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  1. Full support, as this would also help with the massive buildup of Pristine motes that players end up with. I've got like 1200 of the damn things sitting around collecting dust, even though I sell them quite frequently. They'd actually have a proper use. I often find myself jumping from server to server to see if people are selling plain motes, just so I don't have to farm a crapton of low difficulty maps. It gets so boring, so fast.
  2. I like the way you think.
  3. Agreed. About 90% of the existing axes always roll with medium attack speeds, and it would be cool to have some of the more awesome looking ones not be held back by the fact that they'll always do subpar DPS.
  4. I really like the idea of free markets, though selling shards might be a bit much. Shard dust, on the other hand... As for the Carnival... so much yes. That needs to come back. I actually missed it the last time it was here, so I never got the chance to experience any of that special content. I'm honestly surprised they never visited again, as even the loading screens were filled with hints that the carnival would return for months.
  5. I personally do most of my testing in the field. I feel that a feature like this isn't quite useful enough to see use beyond a small initial rush. If I want to see how useful my melee booms and whatnot would be vs. a horde of goblins, what better to test it on than a horde of goblins? Having a training room to fully test out towers in specific situations would require a ridiculous amount of player input, too. To the point where, in the time you spent to set the enemy level, lane modifiers, and all the little details, you could have simply done an actual field test. Sure, you may not get that little DPS indicator, but that's not really a necessity if the only thing you actually need to know is "will this work?". It's a cool idea on paper, but I honestly think it would be 99% dead content, sorta like Markets.
  6. Ah, my bad, I saw this at the top of the queue and hadn't realized it was from 2015 until after I posted. Feel free to disregard.
  7. Alright, I'll bite. I like these kinds of idea threads. My suggestion: (Read this in the narrator's voice) Meet The Goblin Inventor. Banished by the Old One's armies for his suggested use of explosives for methods other than suicide bombing, the Goblin Inventor has decided to devote his expertise to the defense of Etheria against the same armies who ostracized him. The Goblin Inventor has developed numerous firearm-inspired towers to aid in the defense of the Eternia Crystals. He harvests scrap metal from defeated enemies to temporarily boost his defenses' firepower, or to unleash powerful, destructive abilities against the hordes of the Old Ones' armies. Functions: Much like the Mystic, when used during a wave, enemies will all drop scrap metal when killed, that the Inventor must then pick up to recharge his ability resource (Scrap Power). Scrap metal would be anything from the weapons they wield, to the armor that larger enemies wear. Larger/heavier armoured enemies will yield more scrap metal. His abilities: Rapid Fire: When using his secondary attack, the Inventor will fire a rapid fire assault on enemies in front of him, consuming his built up Scrap Power per shot fired. While it has relatively high DPS, it eats through his Scrap Power resource fairly quickly. Cryo Bomb: The Inventor hurls a frosty explosive device that detonates on impact, freezing enemies hit for a few seconds, and leaving a small chill AOE that lingers for a few seconds, slowing enemies. Gyrocopter: A small, hovering copter is summoned that pelts nearby enemies with bullets for a few seconds, before crashing to the ground and exploding, dealing healthy AOE damage. Ammo Upgrade: When used on a tower placed by the Inventor, the next few shots fired will all gain special effects, such as added abilities or increased damage. His Weapons: The Goblin Inventor prefers a Shotgun or a Grenade Launcher to other forms of equipment. While not suited for long range, at close range he can deal damage to crowds of enemies with a shotgun, or keep his distance with an explosive launcher. Which type is equipped is up to the player's discretion. His towers: Gatling Tower: A long range tower that fires in a straight line (If you were around back in the days of the alpha, think of the range of the Heavy Cannonball tower) but without a wide angle, thus requiring enemies to stand directly in front of it. The Gatling tower does relatively low damage, but makes up for it with a high rate of fire, giving it fairly effective stopping power vs. single targets. The narrow range will require careful placement, though. When hit the the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the next 30 bullets will do full damage, ignoring enemy damage resistance. Claymore: Exactly as the name suggests, an explosive device is placed on the ground, from which a tripwire is extended. When an enemy crosses an active tripwire, the Claymore fires a barrage of explosives in a cone, hitting any enemies unlucky enough to be caught nearby. The Claymore will always fire in the same direction as the tripwire extends. Fire Rate would decrease the amound of time before the tripwire resets and a new burst can be fire. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the next 2 shots fired by the Claymore will stun enemies hit for 2 seconds. Explosive Mortar: When placed, the tower can then be interacted with, to fire on an arc trajectory, potentially over walls and other obstacles. It will be up to the player, when setting the Mortar's firing range, to ensure that the arc trajectory doesn't hit any obstacles. The Explosive Mortar has a relatively low rate of fire, but does fairly high damage to a group of enemies, lobbing a bomb when they walk through the targeted area. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the next 4 shots will have increased damage and AOE. Plasma Railgun: A single shot tower with incredibly long range, low rate of fire, high damage, and the ability to pierce terrain (think Deadly Striker tower from DD1). The tower will have extremely low health, thus requiring careful placement in any map, as a single solid attack can destroy it. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the next 3 projectile will pierce enemies hit. His Shards: Fairly standard stuff. Things that increase the power or duration of his abilities, decrease Scrap Power consumption, or increase the rate at which Scrap Power is gained. As for his towers, his shards would involve things like adding a small poison gas cloud to his Claymore, or causing enemies killed by the Plasma Railgun to have a chance to explode. Anyway, I'm open to thoughts and suggestions, what do you think?
  8. The Blockade aspect isn't useful outside of mastery, though. You're almost always better off speccing into DPS in any other game mode. Same for the stun, unlike cannons, you can't rely on it to stun a specific lane or enemy. Of course, I haven't really tried to use it as a blockade in the higher floors, so if you have found it to be an effective blockade when equipped with stun on high onslaught floors, then I'll stand corrected. I just think that a big DU cost reduction is one of the only ways to make it viable, since you can't effectively place multiple Volcanoes without building multiple Lavamancers. I'd still ask for a reduction to at least 60 DU.
  9. I understand that reducing the Volcano to 40 might be a bit much, but why not at least 60? Using a C7 relic along with unique power, I'm able to get the DPS to close to 2m on placement. I'm aware that with the right mods and a c8 talisman you could probably get it close to 3m (this is assuming unbuffed). but due to the random nature of its attacks, it does little more than soften up enemies, until only a few remain, at which point the DPS becomes focused. But even factoring that in, my Obelisk already gets more kills in the average run than the Volcano. Plus the Volcano demands the Piercer mod to be viable above c3 anyway, and lacks the range to cover whole maps on some of the larger ones, such as the Lost Temple. The high DU cost just doesn't warrant placing it, in my experience.
  10. Actually, a tripwire is a pretty neat idea, and it even makes sense when you consider the nature of an explosive trap. As for Mastery, all I ask is that there be some form of incentive for repeat play. I like the idea of Mastery-specific rewards (maybe even golden eggs as a rare item, considering their supply is currently finite) to make it so that returning isn't completely a waste. You don't even get defender medals, as it stands. Very little gold rewards, few items, not even shards. I don't think it's that unreasonable to ask, especially when I receive PMs asking for help with the game on a regular basis.
  11. Yeah, trees used to only upgrade twice, for 50 mana each time. That came with a massive range increase with each upgrade. In exchange, before 30 DU blockades were all given roughly the same health per upgrade tier, trees didn't make very effective blockades. Their problem was that their hitbox was tiny and they didn't really draw any aggro at all. Lady Orcs and such would run right past them. Long story short, they're effective blockades now, but they really need to upgrade in the same manner that other 30 DU blockades do.
  12. I've been playing for quite some time now, and I'd like to toss out a few ideas I've had for a while now. I have my opinions on things like mods, onslaught progression, ancient power, and such, but I'll avoid those topics since I know you guys are working hard on an update to the game that will heavily feature those things, and I'm sure that yet another thread on the topic would be an annoyance at best. So my suggestions are mostly just a couple minor tweaks here and there to existing features. Anyway, here goes: 1. Volcano cost reduced from 100 to 40 DU. I know this is a pretty big change, but much like the Obelisk, the damage of the Volcano is actually in a pretty good place. The downside to the tower itself is that the massive cost of 100 DU means that it rarely has a time and place in which it can be effectively used. In fact, the only map in the game I still use it on is Siphon Site D. The Obelisk was in a similar state to the Volcano, but that incredibly helpful DU cost reduction means that I pretty much always try to place it. I'd love to have the Volcano be in that same good space. I get that it's a tough tower to balance, because I also remember the time when a single Volcano could lay waste to an entire Nightmare 4 map (back when that was the standard for difficulty). But I personally thing a reduction to 40 DU would be perfect for the tower. 2. Give World Trees a normal upgrade route of 5 stages instead of 3. I know with the original function of the world tree (range increase on upgrade) it made more sense, but as it stands now, the upgrades are awkwardly pricy and prevent trees from making effective use of the Protective Downgrade servo. 3. I know this has been suggested before, but please give traps a minor trigger range increase as defense range is upgraded. The blast radius is nice, but when the trigger range is so small it can be a little frustrating to know that staggered enemy spawns will still sometimes walk around the trap entirely. I just haven't been able to make explosive traps work effectively due to that, which is a shame, because their damage can achieve unbelievably high numbers with the right setup. 4. Have the Bastille Master only cast her damage reflection buff when she has left the spawn area. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I've had my heroes and towers end up killing themselves because she gets caught in a spawn or stuck behind a slow moving pack of enemies, and casts her buff while she herself is still safely out of harm's way. In particular, this seems to happen the most in both the ruins maps, and in Dragonstone Plaza. 5. Increase the rewards for players returning to Mastery maps they've already completed. I'm all for helping lower leveled players, and I enjoy showing people the ropes, or letting them tag along while I farm shards when needed. However, mastery severely punishes the player for this, as the rewards are virtually nonexistent after you obtain the stars from a map. All I ask is that shards, or medals, or even just a few crafting materials be given as a reward for maps that have already been completed. 6. Call me old fashioned, but I really loved the old Monthly Missions. Having an unusual goal with a cool reward that usually took a few days to farm for was a lot of fun. I get that limited edition items would be tough to design every month, but even just a chunk of medals or cash would be plenty. Fully understand if you don't want to do that, though. It's just a hope of mine. 7. This is probably going to generate some resistance, but hear me out: Please allow shard dust to be used in large quantities in the place of actual shards for the purpose of gilding. I'm aware that gilding is meant for super late endgame content, but the time spent to farm enough shards to gild (especially c7 ones, since they can't be purchased with gems or medals) is ridiculous. I'm not suggesting you make it easy, but I think a high amount, such as 20 shard dust (of the appropriate tier) PER shard being replaced is pretty reasonable, along with a limit of no more than 100 shard dust used per gild. This would mean that the player would still need at least 6 of the shard in question, as well as up to 100 shard dust of the same tier as the shard being gilded. That's all I'm putting in here for now. Feel free to tell me your thoughts.
  13. I'd like some confirmation myself. I've only recently started playing around with boost auras, so it would be good to know for sure.
  14. I've noticed a slight change, but I honestly prefer it that way. Made very little sense why they would just waltz right past a tower that had killed their entire extended family.
  15. I could get behind that as well. I find myself stashing shards that I have 8-9 of in the bank while I wait for those last two, but in the end, all I'd really want is a means to prevent so much duplicate shard clutter.
  16. Agree 100%. While PDTs are perfectly reliable in such circumstances, it would be great to have other options. Fissures, Ramsters, and a bunch of other towers would suddenly have additional use options. I love mixing up my defenses, and I've always hated relying on WM.
  17. I play on PS4, but I've been playing since vanilla (Wipeageddon.... it changes a man) and would love to help out if needed. Especially if I can carry the reward and such over to my ps4 account. I'll send an email shortly.
  18. I'd prefer if shards just stacked.
  19. I can live with more legendary drops. It's hard finding those perfect mods, I'll always be happy with a few extra chances.
  20. Ding, ding. Tutorials would help, but too many players ignore them. More accurate stat/target descriptors would help, but once again, lots of people don't read that stuff. The trouble is that campaign's difficulty is a joke that does not adequately prepare players for the chaos that is.... chaos. Small rewarding in game challenges on tower placement would be beautiful. Nothing spectacular, but enough to make players actually play them as a tutorial. Maybe 3-4 basic trials on tower placement, for example, could reward the players with a single C1 shard. And the challenges could all be simple tasks like "Defeat these Elite Shield Goblins using projectile towers!", coupled with some simple advice and recommendations like "Their shields block projectiles from the front, try placing your towers accordingly!". And again, make this stuff worth people's time by giving them a one-time-only shard or two for their troubles Then, once they've completed a C1 trial, much like with Incursions, they could unlock the challenges for the next chaos levels. It could serve as practice thatplayers may actually feel is worth their time. Of course, all this should come on top of an increase to campaign mode's depressingly easy difficulty level.
  21. Asking for there to be a vote kick is not selfish. Off your high horses, folks. It should ALWAYS be a choice. Some people have good enough gear to carry 3 leeches in any difficulty, but what of the folks who are trying to test out new builds, or simply dislike dropping weapon manufacturers everywhere? Right now, the system isn't working, and needs a change.
  22. I can live without the defender medals, but that gems would have been nice.
  23. I'm definitely not a new player, I'm currently able to build C7 on all the maps. However, I have a question for people in the know. I'd like to ask Trendy directly, but first I figured I'd ask the players in case I missed something somewhere along the line. When DD2 went free to play, I invited everyone I know who wasn't already playing to join me. I created a new character and played through Campaign mode with a friend. However, I noticed that, after beating the Harbinger, he had received over 5000 defender medals, and 600 gems. I beat the campaign some time ago, however, and though I recall receiving a small amount of gems (I don't believe it was 600), I do not recall, however, receiving a large influx of Defender Medals. Is there a way in which these rewards can be obtained by a player who beat the campaign ages ago, long before the endgame update? Or did I already receive them and they were just buried under the other loot I've gotten over the months? Edit: I beat the campaign so long ago that the reward I got was a small number of Wyvern Tokens. Nowhere near the same value as the huge amount of DM that players get now. Thanks in advance.
  24. And now my gear is up high enough that I can easily build Chaos 5 for 4 players, regardless of the other players' gear. Bear in mind this is not an invitation to get boosted by me.
  25. A refresh bump for the thread. With the more recent influx of PS4 players, I'm sure a lot of folks are looking to find others who play, as am I. At the moment, I am able to easily solo c5, just barely solo c6 (still upgrading gear). If anyone would like to just farm with me, shoot me a request. Bear in mind that I'm more than happy to farm anything from Chaos 3 onwards. Can never have too many deadly strikes. I can do chaos 4 with a full team of leeches, chaos 5 with a full team of decently leveled players.
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