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  1. Thanks guys! Sorry to keep coming back with more questions, but I really appreciate the help. I still don't quite understand a couple things about mods. Do mods apply to EVERYTHING, or just that particular tower/hero? For example, if I have the orcs explode mod on my blockade, but my pdt kills the orc or my gunwitch kills the orc, does it still explode? Or is it only if that tower/hero with that mod gets the killing blow. Also, the range of rolls on a mod: https://imgur.com/R9Kn6Gg  (cannot figure out for the life of me how to just post the pic here without the link) This mod rolled at 32.33%, but is showing 5/6 on the gauge. 32.33% isn't 5/6ths the range to 46.67% - what am I missing here? Or does the gauge not represent the range of rolls? Also someone in game just told me that overlapping flame auras (or any auras) actually stacks the damage - is that correct?
  2. Thank you for the replies. I was able to move through c6 yesterday and can now do c7 (most of the maps). I might have cheated a little bit and just bought cheap c7 relics and gear that I found in random peoples shops, but it works. I remember the last thing I was doing was spam running c4 maps, all the way to ascension 150 and I still have never seen a single defense attack rate shard. Which brings me to my next question: I'm capped on coins, and I think I used to spend them on pets/heroes. I have all the heroes except the 3 new ones, and I really don't see anyone using any of the new 3 over the others, so do people just buy pets with coins still? Or should I be buying shard packs? So right now I think I'm supposed to be farming c7 for gear, mods, and shards. Then when I get those, move to Onslaught. Someone in game past night pointed out that I should be looking for ANY c7 gear now that rolled 95%+ of its max range and upgrade it, so I'll start doing that. I see a lot of talk about people being short on gold - what is everyone spending their gold on?
  3. I haven't played DD2 in over a year. The last thing I was doing was farming c5 trials, which I see are now expeditions. I've read the patch notes as far back as I can recognize the last time I played, and have just a few questions: 1. Should I still be doing c5? I can currently run c5 solo no problem, probably moving to c6 today. 2. Onslaught? I see the majority of people talking about farming this, but is this for c7 geared people? 3. I'm only ascension 160ish, but see a lot of people talking about AP resets. I've read the notes, but does anyone have a link to a guide on it? How it relates to Onslaught? When to do it? Gilded shards? 4. The gear I'm currently getting is dropping at 10/10 upgrade levels, do we not have to spend gold upgrading gear anymore? 5. Can you upgrade mods? Or are the only mods worth keeping the ones higher in the range? Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. i beat my first c7 map at 137 ascension with these towers. didn't take much effort. at 180 ascension and with highest stat relics i was able to carry public c7 games with campaign gear guys. and i'm not even good at this game. they definitely need to nerf some stuff. So you had the highest stat relics, but were still only wearing campaign gear. Curious as to how you had absolutely nothing but relics drop from Chaos 1-7. Or is it just like the rest of your post, a complete load of crap.
  5. Gee, I wonder... If you were an Orc and wanted to destroy a crystal, would you let 1 random spikey wall distract you from your goal? Probably not. Unless... *gasp* THE WALLS WERE COMPLETELY BLOCKING YOUR PATH! Oh what a concept. Wow, looks like someone never plays the game and just forum trolls then entire time. You can't "completely block" the entire width of every path on every map because *gasp* Defense Units! Even on Bastille if you built nothing but walls, at every narrowest point (which we did on CH4 and just used heroes as dps), YOU STILL RUN OUT OF DEFENSE UNITS. Oh, what a concept. Oh, what a moron.
  6. The community is putting this info together on the Shards Wiki page, and if after a few weeks we see some wrong or missing information, we'll fix it! (We didn't want to immediately ruin the discovery of finding new Shard types. Some players like being the first to discover things and tell everyone else, and we wanted to support that.) Well that's kind of awesome. Nice way of thinking.
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