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  1. Holy hell are you salty. You do know that it's not Trendy's fault right? They have to go through the BS certification process from Sony. Seriously it's fine to criticize them on things they actually have control over like making the game too easy and not putting Sharken in the game. However this is as close to synced up to the PC version as you are possibly going to get. I'm fine with it and you should be grateful. Oh well I'm happy that I did what needed to be done before this update. I got my Dragolich and my Lil Betsy Pet. My characters are some what geared now, but still working on them.
  2. Don't hold your breath. Yet another delay in sync. And why a week apart?? Release the same damn time!! Get your act together TE.
  3. March 31st, 2020 - TE releases server list April 1st, 2020 - TE stops development on DD2 for DDE2
  4. Ya honestly running it with Wyvern tokens which will be a defunct currency on ps4 in about 3 weeks is kinda silly. But Defender Medals don't exist in Neverland...er ps4.
  5. Oh and Chesty Restore the posts you deleted. Assuming they were attacks is beyond the scope and outrageous. Its an infringement upon our rights to localize our opinions.
  6. No cross platform, no communication, no special events, no ability to redeem rewards, separate forums, first time you've shown up here in how many months?? Not 1 community. Its pc and red headed step child. Please respect us as we have governed ourselves fine in ps4 land.
  7. TE doesn't see the value in linking or cross platform despite the fact that cross platform would be HUGE for the game.
  8. Carnival will return so it's not wasted.
  9. Never based on how well they handle the ps4 community.
  10. Different avenues maybe. But manipulating game mechanics to make it easier then it's supposed to be is another. Carnival wheel will give out gear approximate to the ipwr of the spinner and heavily weighted to that class. I would consider it an alternate method I guess only because you do have to do some work to get to 700 for the perfect roll stuff. And even then need every class to 700 to be able to try for the perfect passives. But I have derailed this thread enough haha.. Nicodareus31Psn No where near a God and no where near done. Just haven't played much since carnival because wait
  11. Not really I grounded my characters to 700 refusing the drop in drop out method. I got a huntress and squire over 700 by carnival with the rest in low to mid 600. From there carnival has been cheering,my builds to creep everyone to 700. Besides after carnival leaves we grind fo750 sword and bp's
  12. Scrub way lol I really wish this could be fixed. Almost as bad as carnival cheese. No doubt after you have benefited from it though eh ;) You must have sold all your tickets ;) No I admit to carnival cheese lol Got 13 characters so not turning down free 700s to fill it all out.
  13. Scrub way lol I really wish this could be fixed. Almost as bad as carnival cheese.
  14. Not sure where you read that but we have never had an AL submission to Sony for patch. As it stands now in their limited wisdom we are still roughly a month out from AL.
  15. Take all the bull*** completely out of your ass next time before speaking. You have done nothing to actually benefit this community with all the drivel you spill since coming. Go back to pc and shut the hell up. For 1, putting pc development on hold is ludacris. Its already a f2p platform and needs to push content just to earn a dime. Shuffling developers around would only gain a few weeks?? Haha THEY ARE LOSING GROUND YOU DUMB ***! Roadmap, Feb. Shortly after the launch of ascension we will release another patch that will catch up ps4 to pc. Shortly. Welcome to 3+ months later wh
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