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  1. Sorry for the poor quality, need to change the bit-rate, should be better in the future. It is a fairly simple build that only requires the monk and the squire and does not need 500+ ascension levels. When I saw the Zapper spawn I thought I would have to start over, luckily I made it :) Gear used: Flame Aura: C6 Medallion (Range, Power-Tranfser, Rate) Cannon: C6 Mark (Range, Heavy Cannonball, Rate) Sky Guard: C7 Medallion (Range, Rate) Walls: C6/7 Totem (Fortification, Shielding Guard) Squire: Hero Damage/Hero Health using Besty's Beam, Howling Feast, Enduring Provocation, Power Gambit, Critical Strike. Monk: Ability Power/Hero Health using Smashing Fists, Pole Power
  2. Since the new update I have been collecting shards. Right now I have filled one bag with shards: Also I have discovered three different kinds of tiers. Alot of shards are duplicates and thus useless. There is no sell value for excess shards so my suggestion is to bring back the sorcerer to upgrade low tier shards to higher tiers. For example five low tier shards upgrade at a 70% rate in a mid tier shard. And five mid tier shards upgrade at a 50% rate into a high tier shard.
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