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  1. Countess: Tribal/Aboriginal Warrior, Forest Warrior/'Poison Ivy' (dress made of woven shamrocks or vines/leaves, possibly wines around her arms and legs and leaves in her hair), Highlander Adept: Lady Luck (female leprechaun) EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed the winning heroes, even though the poll for countess seems to be the second or third highest...will leave the ideas, though.
  2. Awesome, thanks a bunch! This will make things loads easier
  3. Sort of, but does it apply to items that aren't in folders? Like if I pressed 'sell all' in my item box while in no folder, would it only sell the items there?
  4. If I organize what I want into folders, will I be able to sell all the rest of the items sitting in the 'default' item box without selling items in folders?
  5. If the people who requested [[265,hashtags]] happen to not be around, I'd like to throw in my request for it http://steamcommunity.com/id/straye
  6. So...is Trendy planning on giving the other gender swap heroes costumes, or only Ranger? D: EDIT: Or wait, is that Monk?
  7. Pretty simple question. If I were to do Hall of Court for a genie, should I do it on insane for a better pet, or medium for more chances, for example.
  8. The point is to make it a status symbol, a reward for your hard work. If you want that costume, go and beat the challenge on insane. If you don't think it's possible (and for some reason you can't get better), well then, at least it's only a cosmetic thing. I swear, some people will complain about anything... I can understand it being a reward for hard work. What I don't understand is why2 of the costumes are pretty much handed to you and the other two are rewards for hard work, and depending on the class you play you can either be shafted or not.
  9. I don't understand this at all, and quite frankly, find it really unfair. Why is it that the costumes are unlocked based on difficulty, instead of how Halloween Spook works (whatever class you beat it with gets the costume). A lot of people can't do the insane challenges, and keeping a costume from them (when you can get one of the ones on EASY) seems really stupid. What's the point?
  10. Missing option: Yes, but only barely. Would add, but I'm not sure if I can edit polls.
  11. I'm very curious as to the community's opinion. Is the $4 (or $10 for all 4 in the future) worth the amount of gameplay you have gotten out of it? Do you think it's a waste of money? Let me know!
  12. EDIT: Nevermind, stupid and found the answer.
  13. $10 bundle for all 4 Nightmare as the HOST only if you buy the bundle or own all 4. Anyone can join, with or without the dlc. 1 map with 3 modes I think Can't confirm anything but I saw this somewhere... I think they would be really ****ing up if they made nightmare only with the bundle/all four.
  14. [QUOTE=ceemeeir;254763 and will each include three new missions, new items, a new pet, a new enemy type, and a new boss. If I understand correctly, 3*4 = 12[/QUOTE] I don't think you understand correctly. The 3 missions are Campaign, Challenge, and PvP. It is one map, but it has 3 versions (like how the current maps have campaign and challenge versions). As it released on Xbox, this is confirmed to be how it's working.
  15. I'm confused as to how 4 new maps is almost as much content as the original game (9 maps w/ 9 corresponding challenges)
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