for a total of 34% Defense Health. Gilding adds 4 levels bringing that number up to 20 upgrades for a total of 42% Defense Health) “Something you want to do at end game” that is fine, but this system seems like its ONLY for the people who already have tons of these shards or plan on spending all of their play time shard farming. I am a mechanics person, I like to be as strong as I can be and am more than willing to work for it if the value is there. This system does NOT have good value relative to time invested for a new/returning player though. Why the hell would I combine 10 shards into it while spending 2 million gold for a small percentage? 10 is WAY too many for it to be a reasonable achievement that your average player (myself included) can work towards. The power is there, the utility of not resetting its level when you use AP is there, but the amount of time you need to spend doing content that is completely afk in order to get them is far too much. If I was sitting on 20 of a given shard, it might not be a big deal but if i was to be getting into the game now or coming back like I currently am then 10 puts this so far out of scope that it becomes a completely irrelevant system (although it would still be absurd turning 20 shards into 2 shards for a relatively small amount of power and some admittedly nice utility). This should be a system that EVERYBODY wants to work towards and that can be reached within a reasonable amount of time. This isn't Mastery with its Hyper Shards, gilding isn't a one-and-done system (from my understanding) so why does a single gilded shard require SOOOOO much investment? ---- “We're comfortable with the number as others have said, it's meant to be an achievement/goal, and not something that is spammed within an hour or two of playing.” - Lawlta Make it 5 shards. 5 shards is still going to be a LOT of grinding since dusting is a non factor in shard acquisition (10 - 1 is a pathetically bad ratio, i would genuinely rather just have them sell for slightly more gold. 10 - 1 is insultingly expensive). I have played quite a lot of trials (not compared to some but there are very good reasons for it) and have only recently returned to the game and gotten my 5th deadly strikes after a lot of farming in c3 and beyond. I need to keep at least a couple around for other towers which means if I wanted to gild a deadly strikes I would be looking at ~13 or so to maintain usage with your proposed system, with the change to 5 I would need ~8. That is still a LOT of farming but given the likelihood of getting the shard you are after 5 is much more reasonable. Requiring 5 shards still makes it an expensive and time consuming project but it puts it within the scope of the more ‘casual’ player base which I guess I would be included in. ---- “What if Mods made it so that Deadly Strikes wasn't absolutely necessary and you had options to use different shard combinations? Some Mods and Shards share similar features, allowing more unique builds to come through both on Mod selection and Shard selection.” - Lawlta What if they do? What if I want them to stack? What if I want to use a shard to leave room for all those cool mods? What if I just want to maximize a shard? What if I just really like gold borders? The issue with this is that there are only so many shards for a given defense and only so many of those shards that are relevant. I want to gild multiple versions of the 'standard' shards. I would want 10 gilded destruction if not more, these aren't shards like Heavy Cannonball that I will only ever need one of. Most of the shards I would want to gild are the all purpose shards, the ones that I could use in just about every tower to great effect, the ones I want multiples of gilded or not. Requiring me to invest 10 of these shards just to make one that is slightly better and immune to AP reset is insane. ---- "We took a look our data on Shard earn rates and player Shard stockpiling, and this end price was significantly lower than what it was originally and what our data would have had us set." - Elandrian The fact that your data pointed HIGHER tells me that your data is either MAJORLY skewed by stored shards and major veterans, or that you only intended this system to be for the most hardcore of your player base. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if this wasn't another power affecting system that's for the ‘hardcore’ and it just so happens that this system ties into the other (that being Ancient Power). ------ Dusting ----- Keep this one short since I rant about it above, but 10 - 1 is an absolutely unacceptable ratio for an another RNG chance at a shard. If it was 10 - 1 for an EXACT shard we wanted that would be fine, but it isn't that. ----------------------- Conclusion ----------------------- I am sure i'm not Trendy's favorite person seeing as almost all of my posts are 'negative' but I don't sit down for almost 3 hours and write this much for a game I hate. I LOVE this game but I want to enjoy my time playing and actually be getting somewhere when I spend an entire day farming. I do NOT post this to hate on Trendy, I post it because I REALLY think that some of these things have to be fixed. If you have made it this far then I thank you for taking so much time out of your day and wish you well. I look forward to any feedback. My stance is not iron, present good information and solid arguments and I may bend.
  13. Got bored waiting for the new Warframe update (HYPE) so started thinking of some random M.O.D.S. that could be cool. Warning: I am a mechanics person not a writer, names may/will be a bit crap but I liked the concept for these and figured I would kill some time. Some of these ideas might be better suited for shards but since i don't really have many MODS to compare with I just made things I thought would be cool. Also, if these are the same/similar to other suggestions then I guess I wasn't the only one with the same idea seeing as I have not really read any other suggestions. Geode Mimicry Subroutine - Squire Shield MOD Blocking causes a reflective barrier to form around you that reflects enemy projectiles and deals x% of your Armor as bonus damage to targets hit by reflected projectiles. ------------ Phalanx Protocol - Squire Shield MOD Blocking causes two spectral Squires to appear on either side of you with shields raised, preventing enemies from passing. ------------ Bash Chip - Squire Shield MOD While blocking you can use a primary attack to perform a shield bash dealing x% Hero Damage with a x% chance to stun the enemy for 5 seconds. This effect has a 1 second cooldown. ------------ Vortex Chip - Barbarian Weapon MOD While in Whirlwind enemies are pulled towards the Barbarian and Whirlwind damage is increased by x%. ------------ Ground Breaking Discovery - Barbarian Boot MOD When the Barbarian Lands (from his right click, idk the name) the impacted ground shatters slowing enemies who enter by x% for 5 seconds. ------------ Phaseshift Augment - Boot MOD While this MOD is equipped you can walk through enemies and are immune to knockback. ------------ Thorns Protocol - Chest MOD When you take damage, you have a x% chance of dealing x% of your Hero Health as damage to your attacker. Guess that’s it for now, if i think of anymore i’ll update the post. Thanks for the read.
  14. While i was streaming earlier i was testing the shard again, it seems that that specific shard was the issue because i upgraded another one and it worked just fine. The old one has been sold so i guess that is sorted lol
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