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  1. What if you never received any codes at all? (I checked my spam / auto filter also.) Was a $40 backer, bit disappointed that I received no email as others did earlier this week. -T
  2. I'm having this same issue - ASAP is sadly to fall after your bonus drop weekend I'm afraid? I've submitted a ticket via the address above. Thanks, -T
  3. Well, for grins I thought I'd try the NM diff turkey hunt w/ the new bow.... However, I had forgotten about the projectile speed nerf (still don't understand why that was even required in addition to the dmg nerf, but whatever). It's my belief that the challenge is no longer possible to legit complete given the DU restriction (yes, proxy traps are invaluable, but with the character change forge so far from the spawn point I can either be DPS or trap tower builder). Just curious if anyone has completed this since the projectile nerf went in? -T
  4. partial player rage, less intense than countess but effective along the same lines. Player dmg/speed/cast speed boosted like 15% -T
  5. so far, 6 runs today - 185^ 200^ sics, 128^ mad jack, 151,154,85^ nosferatu (holding out for a 200)... all myths -T
  6. it doesnt. you'll need to restart the map.
  7. This hacked item witch hunt is hilarious. ^^ This is becoming insane. I have to believe this is much like the spanish inquisition or Salem witch hunts must have made the population feel (constantly anxious and worried). No one wants to group with anyone, talk to anyone, or discuss how to play. The enjoyment is getting sucked out of the community MORE due to the 'hacker' 'hackz' 'hacked' discussions and the fear associated with buying one of those items, than for the influence the hackers have on the economy. It's getting ridiculous. -T
  8. Must be better luck than me then. I've run NM assault probably 200x just bored and helping out folks and my highest was a 146 also. Though, considering that there are (*VERY*) rare sicarius out there w/ nearly 200 ups, I suspect it's possible. Just <.1% probable. -T
  9. Not possible. Highest staff I've ever seen was 1400, but it only had 140 ups or something (I was so disappointed). Likewise, highest charge possible is 128 as anything higher when picked up resets to that (my staff was 207 on the ground, but became +128... I was SO excited, and then I cried). -T
  10. Hear ya Mac, I too have often been charitable with my time as I find once you've geared up and are awaiting the new challenges - the rewards that keep me interested are those of helping others. However, it never fails that you get a sour puss from time to time - "what, that's all you'll do?" (after completing a challenge for them or dropping a nice item from my inventory for their use) Can't win for trying, but it won't stop me from offering a helping hand regardless :) /salute -T
  11. There is one when you're on a mage: Can you even see over the bar? I'll just sell that back to you later
  12. Wolfvane, that's the same realm as a mage. I'd say squire and mage are both in that top dps output for the min/max'er in you, but as mentioned before - each class can really shine in the right situation. hunter / huntress with flamer or discer can break 1M and do it at some range. -T
  13. Trendy's "earlier" as in earlier than the official release. I believe the intent was to release nightmare either with or after the 4th shard pack - so, months off still I'd wager. -T
  14. wow, props guys. 3x attempts today - I admire the layout and I can see how it's the way to go. DEW's and spiders agro to players if there are no defense to attack. The only thing you have to juggle is the random ogre spawn location after boss spawn and of course chewing on the dragon between ogres: ) He flies FAST doesn't he? Lol, I wasn't prepared for his flying rate when I first fought him. That's still one heck of an accomplishment, bravo! -t
  15. I've seen a 117* armor piece myself (had horrible stats, but that's my luck sometimes). I believe I've seen mention of 130 up armor also, though can't confirm. -t
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