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  1. i took a bit of a break from DD2 and i would like to know if the gunwitch loot problem is fixed (the one where accessories or whatever they're called would barely drop)
  2. well i use gunwitch and spam ice needle/two for the price of one but if you cant get a gunwitch then apprentice works pretty well
  3. specificly C1/2/3 shards i cant get past Chaos 4 does anyone know any good shards (i have around 70 ascension levels) EDIT: nvm found the wiki but cant delete this thread for some reason
  4. i ship it (thats my way of saying i support it)
  5. 2 questions 1: AA? 2: deck meaning 1f-f4 or deck meaning all charecters i have
  6. no but the gear i get crom C2 is worse then what i have
  7. i have pretty much full NM4 gear with about 650 iPWR (pre trials) and i cant seem to beat any C3 maps ive tried getting shards and doing trials to try to get better gear (even though the gear is worse) so what should i do i have all classes but ev2/lavamancer and i can get one of those so got any tips
  8. here's my problem im using gear thats much better then chaos 1 and still with other people using aproximitly NM4 gear can barely get past chaos 2 and cant get past chaos 3 so what am i suppost to do ive tried ascension leveling ive tried getting good shards ive tried trials so what should i do
  9. the problem with me is i get 1 shot by chaos 2 normal enemies with full legendary NM4 gear
  10. well i have a full legendary NM4 gunwitch with almost all of the armor/abilities max and i cant beat chaos 2 with 2 p2ws and another random person (and yes my other charecters gear is good aswell)
  11. to the best of my knowledge you cannot
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