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  1. have seen something simliar. Got it on my Gunwitch and while playing with apprentice towers (flame and frostie) and even in lanes where im not Hero DPS'ing i see pumpkined enemies. So some tower seems to trigger the shard.
  2. Is that the bug where the flamethrowers would follow according to enemy movement but no flames/attacks can be seen ? Overall solid patch. Bugfixes are always good.
  3. Tower stats now only apply to relics and can be equipped tower wise (e.g. health totem for squire wall and Defense power medallions for ballista). All other gear, weapon, helmet, arm and shoes only have a combination of two stats on them that apply to the hero (any combination of health/attack dmg/ability power/crit damage). So relics (orbs/marks/totems/medaillons) feature tower stats and rest gear is for your hero stats. So you can have damage stats on your hero gear to make him a good dps, while still having good relics for every tower he can build. Dont know if that explanation is unders
  4. Well Nimbus is now useless. Could easily farm C3 prepatch now get destroyed on C2 as not only dmg but also range was nerfed. As one without range shard i have to plant them so close to the tree that they get nearly perma stunned. Time to move to apprentice until he gets nerfed end of week *joke* ^^
  5. When i responded to your quoted respond your text (at least for me) did still stand there. But i dont really see an issue as for me it was all resolved as your disagreement was due to a misunderstatement. Or do you want me to edit the post then i can do that at any time ?
  6. Well first of all you need the right shards. For apprentice for example : Fortification (must have) and Shielding Guard (optional but very useful) on Totem on your Wall tower. Damage Shards on Flamethrower tower as suggested above, as it is pretty strong atm and can easily deal with the shield goblins. Put in Destruction, Defensive Crit Damage, Defensive Crit Chance, Vampiric Empowerment whatever works best, in a orb or medallion. Juggle around attack speed instead of crit and you should be good to go tower wise. Ice tower for slowing where needed or useful. Bosses shouldnt be an issue if y
  7. yeah, was never a fan of this myself. Will only get worse if we continue to add difficulties and mobs start to hit harder. Well, maybe one day we can do something about. Like a consumable that boost core health O.o Just a thought : How about making the crystal withstand a certain amount of hits ? Saying for example the crystal breaks after 5-10 hits. Doesnt matter what monster is hitting, doesnt matter how hard it hits standard defenses/towers/heroes (based on difficulty), may it be a spawned skeleton or a big orc (bosses have insta kill mechanic or still count as several hits to encourage
  8. I really dont get your balance worries ? We want that in the item menu (for example) 10 Worm Scarf Shards would only take up one item slot (with an idicator that says that you have 10 pieces of that shard) instead of currently 10 items slots due to the limited bag space.
  9. Would be awesome if something like that makes it into the game so that we dont have to destroy the x-th useless shard and having a (more or less) small chance for a shard trade to the better.
  10. I really second that stacking. I personally dislike the "Unlocking" idea of shards when once found. you should really grind for the best of the shards as kind of goal for this new Traisl Season. But i guess that with the stacking one would run into the problem on how to depicture and/or group same shards of different levels, or would only shards of the säme level stack? It would definitely add a better overview over the own shards as i already have to search for that destruction within that (now deleted) "Press your luck" and "Panic Fire" Shards. :)
  11. That is where my problem lies. My Gear is from Harbinger (so below Chaos 1). Still i can solo a Chaos 2 map (to hope to get better gear) but the drops are the same as in Hard Campaign. Although my Hero Deck is empty besides the (maxed out) Dryad i play on as builder and (bad) DPS. I guess i have to wait for an acknowledged loot drop explanation as i dont seem to understand that system :) . EDIT // okay i got what my problem is : i looked up what map was in Trials on CH1/CH2 and then played them in that difficulty on DEFENSE *facepalm*. Now that i play them over the TRIALS gamemode tab i am
  12. Okay i may be missing something essential here : I bought Dryad as i saw a strategy with which she can solo Chaos 2 on Greyhold Placa, as i sold my previous (good) gear, as i read that i can only progress with newly found stuff (bad choice on my end). So i equipped the Dryad with all new found stuff from harbinger farming, filled in every item/weapon slot with a maxed out shard (with max upgraded armor) and even filled in the slots of towers i dont use, with relics (also maxed out shards and upgrades) which costed a large amount of DM. My Hero Deck is empty except for the Drayd and i am still
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