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  1. Honestly, what about the Harbinger or the Eye of Cthulhu as well? I'd prefer to see all the game's large bosses have a new chance in the limelight. I remember fighting the Eye of Cthulhu and it being a legitimately good bossfight (after the first bug fix, mind you, it used to have the nasty habit of instantly causing game over if it flew within a few feet of the crystal), and the Harbinger is a pretty cool fight as well. Sadly when the game difficulty increased, all those old bosses were forgotten. Instead of Drakenfrost ever 10th floor, I'd rather it selected a boss at random.
  2. I could get behind that. A filter that automatically disenchants certain shards. But as nice as that would be, I doubt we'll be seeing much more than bug fixes after DD2's final big update.
  3. I'd love to see monthlies make a comeback (even if they no longer gave unique pets, I'd still be happy to have an overarching goal). Even more importwntly, though, is this. I'd love to see trophies, and now is the last good time to add them. They would produce one last massive spurt of activity while we wait for DDA.
  4. I'd suggest submitting a bug report if you have more details, such as roughly when it went missing or who you equipped it on. I'd hate to loose such a vital shard, so I hope you get it worked out.
  5. Definitely does not function as intended. I got my EV2 to do about 8 mil DPS with a basic attack and the rapid shooter shot type, but while i do get the bonus from my anti miniboss chip, I don't get the full bonus on roller butts from weakness exploit. I'm not chsnging my build, in hopes that they fix it, but for now it's definitely not functioning properly.
  6. I recommend Earthshatters or PDTs as your main source of DPS. PDTs don't draw much aggression and can handle crowds with explosive poison, and earthshatters can be placed near the crystal well out of the range of hex throwers (they can also handle crowds with the earth toss shard and shatterquake mods combined). You should be fine relying on those two. Good luck!
  7. Since DDA will be a paid title and not free-to-play, there would be no point in gems carrying over to begin with, as the need for a paid currency would be nonexistent. As far as DD2 is concerned, the game has at least a few more months of active community left. I'd suggest spending your gems while the spending's good. In future, if you're playing a free to play game, I advise only buying paid currency if you know you're going to spend it. No point saving it up.
  8. To be honest, I'd be fine leaving Drakenfrost is if they would only make 1 small change to how frost functions in general: Fire elemental towers should be unaffected by freezing of any sort. It's a pretty simple fix that would still require players to plan, but wouldnt have frost orcs overwhelm your defenses due to that split second of them being frozen while you relight the torch.
  9. The Drakenlord has been dropping loot just fine for me, though I play on ps4, so that may be a factor. Captain Dreadbones, on the other hand, is a stingy blighter who doesn't drop a dang thing. I get why he has no drops during his incursion, considering how he spawns like 30 times, but in other game modes, Dreadbones is an annoying sight because beating his face in yields zilch.
  10. You may have to be more specific, because there are 2 different freezing mechanics which require different solutions. First is the debuff applied by Drakenfrost, The Drakenlord, and the Yeti's snowballs. You can work around this with 100% tenacity or the automation shard. Conversely, at least on the Drakenfrost map, keeping the torches lit will solve it, too. Second, Frost Orcs have a seperate freezing debuff that harshly cuts the attack rate of any nearby towers just by them standing near it. Sadly, Tenacity does not prevent this, but you can work around it by either equipping a gilded defense rate shard AND a perfect attack rate mod at the same time, or by using towers that kill them with fire damage before they enter debuff range (I use fissures with defense range/anti melee/anti frost, and they work wonders even well into the hundreds). I'm not sure which debuff was giving you issues, but this should cover any frost related issues you might have. Good luck.
  11. I haven't seen any, but I'd definitely be fine with grabbing if there were any to be found. I mean, I pledged enough on the kickstarter for a shirt and a poster, but Iove me some little figures or other merch.
  12. I name mine almost exclusively after Final Fantasy characters. Usually FF9, what with it literally being my favorite game. The sole exception being the Barbarian, who shall always be known as Dave.
  13. I have another idea I've been toying with that I'll probably add within a day or two.
  14. I could live with that. Perhaps in the form of a rare map reward, akin to a c8 amp.
  15. They're not too terribly valuable, since Madwicks and other pets from that event can be received from Defender Crates, but it's still possible sell them for a good chunk. If you put them into your shop for a mil or so, I'm sure they'd sell after a time.
  16. I actually posted this a few months ago, but it was on a thread from 2015 that was unwittingly bumped by a new user. I've since refined the idea a bit, and so I thought a repost was in order. Anyway, here goes: (Read this in the narrator's voice) The Goblin Inventor wished only for peace, and a world where he could use his inventions for the good of all. However, the armies of The Old Ones offered him no such luxury. Shunned by his brethren, he now stands alongside the heroes of Etheria to thwart the Old Ones' ambitions, and bring about the peace he so desires. He fights against the enemy hordes using firearms, explosives, and an array of mechanical towers of his own devising. Secondary Resource: Much like the Mystic, when used as your active character during a wave, enemies will drop scrap metal when killed, that the Inventor must then pick up to recharge his ability resource, known as Scrap Power. Scrap metal would be anything from the weapons they wield, to the armor that larger enemies wear, appearing on the ground as simple chunks of weapons and armor. Larger/heavier armoured enemies will yield more scrap metal. His abilities: (Secondary Attack) Barrage: When using his secondary attack, the Inventor will fire a rapid barrage of projectiles on enemies in front of him, consuming his built up Scrap Power with each shot fired. While it has relatively high DPS, it eats through his Scrap Power resource fairly quickly. Cryo Bomb: The Inventor hurls a frosty explosive device that detonates on impact, freezing enemies hit for a few seconds, and leaving a small chilling AOE that lingers for a few seconds, slowing enemies. Gyrocopter: A small, hovering drone is summoned that pelts nearby enemies with bullets for a few seconds, before crashing to the ground and exploding, dealing healthy AOE damage. Ammo Upgrade: When used on a tower placed by the Inventor, all attacks by that tower will have additional effects, such as damage or piercing rounds for the duration of the effect. Shards or Ascension bonuses can be used to increase the duration of this effect. His Weapons: The Goblin Inventor prefers close to medium ranged weapons, such as a Shotgun or a Grenade Launcher, to other forms of equipment. While not suited for long range, at close range he can deal damage to crowds of enemies with a shotgun, or keep himself at a moderate distance with an explosive launcher. Which type of weapon is equipped is up to the player's discretion. His towers: Gatling Tower: A long range tower that fires in a straight line (If you were around back in the days of the alpha, think of the range of the Heavy Cannonball tower) but without a wide angle, thus requiring enemies to stand directly in front of it. The Gatling tower does relatively low damage, but makes up for it with a high rate of fire, giving it fairly effective stopping power vs. single targets. The narrow range will require careful placement, though. When hit the the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, the rounds fired by the gatling will do slightly increased damage, while ignoring enemy resistance. Claymore: Exactly as the name suggests, an explosive device is placed on the ground, from which a tripwire is extended. When an enemy crosses the active tripwire, the Claymore fires a burst of explosive damage in a cone, hitting any enemies unlucky enough to be caught in the effective range. The direction of the Claymore's attack can be set separately from the tripwire, allowing for some clever placement options, though the player should take care to ensure that the attack still hit the enemy triggering the tripwire. Fire Rate would decrease the amount of time before the tripwire resets and a new burst can be fired. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, blasts from the Claymore will stun enemies hit for a short time. Explosive Mortar: When placed, the tower can then be interacted with in order to set a firing trajectory, potentially over walls and other obstacles. It will be up to the player, when setting the Mortar's firing range, to ensure that the arc trajectory doesn't hit any obstacles. The Explosive Mortar has a relatively low rate of fire, but does fairly high damage to a group of enemies, lobbing a bomb when they walk through the targeted area. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, rounds fired by the Explosive Mortar will have increased damage and blast radius. Plasma Railgun: A single shot tower with incredibly long range, low rate of fire, high damage, and the ability to pierce terrain (think Deadly Striker tower from DD1). The tower has extremely low health, thus requiring careful placement, as a single solid attack could destroy it. When hit with the Inventor's Ammo Upgrade, projectiles fired will pierce enemies hit. His Shards: Fairly standard stuff. Things that increase the power or duration of his abilities, decrease Scrap Power consumption, or increase the rate at which Scrap Power is gained. As for his towers, his shards would involve things like adding a small poison gas cloud to his Claymore, or causing enemies hit by the Plasma Railgun to have a chance to shock nearby enemies for a portion of the damage received as storm element, or a lingering flame from the area hit by the Explosive Mortar. Anyway, I'm open to thoughts and suggestions, what do you think?
  17. I would fully support this idea, though I think it should come with an "inactivity meter" that will automatically remove players (in multiplayer only) if they remain inactive for too long. The meter can be reset by actually contributing, such as by attacking enemies, upgrading/repairing, etc.
  18. Yeah, I'm not sure I believe that the drop rates are equal across the board. In the last while I decided to keep count of my c4 shards. I've got about 200 C4 dust since I started counting. I've found a grand total of 12 Darkest Syphon, 9 Fan of Knights, and 9 Enduring Drop (I chose three at random and counted them), yet only two Defense Rate and one Power Transfer.
  19. Yeah, it's annoying, but in this case I'd recommend building to the door. A nice PDT/Explosive Poison combo is usually my go-to, but Earthshatters work really well, too.
  20. No. They have done a reasonably good job keeping pay-to-win aspects to a minimum. I resist any ideas like this that increase the pay-to-win aspects. Shard drops' cruel RNG is an issue, to be sure, but Pay-To-Win is not the answer.
  21. My personal idea was just to remove their hero stat increase, boost their damage, and give them passive abilities. Passive could be anything from movement speed, buffing nearby allies or defenses, passive healing, passive attacks (such as random lightning strikes to nearby enemies), and more.
  22. I agree they need a mute function. It wouldn't really effect how often you get requests for help (at least on console. I get 5-6 pms a day, and probably 40 in-game party invites asking for help regardless of mic status), but people being obnoxious on the mic is the reason I tend not to use mine in public chat in DD2. Which sucks, because unlike most, I enjoy talking with strangers while I play, I've met some of my best gaming buddies doing that. But DD2's lack of mute option makes me avoid public chatting on the mic, lest I be forced to deal with rudeness.
  23. Sounds fine to me. Farming low level maps for materials is a huge problem. And although I don't think that you should be able to trade shard dust for specific shards, I do think that you should be able to use a chunk of shard dust in place of shards for the purpose of gilding. I actually made a suggestion to that effect, that a player should be able to use 10 shard dust per shard needed for gilding, up to a maximum of 50 shard dust per shard gilded. It would make gilding the few C7 shards much more feasible, considering you can't get C7 shard packs.
  24. Apologies in advance for this wall of text. Feel free to cherry pick if you don't feel concerned with some of the topics. I avoided touching on the topic of ascension and ancient power last time, but now that the changes have settled in, I now feel that input is fine. Anyway, the thread covers a variety of tweaks and changes I'd love to see, that cover a variety of game aspects. Please offer any input or suggestions as you feel necessary. A few of the things I mentioned in the last topic will no longer be mentioned here, as the issues have either changed or been cleared up. Anyway, here goes: 1. Volcano reduced from 100 DU. The Volcano is actually a very effective tower now, especially after the last buff update. The only thing that stops it from being used more often is the massive DU cost. Ideally I'd like to see it reduced to 60 DU (My old thread suggested 40, but the buff made it far too good for such a low cost), but even costing 80 DU would make it a FAR more effective tower. 2. Give World Trees a normal upgrade route of 5 stages instead of 3. I know with the original function of the world tree (range increase on upgrade) it made more sense, but as it stands now, the upgrades are awkwardly pricey and prevent trees from making effective use of the Protective Downgrade servo. 3. Increase Mastery rewards, and encourage repeat play. I've given this some thought since my last post, and I've actually got a suggestion now: First, instead of preset rewards, give players points for completed maps (even a preset currency in the form of stars would be adequate). This way players could choose their rewards instead of endless grinding for the ones they actually want. In addition, add a randomizer of sorts that chooses maps and win conditions using RNG. More points would be rewarded for consecutive wins as well as per condition met. For example, meeting all 5 of the conditions on a map awards 5 points, with 1 bonus point per consecutive map completed (up to a maximum of 3). Naturally, the most points will be awarded for meeting as many conditions as possible. Points would only be spendable in the chaos level in which they were earned, and of course each Hyper Shard would only be purchasable once (with an option to repurchase should the worst happen and a player accidentally delete theirs). Other rewards would include the things already given by Mastery, such as cash, golden eggs, shards, and pet upgrade packs, as well as some new rewards like crafting material packs. The existing cosmetic rewards for Mastery can automatically be earned by obtaining a certain number of points in their respective chaos difficulty. 4. Call me old fashioned, but I really loved the old Monthly Missions. Having an unusual goal with a cool reward that usually took at least a few days to farm for was a lot of fun. I get that limited edition items (like those pets that used to be a reward for it) would be tough to design every month, but even just a chunk of medals, items, or cash would be plenty. Fully understand if you don't want to do that, though. It's just a hope of mine. 5. This is probably going to generate some resistance, but hear me out: Please allow shard dust to be used in large quantities in the place of actual shards for the purpose of gilding. I'm aware that gilding is meant for super late endgame content, but the time spent to farm enough shards to gild (especially c7 ones, since they can't be purchased with gems or medals) is ridiculous. I'm not suggesting you make it easy, but I think a high amount, such as 10 shard dust (of the appropriate tier) PER shard being replaced is pretty reasonable, along with a limit of no more than 50 shard dust used per gild. This would mean that the player would still need at least 6 of the shard in question, as well as up to 50 shard dust of the same tier as the shard being gilded. 6. Trophies/Achievements. Seriously. The endgame content at the moment can be fun, but suffers from a lack of direction. We need a full compliment of trophies. Trophies giving a goal to both starting and endgame players would generate a lot more traffic than some people might think. A lot of them should be genuinely difficult to obtain, and require many hours spent in endgame content. A reward for the endgame players that have pushed their limits, but also a goal for those players who only just hit the endgame, yet are finding it difficult to figure out where to go next. In addition, cosmetic items or titles could be offered to those players who manage to obtain some of the more difficult ones. Aside from basic trophies, such as the ones we already have, there should be ones involving other aspects of the game as well, particularly endgame and social features. I honestly think the player base would see a significant surge with goals like these. A few suggestions: Etherian Reinforcements: Unlock any special character. Hey big spender: Spend a total of 10 million coins in player shops. Pssst, hey buddy: Sell a total of 10 million coins worth of items from your own player shop. Top Pedigree: Fully upgrade a pet of Legendary rarity. Start from Scratch: Receive Ancient Power once. Power Overwhelming: Receive Ancient Power a total of 10 times. Transcendent: Achieve Ascension level 1000. The Cheese Stands Alone: Complete any Chaos VII or higher map by yourself, using no more than 5 different types of defense. (This encourages players to learn to build at higher difficulties, as even now, roughly half the players I see who have obtained 8k or higher Hero Power aren't actually capable of building). It's also a pun based on the old saying, as well as players using overpowered tower setups (cheese) to complete maps with single towers. I'm looking at you, Weapon Manufacturer. The Cheese got lonely: Complete any Chaos VII or higher map with 3 other players, using no more than 5 different types of defense. I could keep suggesting, but you get the gist. 7. Tweak Ancient Power a bit further. I don't actually mind the system as it stands, but I do think that it would benefit from a Minimum Hero Power. As the floor requirement rises, the Hero Power to which a character is reset should rise as well, eventually up to the point where a character's gear only decreases to early C7 stats (the gear would still need to be leveled back up to 10/10, and shards would still reset as normal). This still makes Ancient Power resets tough, but it allows players who don't have dozens of hours a week to play to obtain a decent number of resets. I'm thinking a minimum Hero Power of about 500 per reset is pretty fair, capping at about 5300, meaning that a player won't see resets being as high as C7 until they've achieved Ancient Power many times. 8. New rare Onslaught rewards. First, the fabled C8 Ampoule is far too rare, and I'd personally like to see an increase in the drop rate, especially considering that C8 gear resets just like any other gear, even though it requires an absurd amount of resources to max out. Having played a total of about 250-300 maps that could potentially drop said Ampoules, but not having actually gotten one, I can definitely vouch for their rarity. In addition, I'd like to see two more rewards. First, Protean Booster, an item that improves the mods of the gear upon which it is used by two stages. Second, Ancient Ether Coating, an item that renders a single piece of gear immune to Ancient Power resets. However, an item with said Ether Coating CANNOT be modified or changed in any way, and upon resetting, the item cannot be equipped until the hero you wish to equip it on has obtained 90% of the item's Hero Power. So, for example, if an item with 8000 Hero Power is given the Ancient Ether Coating, it cannot be equipped or used until the hero using it has achieved at least 7200 Hero Power. This means the item can't be used to speed run Ancient Power, and also that the player in question will have to think carefully before applying the coating to C8 items, lest they have an item with Hero Power beyond that which can be met by C7 gear. 9. Next, a suggestion on how I think pets could be rebalanced. I believe that each pet should have passive abilities in addition to their on-use pet ability, and have their base hero stat buffs removed entirely. The number of passives will increase based on rarity, with 0 passives for green rarity pets, and 3 passives with Legendary pets. The passives would include anything from a chance to inflict a status on enemies, an increase to hero movement speed, a chance to buff or heal an ally or defense, give base hero stats, etc. These passives would be used automatically by the pet, and would require no input from the player aside from assigning them as needed. The passive abilities could be rerolled, but in addition, some of the rare pets would have unique passives that the other pets would not. For example, Thunder-O would have a passive that strikes a nearby enemy with lightning every few seconds. Itsy-Betsy would have a passive that creates a curse area under enemies she attacks every 10 seconds or so. The Dragolich would have a passive that gives his attacks a 50% chance to inflict Fear on regular enemies (obviously bosses and special enemies like Lava Guardians would be immune), causing them to flee from the hero for a few seconds. The Possessed Sword would have a passive that adds a small buff to the player's melee attacks. Autumeow would generate a gust of wind that pushes enemies back. And the list goes on. 10. A "Request" section in the player shop. Each player would start with 1 request slot, and more could be purchased for gems. Instead of putting up an item for sale, players could put in coins and instead ask for a specific item or mod. Then, as other players browse shops, they can sell their items directly to a player if they find the price to be worth it. Obviously when requesting mods, players would be able to set a minimum level and hero power, such as offering exactly 1 mil for a defense rate mod of at least C5 level and 6/10 power. Players could avoid specifying a chaos level requirement if they want to get the mod they need faster, or they can ask for C7 specifically if they don't want to spend resources to upgrade. 11. Please add a range gambit ascension option for Serpent's Coil. Pretty self explanatory. 12. My last suggestion: Crafting and upgrading materials should be usable for lower difficulties. For example, Pristine motes should work on any piece of gear for the purpose of upgrades, while Shiny motes should work for both C4-6, as well as C1-3. As it stands, a lot of low tier grinding is required to amass the motes needed to upgrade gear. It takes 50 shiny motes, for example, to upgrade a single piece of gear from minimum c4 to maximum c6. However, at the same time, with Pristine Motes being used in much smaller numbers, they pile up, along with other forms of C7 crafting materials. I personally have well over a thousand Pristine Motes collecting dust, simply because they're no use for lower Chaos gear. This wouldn't be so bad if pushing Onslaught floors didn't also reward you with giant piles of C7 crafting materials. Anyway, there you have it. Please offer any input you have, and thanks for reading.
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