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  1. something i personaly i miss about before trials and had a lot of the appeal for me to pick the game up and then stay with it was the casual style of the game. it was presented as such to me via steam and fully delivered on that. with the trails update this is gone completly. maybe i'm the only one thinking that not sure. i would have loved the game to become better on being the game everyone can pick up on the side to play casuly once in a while and if you want you can invest more. i really liked the direction and maybe this is coming back with future updates, only time will tell. let me explain a bit why i think this. before trial if you had less time, but still wanted to try the higher level content you could jump into public nm4 get some okay gear. your towers could do okay damage. your gear might not have the right passives, but you could do okay with some meta builds or if you put the one hero you wanted stuff for into your deck to farm only gear for that. you could get the passives in an okay time frame and have one hero/build you like. it might not have been the absolute perfect gear, but your towers would do okay if you got some of the right ones on most pieces. the plus side of this was, you could still do the content if you did not invest thousends of hours into the game. you could move on to other maps, since nm1-4 was mainly grinding out the same maps over and over again. if you did not like the grind aspect much you could skip parts of it. you could still do higher level content with less time investment. if you wanted to grind it out or were free to do so. the negative side was it was a short cut most took instead of doing the normal progression. it might have hurt the playerbase, since people took the short route hit the highest map difficulty and left the game, since they did not want. if you had more time you could go through the nm levels. gear up. play the maps. you could search for the perceft or almost perfect 750 equipment. search stuff for other heros to play with other towers. level your pets to the max. you could do stuff and you could do still other builds. althought i think this last point is something that has much improved with the trials update. so now after you progressed with whatever route you took. if you come back to the game after a time you had some dailys/weeklys. you could check your equipment. see maybe the weapon was not a perfect roll. so i could go in a map were this would drop as reward. maybe you could get a better roll, maybe not. but you could get some hero gear with decent stats in the process. i personaly felt like making at least some progress when doing dailys this time. yes you might not get the 750gear. but you could do totally fine and better with 700 stuff. so maybe for people having/getting/searching the 750 geart stuff this was not the case. but i personaly felt these were more status symbols then needed. so fastforeward to the trials update: in the trails update currently i fell doing dailys if you do not have the time or do not feel like playing dd2 is a pain. assuming here you still want to do the daily when they are capped out. you can do the trails to get some shards. but the chance of you getting the map you want is not there. so i usally play campaign normal. and judging for the other players i meet there when doing public they do the same... so i do not feel the like progressing when doing this. the shards i do not need. the exp so minor it does not really matter. it is afk standing around waiting. maybe this gets better when incursions come back not sure. but in the current state this is painfull. the map rotation/lock on the trials map system, were pratice gives you nothing is a big factor in this. when doing dailys and i do not have time to wait for the map to come up and go into the whole reloading cycle, i do campaign. i do not feel like getting anywhere when doing my dailys. it is not fun. it feels not like i can casualy do my stuff, then log off and if i have more time i can invest that. the current system says clearly to me, if you do not have the time you are not getting anywhere when doing your dailys. this is super unsatisfying. and a main part i do not like about the new system. so now to overall play there is no real difference to someone just trying the game casual to someone wanting to invest more time later on. you have to upgrade the shards, gear, get ascension exp. you need a certain amount of gold/medals to up at least a few shard for the tower(s) you use and the dps hero you using. this assumes you understand the current gear/drop system. which most newer players probably wont. so they will spend more into stuff they do not neccessarly need for progression. letting them end up with needing even more gold/medals. to that comes that medals are the better option to upgrade things currently. so if want that hero you like to buy for medals, well your in bad luck. it feels you are losing out on some point. so either progression in gear or into the new hero. which in theory sounds like an okay trade off, but in practice feels unsatisfying ingame in my opinion. that said i understand that incentive to buy gems needs to be there somehow, since the game is a product overall. but currently the medal/gold values seem way to unbalanced in favor of medals. maybe this gets better with the better win bonus implementation and further patches i do not know. but in the current state i feel it is some problem, since it stops your progression feeling. so at the end you are forced to grind it out,get gold/medals. there is no short cut if you choose. the gear system prevent this. and yes it is probably a good thing for game balance. but i personaly feel this hard grind cancels out the casual character/appeal the game had before the update. now ascension level should give that progression feeling. but honestly after the few break points there are i do not feel like getting a lot more out of it. i mostly fear that i have to reset my heros, since future chaos levels get to easy with a lot of ascension. i'm not that high, but for other people this is a real concern (only 290 at the moment myself). getting to 60,so you can get the crit chance is probably the most crutial. but this level is not hard to get. and if you want the range gambits. maybe to 225. so your defense power ascension can cancel out the gambit. but other then that i feel ascension is more a status symbol of how much you played/grinded (and a problem for future content). after a certain point it does not add the drive for me to get higher/more levels. purely my personal opinion here and future balance update or changes to ascension might change this. so not sure. but in the current stat thats my feeling with the system. moving on to shards. overall i like the system. the latest patch definilty improved the farming aspect. that said after the patch i spend my time doing c3 to get another range shard(if i would not do c3,i would do c4 for rate shard). since i hate switching shards each time i want to use/try another tower build. so far i have not gotten any. and doing campaign for dailys. the shard farming is for me personaly another very unsatusfying playing expierience. with the map rotation i can not choose the maps i like. i have to take whats coming (with the win bonus this is more the case then ever). the thing i get out of this shard grind is some ascension exp and pet levels. both of those things are okayish. since i feel ascension levels after a point do not matter much,not a big incentive. the pet levels are okay, but with probably a pet change coming up in the future i'm not sure if leveling non legendary pets is even worth it. to that comes that the pet boni are really minor for c5. so it only matter if you have the pet ability. the rest does not really play any part. at the end when farming shards i feel not really like getting somehwere. the farming of lower tier chaos feels very very unsatisfying to play for me. and again here this might change with future updates/patches. coming back to the casual/grind aspect. for someone playing more yes you can definilty grind it out hardcore. but on the other hand for someone going through the chaos tiers and maybe did not get the shard they wanted during the normal progression route and then just wanting to get the shard at least once is a pain. you are forced to grind it out (maps or medals for shardsboxes). it amplyfies the "not a casual game" anymore. sorry if this got a bit ranty near the end. but i do like the current gearing/shard system. my concern is that in the current state it feels very unsatisfying to play, since i spend time on things that do not get me better gear in a gear grind game and things i "have to" do most of the time for progression are afk'ish, if i do not want to tune down my gear to make it a challange artifically. i really like the casual and lighthearthed feeling the game had to it before the trials update. i felt like i could get some upgrades. i had a bunch of choice in terms of solo/groupplay and map choice. it felt more open in this regard. i really miss that part. on a positive note we have more dps variety and tower options now (the new enemy hard counters hurts this alot). so i hope the more casual lighthearthed feeling comes back to the game with future updates. the hardcore grind direction feels not fitting. thx for reading. =)
  2. with the new update grinding a bit c3 for the mysterious range shard^^ run into some hick ups with some animations, has nothing to do with the current patch, since i assume most have been here before the trials update. maybe some have some balancing/technical reasoning behind them,maybe some is intented, not sure. just some things i noticed when playing. (not really/purely a suggestions topic, so was not sure were to place this. if this belongs somewhere else please move ) hero switching: since i usally want to build the maps out faster i switch between the heros pretty often. now there is the standard timer of about 1s when not in combat. (btw all talk about non combat, warmup, tavern phase. the in-combat is fine, since you can do some cheesy stuff without it.) i assume this is there to play the "spawn in" animation of the heros savely. that said, i wish there was a way to disable the animations and set the switch to instant, since it saves some time. so if i would have them on they would play and i have the timer. if i turn them off in options the timer would not be there. or the game would play the animation,but when switching just switch with no timer. but switching heros feels a bit clunky. this is especially the case fore the non-base heros like abyss lord and mystic were the "spawn in" animation is about 2s long. so when you switch to your f1 then see "oh this is the wrong abyss lord" you have to wait for the animation to finsih until i can try my other slots were my actual heros is i want. so i end up sitting there waiting for the animations to finish if i put my hero on the slot i did not remeber corretly. tower spawn in animations: this is a case for mystic/abyss as far as i know. haven't played much others so not sure if it is a case for only the two. when i place towers they instantly spawn in, but play like a 3 secound "spawn in" animation. during that time i can not interact with them. i understand during the combat phase this is to conteract the instant spawn in, since other towers have the build phase. but it makes these towers quite bad to build if you wanne grind out lower tier maps. since if you place some tower wrong you sit there waiting for the animation to finish, to sell and replace it. druing the non combat phases this interaction timer should not be there i think. mystic call to madness: played a bit of mystic dps. mostly auto attack focused, but still using some ability. currently i attack, then use the 2nd abiliity (still have left mouse pressed down). after the ability use she stops attacking. this happens only with call to madness. not sure if this is intended. it does not happen with the other abilities. all her ability are not something i have to aim, so there is no additional conform clikc (like abyss lord knight) needed. so i think letting here continue attacking after the animation is played should be fine. the squires ground slam does not have this problem. he keeps attacking after using it and the animation is played. so again not sure if this is a bug or intention. but for quality of life i would love to have her keep attacking, since with the shard that boosts damage against enemys in her 2 you have a reason to use it even with a auto attack dps focused build. lavamancer dash: i mostly build a bit with him, so have not tested as much in terms of. his dash seems super clunky to use. meanining if i press it it takes about 1s till it actually triggers. testing in the tavern feels a bit smoother then in the map. this makes the ability for me feel a bit unsatisfying to use. since in that time i would have run/jump a bit and then in the time the dash animation actually triggers i would have with running/jumping covered about the same distance. this might be a bit exagerated, but that is how i feels to me. there is no real benefit in terms of movement, only to cover some gaps. i would love to see the "spin up" animation of the dash speed up a lot. so that if i press right mouse to use it he would dash right a way. this would make it way more usefull and fun to use. just a personal impression when using him as a builder and messing around a bit. there could be some dps related reason for the time of the animation or maybe i just feel it is slow and others do not. lavamancer underground dive: a bit in the same realm of the dash. would love to see the "goining in" and "going out" animations a bit faster. it feels clunky to use even with the 1s or so time it currently has. for short distance i feel it is not worth to use. only on bigger maps like forst or bastille when i really use it. for me it has the same press the key and wait a bit till it actually triggers feeling like the dash too when using it in a map. so would love a bit faster animation to this and i think i might use it more and it would feel a bit smoother to use. if it is a balacing thing, since he is untargetable for enemys in the ground. maybe just a faster animation when not in combat then? not really using him as dps so not sure what the impact is there, but would love to see some things to improve his gameplay flow. thx for reading =)
  3. so far not super impressed with this patch. on the positive side c5 was a bit challenging (although mostly due to my lack of air defense). crit scales better and does some damage, meaning it actually does matter if you have secoundary stats as defensive crit. which is a nice change, but it scales sometimes a bit to well. (800k sand trap crit with mark, 450k nimbus crits medallion with power transfer) so probably some adjustment needed. on that note, why 33% crit cap? i have 20% from the scension, which u can get quite early i might add. then 15 form a crit shard and the new 10 bse. makes 45%, which would make crit somewhat reliable. with 33% cap you do not really want/need the crit shard. so leveling/using this shard is useless. and for the 20 ascension points u might get some crit points, but you are probably better off with another shard damagewise. so i do not see the logic in that cap. now the win bonus... first off you can lose to very very stupid bugs. then the bonus disappears if you enter the tavern, why? it does not count for lower tier maps,due to tavern reset. i understand that you do not want to let players beat some fast campaign maps to stack 3 wins and then farm in chaos levels. but if i beat 3x times c5 i should have the bonus if i farm c1 or so after wards. so this makes no sense and maybe a daily reset on this, so could not hold it indefinilty. or if i go from a lower tier to a higher one it would reset. something along those lines would be nice. since currently a c5 map is about 30 minutes for me (could probably be faster a bit). so i would play 1.5h to get the bonus to then finally profit from it in the match after this time. overall i like the direction, but it has a ton of issues. not everyone can play so long without break. you sometimes want to test some stuff on dummies, if you got a new relic/shard etc. being to long afk in a map disconnects you... moving on to the shards. the direction is great and it is definitly good that the pool got smaller so you can actually farm for shards. and i like the drop lowertier option includes. so overall good, but why are some shard in the tier that they are? (i only looked at dd2tools, if thats not up to date then skip^^) basic shard like destruction and crit chance are in chaos 1? on the other hand really useless stuff like drenching strikes is in campaing. a starting player does probably not know about elemental combos, so why is this shard there so early and not something like destruction, which will help players progress and get into c1. there are only two tower shard in campaing, fortification and defensive crit damage? the player will not have the crit chance that the later one will even matter, so again,why is this here? basic tower shards should be in campaign. this would be to boost defensive hp, defensive damage and maybe the defensive crit damage if the crit chance can be found too(why is crit chance is c2 even?). otherwise it makes no sense. the other more utility focused route seems okay. in the chaos tiers one can probably argue. i would love to see vampirc a bit lower, since i feel it opens up more builds, but with mroe chaos levels added, the overall progress will be different anyway so. the shard sorting is good,but can we please please get an option to let this include equipped ones too. so we would then see if hovering over the shard in the search menu which hero it has equipped currently. picked up a bunch of shard bucket items to save inventory space and even with the search system it is a pain to find what i want XD the hero wheel changes i like overall. that said i still think for more then one of each hero the wheel not the best design choice. i have currently somewhat about 15+ heros and it is already a pain to find what i want. basiclly a dps and one builder of each type. the changes make this slightly better, but not by much. usally still super confused where the hero is i search. the tavern back thing would be nice if the multiplayer scaling would be fixed and i would actually play multiplayer currently. i only play solo and still if i click back to tavern i get into the public tavern, not sure why and hope this gets fixed. to that comes on higher chaos i only played c4 public once to get a bow for my huntress before the patch, well it was way harder then any c5 solo i played and the only time i played a public higher tier chaos match. to that comes that in c5 people would probably jump/run around like chickens with assassin on them an destroy towers or event he core. so not fun and do not plan to do this. due to the assassin thing not even sure if i would if the scaling was fixed. would try probably a few times until this stuff would happen and i get frustrated XD on stuck enemys..this still happened to me. was lucky and it was only and ogre and no roller. please solve this with an auto despawn somehow. the slight increase in enemy level is about 30% in c5. at least if i remeber correctly they were about 1050 before and are now 1300+ in level. this is quite a bit and has nothing to do with slight. the increased health bring with it some problems in terms of hero dps on bosses. towers seemed to be okay. on the enemy note. fix the single geode on wave 4 and 5. it is really annyoing to search it, since i do not want to play flamethrower/ramster party. And this thing spawning in wave 5 in the middle double lane on bastille, activating the shield in spawn and reflecting my cannon ball tower into my core is not fun... at all. with the increased enemy level it is a bit harder to kill then before, longer live timer = more risk for you to lose to this. so now to the hero balance changes. before the patch i played AP/HH abyss lord, some HD/HH squire and some AP/HH monk. all seemed okay (ap with power of storms). i tried some Hcrit/HH mystic. but my equip was not full and did not have all the shard leveled. so it was due to that mostly underwehlming. the others were totally fine. yes the ap hero builds put out more dps. but the hero damage was still fun and did a good job. the more dps did not really matter. so after the patch i tried ap/hh monk again. since i was still in the spamm playstyle i run out of mana pretty quick. i have the old betsy weapon passive and the call of the kobold passive on the weapon. so with my secoundary i do some damage,calling with my ap. now the bosses in c5 have about 10mil + hp. my chi push does about 1mil. i can do that 6 times before i run out of mana. so i can not kill the boss and even with power of storms it only gets me about one additionly chi push per activation. so an ap playstyle if you are not going full mana regeneration and mana efficient in the shard slots or are abyss lord with mana drain is currently not really an option. and if you choose all manaregeneration/efficient shards you lose out on damage, making an ap build maybe not even worth. to that comes you need an option to still do dps when you are out of mana. so if your hero has no option to do that he basiclly does no dps. that is the nature of the ap build. add to that the hero helath needed in c5 you can not go something like hero damage + ap on all parts. making most ability not do enough damage,that this is worth it and you mgiht proably do better with health or crit. my hero damage squire does around 400k with provoke on,which i can run all the time with a provoke duration shard and the mana reg shard. he is tanky and has consitent dps+range with the sword shard. so i feel currently building an ap hero seems hardly worth it. it might still be an option with mana reg +efficiency, but i more a fun option in my eyes. the power of storms shard was probably a bit overtuned before. but on the otherhand the ap build do literally no damage without mana. so they kinda needed that reliable ressouce to make them work. so i personaly probably would love to see the normal manareg shard buff first and then see how that does and later on maybe some tweaks to pwoer of storms. but the cooldown and the numbers make it currently not really worth it. felt like ap and hero damage dps where in a good place before the patch. the tower balance changes overall are somewhat okay and otherwise things i really wonder what the thought process behind some stuff is. like the crit thing described above. the attack speed change seems okay from what i have seen. that said someone already pointed out some problems with that in the future in another thread. i haven't tested much myself here so not sure on the whole attack speed issue. that said since literally every tower seems to scale with defensive speed, why do relics still drop without it? makes no sense, since defensive speed even now from what i could tell give me more dps every time. for the frosty tower i do not like the change. i understand that you want the option to take the slwo down further with more shards. but before the patch upgrading the frosty was actually worthwhile. you could go for dps upgrade or increase cc. which i think is a good direction in terms of player choice. you could do either or both and do okay. it was no waste to up frostys. with the change they start around 60% with the ascension and if full upped are around 50%, if i remeber correlty. the numbers could be a bit different, but it was not much. this means upgrading the towers is literally worthless ... again. 10% more slow for 500 mana to upgrade to t5? another thing is the whole defensive range shuffle. the range gain on fissures is 200 range at max. on ramsters 600. the range of the obelisk seems super low with max range gambit. i'm not sure what the whole thought process is here. i spend 1.5k attack damage every time to get basiclly nothing out in terms of range. the gambits should in my eyes either give my tower with the new range more options to place or let him cover way more of a lane. so i could place one instead of previously 2. at least that is the idea i have when skillling this ascension power. 200 or even 600 range points do not do that for me. after every range balance change we seem to end up with towers that have tiny ranges. making them barely worth to place/use. the same for gambits. the maps stay the same and i'm not sure on what range they are adjusted, but i assume on designing them there were some numbers that determined the lane width/heigh of objects and so on. to that comes the maps do not have a bunch of abundant defensive units, that i can place a bunch of these mini towers. if i have an option for a "normal range" tower doing the same dps i will use that one instead. so i'm really concerned about this whole range direction. do you want us to dps every lane, because tower range is not enough? if yes then create priority lanes. fix multiplayer scaling so we have more players that can dps on lanes. in c5 currently literally every lane is priority. to that comes you can not dps all the time with bosses and assassin in c5. so this is not an viable option in the current state. do you want us to place more towers up the lane to cover the back line? then please increase the defensive units. since that is not the case players will place the "better" towers instead of the low range options. this is currently not the case either. so what is the intention behind these range nerfs? i fail to see the reasoning behind this. and if it is some balancing math, that towers can overlap and therefor double the dps. just make the dps of the same towers not stack, for example for fissures. if it is lava floor, then there is only one lave damage, no stacking. you do not need to nerf the range into the ground... to that comes the need to reset ascension point on hero i have already skilled these gambits. these changes are not some minor balancing,were 1500 turns to 1200. the range got from 1500 to 200. this is a big change. so please on these heros do a ascension reset with the update or give us a free reset scroll or whatever. but i basiclly have to unequip,delete and recreate and then relevel the hero in question, only because some range was balcned to values that are in the current patch not worth investing in. assuming i do want tot use the defense to a somewhat full potential. i do not have 4 heros of each for every defense, where this does not matter. i have one dps and one builder. so if the builder can have a more usefull range gambit i would currently like to skill that instead when using another defense with him. instead of having 50 points somewhat wasted. short word on assassins silent bug. please fix this. i got this way more then before the patch. on the sewer map i go this bug every freaking round.... on other maps if happend more then half of the rounds. so overall not impressed with the patch. i hope it got not to carried away. but i feel a lot of issues were not fixed that maybe should have been. i feel the balacing did not really much. since it only means for me my build got gutted. from things that were previously non cannonball to now well .... cannonball towers. so yeah some good shard changes and like the qol changes with the hero deck this is definitly a good direction. with the whole balancing thing i'm not convinced. only one day in so might change, but so far i do not see these issues disappear somehow with more playtime. so yeah. thx for reading =)
  4. so played c3 throne room with a skyguard with a c5 mystic 60/60 medallion, destruction, defese rate, crit shard (last one probably not needed,didnt change shrads yet). the damage from this tower should be more then enough. the monk is set for skyguard with 250+ ascension. so i tab out to let it run afk, tab in and the last i see my core dying to flyers??? so there is definilty something wrong with the skyguard currently. i saw the tower killing them before fine, when i checked. so i'm not sure what happend there. the dps on inspec seems okay. same like before the upate. with a c5 full upped medallion and full upped shards+ ascension this should not happen. so yeahhh.... not sure whats going on here.
  5. the frosty tower defense speed thing was answered in the latest dev stream. it is responsible for the faster target pick up. but they said it is a minor increase so not some major stat on this tower to worry about.
  6. some first impressions: please update the tools tips if you change values. the range gambit is not up to date, yet to see a tower with changed values were it fits. on another note. the fissure range change was probably needed, but i feel it went a bit overboard. i get around 200 range with full range gambit and lose 1.5 k atk damage? yes it is a late game thing. but with and without range gambit the 200 range are basiclly not noticeable. the attack damage loss is. so i feel the relation between what u get and what u loose is in no way compareable. to that comes i would not have skilled this, which means if these big changes come, please give/do us a skill reset on heros that have towers that suffer from this. it is the least you can do. then the attack speed. i haven't tested in terms of scaling much, but with the fissures scalling with attack speed too: the only two tower that do not are buff beam ev and the serentiy from monk out of 30+ other towers that do. frosty maybe, since the target pickup attack speed scaling is probably a minor thing. so i already was a bit sceptical about relics droping without attack speed as secoundary stat before, but you could at least use them on a few towers, one of them a dps one. now since that is gone my question would be, why do relic still drop without secoundary stat speed? (i assume the drops did not change) literally every tower uses that stat and it does a lot for dps. so why would you not want this as a secoundary stat every time. unless i'm missing something major here, why are relics without attack speed still a thing?
  7. not tied to obelisk, unless changed with the recent patch. not sure if the balls scale with ap or hero dmg, haven't tested that. seems like a nice aoe tho.
  8. my first thought when they talked about that implementation was buying them for gold (and maybe medals). since the system seemed like a same setup like spheres before. the gems came as a surprise to me. as many pointed out you buy into power...please do not do this trendy. it is a slippery slope...
  9. a bit worried about the range changes, but overall looking forward to it. (i would love an ascension reset when the changes are major in range loss, since people would/might not skill this with the new range gain) for the stuck enemys: why is there no mechanism like the current despawn last enemy thing applied for them? if they are the last enemy for 1-2min or whatever time, check if they have left spawn, if not despawn them and move the game along. checking the map models seems fine, but there might always be some issue, where a mods pushes an enemy into an edge, the ai derps out etc. so maybe a more reliable solution would be nice.
  10. is my dps hero detemining the relic typ distribution i drop? (seem to drop waaaay more medallions with monk dps)
  11. - are there plans to better introduce/explain newer players to the progression mechanic currently in the game? (how to gear up get better gear, get into higher tiers,etc.) how would this look like? if no, why not? - do we get some sort of gating to make public matches not such a pain? if yes how would that system look like? if no why not? - are there plans to give heros without double jump mechanic this mechanic too? for example glide for abyss lord or short dash for squire? - are there plans to adjust/change respec costs? (since currently deleting and releveling a hero is the better option then respec the ascension points for medals) - in terms of shards and inventory space. do we get a sorting/searching system to have better overview for these? - before the update people would collect gear filling their inventory and taking up the bag space. with hitting max chaos level they will do the same, but with shards taking up bag space too, inventory management got way harder and space more valuable. are there plans on adressing this issue?
  12. i wish they would just do a gate/test/rankup system with taxi options for group members only as i suggested here. it would solve most problems and do the update name justice, since you would actually have to complete a trial to "rank up" to higher chaos tiers. another important point is that the current information about drops/rewards is not given to newer players. most do not know how to progress in terms of gear and drops. this should be made clear or at least a pop up message when joining chaos/practice mode is needed.
  13. got only campaign shards the first time i beat my first c5 map + a green chest so ... XD
  14. so, are you fine with the current state of the assassins? nope, lot of bugs, not fun interaction overall for me in the last friday fun trendy stream it was said that the assassin issue was one trend that showed in the polls already and they are aware of that. but overall all it is a work in progress and there will probably be more changes, so the way the assassin are currently will not be their final form i assume ;)
  15. maybe i'm unlucky, not sure, but medallions are by quite a lot the lowest dropping defense relics for me. is this the case for other players too or is the rng not with me? i mean i'm just one player, but i heard juicebags mention something similar and sidewalk switches the one max medallion he got between dps towers too. so i'm a bit curious. so far i got mystical or legendary relics in c5: (these have sometimes only 15,30 or 45 upgrade levels. so not all max stuff.) 21 totems 14 marks 16 orbs 10 medallion so do you guys get way more other stuff then medallions too?
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