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  1. After this most recent balance update, I'll test her out again and see if her buffs are working correctly. Regardless, I need to start pushing higher difficulties anyway.
  2. My my, don't we have a high horse? Trophies are a great feature, and the vast majority of players on PSN, both casual gamers and "no lifers" enjoy the additional reward. Same for those using the steam version, which also has it's own set of achievements. Don't downplay it just because you and your like minded circle of friends don't care for it doesn't make it a waste of time.
  3. I'm now able to solo c5 with some success, pretty soon I can hopefully build for 2+ players.
  4. Call to Madness won't make them kill each other completely, as the above poster mentioned, but it will cause them to bunch up and make themselves easy targets, especially if you're standing near your Obelisk or within the range of some of your other offensive towers. Plus the Debilitating Madness shard can cause them to take more than enough damage. If you can trust your towers to handle lanes without supervision, it's possible to have Call to Madness active at all times with the Enduring Madness and Inspiration shards. Personally, I recommend running a crit build. I prefer to invest in about 70-80k HH, which can allow you to be able to withstand the Assassin's attacks if you're not getting any healing, but otherwise you want the rest of your investment in HC/HD to get the most out of her basic attacks. Heavy attacks have amazing AOE, but you might find light attacks more useful for focusing down single targets. Important shards are Enduring Madness, Thundering Call, Debilitating Madness, and Inspiration. The rest of your shards can be things like regeneration and bulwark to increase your bulk a bit, but thankfully the Mystic's shards aren't too bad to hunt down. Most of her C4 or higher shards are for Lash Out and Dark Torment, but those have always been somewhat underwhelming abilities. Barring an update, they're still not really worth the time.
  5. Before the patch, she was good DPS, but not one of the best. She couldn't compare to the Monk, the Gunwitch, or even the Abyss Lord. I mean, she was passable, but even with a full crit build she just wasnt worth using for pure DPS. And with all the bugs and issues, I straight up shelved her till now. Obviously that has changed now, she's once again my hero of choice.
  6. Why are you not using serpents coil for healing????? It keeps me alive and well through C5 all day.... It´s so good I even use it for other heroes too. About you not thinking she´s so good at DPS. Try a Hero DMG/Crit build. I absolutely mop the floor with her in C5 and I am pretty sure she is the best DPS of them all. I constantly crit 1,5-2KK+ AOE (in a large radius)around me when using a heavy weapon, I prefer the light weapons though for focused and quicker dmg against bosses, which tend to die in about 3 seconds flat without using abilities. I am using the Serpent's Coil. However, by "natural" healing I mean a healing method that doesn't require using a part of your build cap, such as literally every other hero has. Also, this thread was posted before the most recent update, just after the Endgame Update. She's significantly more powerful now, and I'll be editing the OP to account for that later on.
  7. Oh, definitely. Mystic was my favorite hero to play as before (though even now I will often switch to Gunwitch to focus down Siege Rollers, she destroys them) and I plan on taking her and my Obelisk for a test drive right away. I'll post any changes I notice once I've used her for some time. Hopefully the list of issues, if any, is smaller.
  8. Shame that so many shards aren't in the drop pool any more. I got most of the ones I wanted before the update, but it's still an improvement. I hope they aren't removed from the drop pool for long. Hope I can get that Sandstorm Warrior shard soon. I love Snaking Sands, so I'd love to have them be even better than they already are. Can't wait to take my Obelisk for a test drive, too. Downloading the update now.
  9. Still hoping the Obelisk gets fixed soon, so much wasted potential there.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, been playing the new Legend of Zelda. Finished that, though, so I'm back for more DD2. Anyway, you're going to want to keep an eye out for the "Deadly Strikes" shard, that is the only shard that increases defense range. The only other method by which to increase range is the range gambit on your ascension tree, but I don't recommend that until you've gotten settled in with at least Chaos 3 gear, as the lowered defense power doesn't hurt as bad when you've got 4000+ stats on your gear.
  11. But 1/192 is just one relic. If you want those useable stats for, say, 6 towers, that's 1152 relics on average just to get the ones with the ideal stats for 6 towers. That's not even factoring in the RNG behind drop rarity AND the need to constantly equip better gear in order to advance and in turn obtain yet better gear. [[150202,users]], my suggestions would be first for the drop rates to be a lot less cruel (I just did 3 rounds of chaos 4, and received a total of 4 blue rarity or higher talismans, for example, and not one had the spread I wanted). Also, Legendary drops should roll with either 45 or 60 upgrades, having the full 15-60 RNG on all items is ridiculous, legendaries should be better by default. Or, and this should be extremely expensive and/or rare, if implemented at all, a method that can reroll a single stat on a piece of gear (sort of like Diablo 3, in which only 1 stat on any gear can be rerolled, meaning that the hunt for gear is still a thing) to help offset the RNG. Lastly, much like the update to nightmare mode, certain stat spreads should be more common by default, and change based on your active hero. So, Defense Power on a talisman should have a higher chance of rolling with defense health and defense speed than with any other combination. I agree with you, the hunt for loot hasn't been this bad since vanilla.
  12. It's centered around the tower's base damage now? So it's essentially useless outside of Campaign. Hopefully they fix that, or at least change their minds if it was intentional. I'd even settle for 10% of the tower's current damage, it wouldn't break the game but would at least be worth your time.
  13. 1) Yeah, I can usually coast through Chaos IV with the Mystic due to the usefulness of Call to Madness and her large damage reduction, but that much is true. Honestly, the problem would be solved entirely if the tower itself was free to place as it used to be. 5) The Dark Torment initial attack does damage, but it's the secondary effect I was concerned with. I guess they must have nerfed the damage it causes, because they used to hit at least hard enough to occasionally spawn more of themselves, but I guess that's a tough ability to balance, lest you effortlessly turn full lanes into automated free defenses. 6) Yeah, it suffers from 3 shard syndrome. The only gimmick shard I use is the one that increases Polymorph duration. 7) I went and measured the difference between my damage when using the Mystic's appeasement buff, it caused a tower that was hitting for 17.85k to hit for pretty much exactly 18k. A difference of about 150 damage. definitely not 10%. Hopefully they fix that. As for the ball things, that was an intentional update? I guess I haven't really seen them backfire much, but when playing my mystic I tend to attack geodes by rushing them, dropping Call to Madness, hitting the geode with a point blank attack or two, then letting that lane finish itself off while I run to a new part of the map. I've definitely shelved my Mystic for now, as well. Snaking Sands are about the only thing I still drop, even the Viper's Fangs aren't useful anymore when I can just drop a single Maw of the Earth Drake with 3m health at level 1 and a much better secondary ability (the bubbles are nice, but occasionally drop a lady orc behind my defenses who then charges at the crystal like it owes her money).
  14. (Posted back in March 2017) Ok, played a few more rounds, I can officially say that the Obelisk is far too unreliable to use right now. Until the bug with his attack doing no damage is fixed, my Mystic will primarily be for Snaking Sands and the occasional Viper.
  15. Figure I'll make a post about the Mystic's positive points, too: 1: Since the update, the Mystic's damage has been significantly buffed. Her damage was good before, now it's amazing. So far, in my experience, she is dwarfed only by the Gunwitch. 2: With all of her shards in working order, Call to Madness can help her control an entire map. With increased range, duration, and a debuff to enemies caught under it's effect, you can cast it and leave a group of enemies to quite literally destroy themselves. 3: Her towers all received massive buffs. For example, the Snaking Sands can now do enough damage on a crit to 1-shot anything short of a boss. The Obelisk received an absolutely amazing buff, however. The flame damage from him has been nerfed considerable, but let's be honest... it was OP as heck before, doing as much as 1m DPS even in C3 gear. However, the Obelisk's smite has received a massive buff to compensate. Not only does it do more damage, but the smite rate is now effected by defense speed. Basically, if you invest in defense rate, it will destroy a random enemy every couple seconds. The damage is incredibly high, though, and even bosses will often by slaughtered before they can even walk to where your barricades are set up.
  16. No, you can definitely redeem codes on the PS4, I won a character in that giveaway too, and had no trouble redeeming. I'd just send a message to Trendy, They tend to be good about addressing issues like this.
  17. Still looking to add folks. I can safely build 4-person Chaos 3, and can solo (or duo) Chaos 4 pretty easily. Agreed. I'd love a trading system. An NPC trading system would be nice, and give you a good use for all those spare panic fire shards. A trade system would be sweet even if it was between players, though for shards only. Definitely no gear... Otherwise we're going to have tons of improperly geared leeches just like we did back with NM4.
  18. Play the update more, I hated it at first, but soon grew to love it. I could barely squeak past Chaos 1 the first day, now I'm able to do Chaos 4. Seriously, though, your giant run-on sentence was difficult to read... From what I gathered you are asking for the game to be easy to beat with one hero on the highest difficulty, like it was before.... no. Definitely no. The game before the update was way too easy. Keep at it and you'll learn to like the update.
  19. It's tough because you skipped a step. After Campaign mode, you need to do Incursions to get that gear before you can upgrade via Chaos 1. The gear system forces you to upgrade one step at a time. I can help you out some time as well, if you like. Always need more destruction/fortification shards anyway. My PSN is Thorgonator, should you choose to add me. Just mention DD2 in your friend request.
  20. Original post edited as of April 5th, to account for the changes and rebalances to the endgame update. The mystic, in particular, seems to have received the most changes. 1. Not technically a bug, but the Mystic's healing is still very stunted. She still possesses no natural means of healing outside of shards and attacks while at max appeasement. Her only means of healing is the Serpent's Coil, which isn't always an option due to it eating up part of the build cap. This isn't much of an issue prior to C5, due to her being a respectable tank, but becomes one later on when Assassins begin dogpiling you. Instead of taking 20 build cap, it should cost Appeasement to drop. Perhaps even a fairly large amount, like 60. 2. The shards that weren't functioning before all seem to be in working order, particularly the Debilitating Madness and Thundering Call shards, which is absolutely fantastic news for any Mystic user. The exception being the "Serpent's Appeasement" shard, which still gives way too much of a bonus, causing souls to restore massive amounts of appeasement per pickup. 3. Dark Torment's temporary defense is still about as useful as a solar powered flashlight. They were never overly powerful in the past, but they do literally nothing now, unless you happen to have the shard that causes them to explode, though even that one tends not to be particularly useful, as the enemies usually are long gone by the time it explodes, unless you're killing a group of mobs that are attacking a barricade. 4. The 20% tower buff on max appeasement being calced on the base damage of the tower still renders it utterly useless outside of campaign. This needs to be recalculated, or possibly replaced with a different passive entirely. 5. When the Obelisk chooses to flame enemies, it flames the hell out of them. It's damage has been reduced from the incredibly high point it was at in the past, which is good, but it's still quite adequate. At the moment, it's like a more powerful Flamethrower tower with greater range. Except... it sometimes refuses to attack enemies. This isn't the same as the old bug where it would attack enemies but do no damage. The Snake God simply sits there, glaring at enemies, apparently unable to understand that "Intimidate" and "Incinerate" aren't the same thing. More issues to be added as they arise.
  21. Ouch. I've had decent luck with shards, compared to some. I've gotten 3 range shards, 2 vampiric empowerment, and 1 defense rate shard at 113 ascension. But I've heard of people getting their first range shard at like 180 ascension. It's scary.
  22. The scaling is a bit much, I agree. The monsters should be harder, of course, but the game shouldn't be easier to solo than it is to play in a group. I've gotten to the point where I can afk up to c3 ( I got the shard that gives the toxic shock effect the other day) but when I'm doing c4, I usually can't win the map if I get other people joining my builds. The game should be more difficult, but still not so bad that it encourages solo play. I'm hoping they fix that.
  23. I wish there was a way to filter out shards you already had. I understand that you'd want multiples of some shards, but I've gotten 4 of the shards that increase call to madness duration, I don't need any more of the damn things. Or at the very least, give us the ability to trade for some of the more commonly used shards like range, etc.
  24. Strong disagree. I loved the endless progression in games like Diablo 3 with their paragon levels, and I like the idea behind it here, too. It's obvious the update has some flaws, balance issues, and the like, but as we're technically still in alpha, that's to be expected. If the ascension system stayed exactly as it was now, I would be wholly satisfied.
  25. I haven't had that one crash since the endgame update, but it had a good 1/3 chance of crashing before. I'm not sure what's up with that map, it's super annoying.
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