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  1. We do plan to continue to balance and improve things in our game. Including Spiders. However... this is Nightmare mode. I don't make the decisions but in my humble opinion... I don't think the average, or even 10%-15% of people ever will, or should, beat Nightmare mode. As we continue forward, better strats will be created. Better gear will be found. The kicker is that more mobs will be added to the mode >=] We are always open to suggestions and truly appreciate them! Just for argument sake. This elitist attitude worked for Blizzard for a number of years. The developers were able
  2. Dear Trendy, I'm going to try and keep a cool head about this and not have another nerd rage, like the one I feel boiling up. *Takes a deep breath* Please help me to understand the logic of adding the spiders. It eludes me how they are supposed to add to the fun of the game. When a friend and I just tried Ramparts on Insane we would have been doing ok, not great, but ok, except the spiders were spawn camping us. (This once again brings up the issue with the respawn animations taking far far too long). But we adapted, put some traps down, and that got better. Then we started to n
  3. This is the exact opposite of fun.. Heh, when the spiders and ninjas were eating us I told a friend, "This is not my idea of fun."
  4. I should point out that in 7.12d (as listed in the patch notes) that we DID increase the Victory-Reward qualities substantially on UMF, for all players AND MVP (with the MVP being slightly the best and getting 4 rewards instead of 2). And these Victory Rewards can yield mega-super-loot on par with 7.12b, as noted here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?31276-patch-just-went-live/page2 But suffice it to say, it's not easy to get to that point. -Jer I couldn't get past wave 3 on medium last night. So I won't be seeing this anytime soon. The people who already have the good
  5. I'm starting to wonder if Trendy is a subsidiary of SOE. DUDE. I'm pissed too, but man! Thems is fighting words. LOL If there is a knock at your door this week don't answer it. I'm seeing a recreation of the ending of Jay and Silent Bob strike back!
  6. Yes. You are not forced to exit when a new patch is pushed and so long as the client is running, Steam will not patch it. Soooo, we can expect to see these super items hitting the market in the next few days/weeks?
  7. So is it possible that there are still people playing with 7.12b farming the UMF loot?
  8. One of the things that makes video games very successful in the application of a skinner box application, is the player not knowing about the "box" they are in. MMO's have been making very successful use of this methodology since EQ, but it became a very clear application with WoW, especially when you start to look at the vast power differentials between end game loot, and the the starting loot of each expansion. The "box" starts to fail when A) players spend too long in it with no forward movement, and start to question the use of their time. B) the boxs form changes so much that playe
  9. The other analogy that applies here, given all the changes with loot, is that of a dealer. The first taste is free. You like that? If you want more you have to pay. Watch nightmare mode, which is supposed to lvl the playing field, be a paid DLC.
  10. I don't understand this "balance" concept. If Trendy told you they removed all this Uber loot from everyone, it would not effect your game. If they told you they gave those people 10x the Uber Loot by ERROR while trying to nerf it, it would still not effect your game. Its not PvP, the ones who have it can only HELP you with it, not GRIEF you with it. Your game will remain the same unless your existing loot is nerfed while it's been used. You are complaining about something you don't have, never had, and no longer exists, AND are getting upset over it. yes it does. When you enter a
  11. trendy said somewhere that nightmare mode is gonna drop this "uber loot" still doesn't make what they did right. Notice how they haven't said yet if Nightmare will be free or paid? If they had left UMF alone, and nightmare was just the next step up, I wouldn't have cared and would have paid them. But now that the market is jacked up, and balance is jacked up because of the UMF weapons from pre-nerf, the only way for less active players to catch up will be Nightmare. So are we about to have to play real money to compete?
  12. This game requires a certain degree of planning and awareness, but for higher end survival and this new map, it is all about gear. In fact, it is more about the gear than anything else. Which is sad in my opinion. I enjoyed the start of the game when trying to figure out tower placement was of highest importance.
  13. Luckily the patch notes for .d are out and they do not say anything about loot. Thus we can conclude it's now working as intended. Just saw this in the .d patch notes. * Slight Uber Monster Fest Item Buff (about 10%), and 30% Buff to the Rewards qualities. Here we go again!
  14. Players are not always right! Trust me on that... And it was a miscommunication =\ "miscommunication" comes from people below the top person. When the top person says it, it has been, and should be taken as gospel. It really disappointing that from here out players will not be able to believe anything they read from the Trendy team. If it really was miscommunication, then this is easy to address: 1. Get rid of all loot above a certain lvl/value. OR 2. The whole of the Trendy team offers an apology, and then takes the steps necessary to have this not happen a 3rd time. Fool me
  15. Re: the UMF loot nerf. Didn't the last big, we take your new toys away, event happen right before the weekend also? So silly people with jobs, looking forward to playing on the weekend, are robbed before getting the chance to play? Seems the best way to address this game is to turn off auto-update on Steam, and don't patch until 1-2 days after it hits, and see what the fallout is on the forums. Kind of sad that I feel like to protect my fun I have to safeguard myself against the games makers.
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