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  1. if you have chaos 6 gear, you can try expeditions-chaos 6 try to use flame auras if you dont know what defence to use
  2. actually I like the idea of shards being hard to gild and take long time to do so. the main reason I want to gild shards quickly is not for the extra power, but for saving gold during AP grind. I know I can use just 1 defence and spam flame auras and save gold but its boring to use only 1 same defence for thousands of maps, and boring is the opposite of what you want from a game :D
  3. the ones that start with 4% go up to 10% when maxed the ones that start with 1% go up to 5%
  4. and what do you think about the current shard dusting value? you think getting 1 random shard for 10 dust is worth or it should be changed somehow?
  5. I feel like buying 1 random shard after dusting 10 shards is kinda bad. if we could buy a specific shard for 50 shard dust it sounds much better to me. dusting 50 unwanted shards is alot.. so I think getting 1 shard that you want after 50 unwanted shards is pretty fair? (especially for us who grind ancient power, we really need some help gilding shards, since they dont lose upgrade levels on resets=not wasting all of our gold)
  6. thats actually very good idea, most of the floors are C7+ and we dont need so much C7 motes
  7. I think smaller maps get less DU per lane? maybe cause its easy for you to go and dps\repair each lane?
  8. the main reasons I would want blockades are lady orcs and minibosses. but lady orcs will go around the blockades, and minibosses will destroy the blockades in 2 seconds. so they are actually not doing their purpose at all
  9. yep, I just failed map cause there was controlled burn lane that I didnt notice, I retried and there was no controlled burn lane anymore.. (not lost temple)
  10. since the shards update I was waiting for a shard book, and I even quit the game for long time just cause managing inventory is annoying for me. (even tho I bought like 4 bags with gems)
  11. I agree about the blockades! in onslaught its almost always better to spend the DU on more damaging defences instead of blockades. I think it would be same even if blockades got their DU cost reduced by half.
  12. the only reason they dont make shard book is to sell more bags? I dont think its a great choice, every successful free to play game make everything free except skins, because skins dont affect gameplay.
  13. get 11 vicious strikes and get gilded vicious strikes :)
  14. I see, but if our best option for physical lanes are flame auras seems like trendy really need to buff\rework some physical defences :D
  15. Just save up some medallions and get a barbarian. Then activate turtle stance if the assassin targets you while you are running...... but you cant swap heroes while assassing target you, so il have to dps with barbarian the whole time? also when you stop the turtle stance I think assasins will come to you pretty fast right? so you wont have much time to do anything unless you dps with turtle barbarian
  16. You don't need perfect piercing. Just an average piercing mod will do fine. I use cannons as my go-to physical defense, with a mid-level piercing mod. Of course, if you use a dryad, bees are a good physical option. No need for a priercing mod. There are lots of options, but those are my most commonly used. but I tried with average piercing mode and It didnt do enough damage. The same as every other lane....flame auras if youre using flame auras im guessing youre not near your max floor then? or..? also I cant use traps at all if there are cyborks
  17. which defences are you guys using on lanes that have increased magic resist and less physical resist? I tried balistas and cannons but they deal no damage to vanguards or through geodes cause I dont have perfect piercing mode. and I tried bees but after the bees nerf they are not doing great job either.
  18. they should remove that one too, its causing a lot of lost That one IS a boss. Just saying. If you can't deal with just one assassin, maybe you need to rethink your stats. There are TONS of ways to deal with them. Sparkle party pets, shackled mod, any defense that can stun, high damage LSA with anti melee anti chaos anti mini boss will kill them near instantly. Mystic walls, geyser traps, sharpend spikes on other walls or even dummys, the list goes on. They may be annoying at times, but are by no means a game breaker. Also, if u take your time and rebuild the lanes to counter the bosses spaw
  19. you gain 6 mil by doing just the minimal maps? literally going from your starting floor to target floor and thats it?
  20. one, you dont need Mass D. 2nd. depending on how fast u want to reset you can go slow and lose less or go fast and lose a lot. for AP11-20 i only use weap mfr and PDT. i have all shard gild and using visic strikes for weap mfr. i had a net gain of 50k-1million gold per reset. i afk easily. i got suck a few times but easily overcome once taking a break. wait, you upgrade 2 relics each reset from campaign to c7 and also vic strikes and you still gain gold per reset?
  21. It gets better with each reset. I use nimbus too. I still keep mass destruction but I don't fully upgrade it, I just upgrade it half way and if I hit a reset floor that I feel I need a little bit more power, then I upgrade it fully. Those floors though are beyond 50. oh good idea, upgrade half might work. and will save good amount of gold
  22. thanks, I hope I will really start making more gold as you said. I started with 32 mil and after 3 resets im at 22 mil. I guilded 2 shards tho so hopefully it will get better
  23. the problem with tenacity imo is that if its low quality its useless, even if they change it like you suggested. if its damage drops too low the mobs are all gonna pass through, and it can only be useful near 100% tenacity but your idea will make tenacity work on utility defences like if you use geyser trap for knock up or oil geyser for slow etc..
  24. I have 1 monitor :D so I alt-tab,come back after few mins, press G, alt-tab again anyway, when you upgrade 2 relics you dont lose gold each reset?
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