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  1. There are two bugs currently: First one is when you don't have enough dps and mobs clump up infront of your walls, then they start to push eachother and hop over or squeeze through. Second one is that Malthius or the dark mages(not sure about the name) spawn skeletons behind the wall from time to time. Best advice is position your defenses accordingly to compensate for these bugs and you shouldn't have a problem in most cases. (If you are playing solo and have enough tower dps you can even go with a single wall) I personaly put a layer of defenses infront of my core when possible with enoug
  2. You'll get it when you get it. I'm still running with purple medalions in my slots since the game only likes to give me leg totems :D. But most of all I would like to see a rebalance of crit since it is kind of useless currently. As well as defense speed not being capped, I mean why bother making orbs have so much speed if half the towers can't even benefit from it.
  3. Juice has made a lot of guide videos regarding gearing up/ progressing through the game. Link to his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJuicebags/videos Don't know if the forum has a policy about links so if it gets removed search MrJuicebags on youtube.
  4. Would you or someone else capture a video for us, please? Would you or someone else capture a video for us, please? Would you or someone else capture a video for us, please? Would you or someone else capture a video for us, please? STOP making people lose time when everyone is telling you its bugged. Instead of asking for a video or whatever get to fixing this. Also how about before you release a patch you go ahead and test oh I dont know maybe THE TWO TOWERS THAT ACTUALLY WORK IN THE GAME? Because if one of them doesn't well one could only assume you're gonna have a problem.
  5. Same as before that one hotfix, it stops doing damage after a few seconds.
  6. Well since you can't do incursions on chaos and in defense you get practice maps without loot. I'd think it should be obvious. I said the shards I got from trials are the same as the ones which were given as a refund. I got chaos tier1 2 3 shards and they were in no way different after I opened them. I've completed about 15 chaos 1 trials, about 1-2 chaos 2 trials and around 10 chaos 3 trials. Let me tell you for the last time all the shards are complete ***, they are basicly sphreses which you have to pay more gold for. All of the defense gets hit defense gets crit/power or whatever are usele
  7. For the last time I've played ONLY trials in chaos NOTHING else.
  8. Chaos1 to 3 shards have been identical to what I got from the refund. What are you even talking about I have not stepped into campaign
  9. I will address my complaints in this post, yes I will "***" about things so no one should feel forced to read this. Day 1 : Download takes forever (I am clueless why you don't release it a day early for download and make a sequence for it to extract or whatever the next day, like every other video game company in this century. Second I could not play with my friends for god knows how long, I just got up and left about an hour and half after release ( saying Amazon bla bla doesn't concern me) Peak players for February have been 1963 that should be nowhere near enough to cause server problems.
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