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  1. Finally, some replay value. Thanks!
  2. I thought it was deactivated on purpose due to ignoring headstrong in some situations. I wouldn'texpect a fix until they eventually decide to balance out all the issues and add the elemental combos. Or possibly never.
  3. Yeah, that's gonna be a tough one. I feel for people who will be playing it alone. Even the normal version is a pain in the ass to do alone.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately there is no go-to defender medal farming method. Even counting that new Prime incursion that can be farmed really fast (if you have top tier gear) that map gives pnly half the normal DM, making it less than ideal for farming. Just keep at it with dailies and weeklies, and try to limit spending DM on other things such as mod tinkering or shards.
  5. They haven't posted a thread for the patch notes yet (I think they forgot, as they usually go it right when they update). As for the staff and pet, that is something best posted in the Market section.
  6. I've done all of them now, and I've found two issues. The first is the issue in the title, the obvious lack of mods. The second issue I've noticed, though, is that the Demon Lord can get bugged out if you deal too much damage at once, becoming completely unkillable. Nuke Monks beware.
  7. And as of Prime Incursions, my suggestion has basically been added. Though they aren't present in the game for a few months, I've noticed that the last two Incursions were Betsy and the Blood Moon, so woohoo! Now here's hoping that they're more than just a slight jump above c7. I want to have to TRY to beat them.
  8. There's a section on the forums for asking questions like that, titled "players helping players", but yes, 1.8m is far too much. A stack of c7 amps is about 500k at most.
  9. Just go into the title list and hit x over the title you want to have equipped. Works fine for me, and I'm also a ps4 player.
  10. The issue with frost lanes is Frost Orcs and their frost debuff to nearby towers. I tend to deal with those lines by dropping PDTs, Fissures, and Ramsters. Ramsters don't upgrade well, but they have the advantage of being able to crowd control an antire frost lane without ever entering the frost debuff radius. I run anti frost/anti orc (I'll switch with melee once I get a good one)/lingering hellfire. Since hellfire now attunes ramsters to fire for that sweet double damage to frost enemies, it's actually worth using.
  11. Nothing wrong with power levelling people. It doesn't break any rules, unless you're trading actual money. I let people tag along with me all the time for that reason. I get extra rewards for having others around, why not let them get in on it?
  12. I tend to use US east or even EU servers on occasion due to lag issues on US West, but I haven't seen a problem quite to that extent. Did it just start doing that recently?
  13. You're going to have to be more specific. I'm a ps4 player, myself, and I've encountered some minor problems, sure, but the game plays just fine for the most part. It's far from unplayable. If you're having an otherwise unknown or at least uncommon issue, I think actually specifying what that issue is might go a long ways towards getting your problem fixed.
  14. Yeah, I'd love to see an ascension rework. I don't even really have a problem with shortening the grind at this point, either, considering DD2 is pretty late into its lifespan. Another one I'd like to see dealt with would be the wasted points. The only character who won't start losing every third ascension point within a few hundred ascension levels is the Barbarian, as it is now. Seeing a big chunk of points just collecting dust like that bothers me.
  15. Hmmm... if you're going to terrorize the mortal realm on behalf of a bunch of imprisoned elder gods, might as well look good doing it.
  16. Can't wait to bling out with those gold hero skins, I'll be checking my email often.
  17. It varies based on platforms. The Terror Dragolich has a pretty stable price range of 7.5-10m (depending how far it has been raised) on all platforms, but the price on currently unobtainable pets like Blue and Green Dragolich can be a bit harder to nail down. It is also worth noting that unobtainable pets like Blue and Green Dragolich are worth significantly more on console than on pc. The price on pc seems to be 10m or so (15 absolute tops) for the Blue/Green variants, but can easily break 20-25m on ps4. I know next to nothing about the Xbox market, though.
  18. Sadly, no. Just keep count. But don't let your guard down, either, as 10/10 rerolls seem to occur in about 1/150-200 rerolls. You won't always have to wait all the way until #286, and it's very easy to accidentally click past it. At the moment, I'm at exactly 217 rerolls, so im guaranteed a 10/10 within my next 79 rerolls.
  19. If I'm in a rush, a quick stir fry is my go to. Soba noodles only take a few seconds to make, since they tend to come pre cooked. Toss some veggies in a pan (a quick stir fry doesn't need meat, but if you have it handy, add that, too), add some garlic and ginger (I keep the paste handy, it comes in little tubes that last for ages), heat your noodles, add them in when the veggies are mostly cooked, add sauce, cook for a minute or so, and boom, 5 minutes of work for a decent meal. You can customize the sauce based on your mood, too, so it's different every time. Want something sweet? Use Teriyaki. Want spicy? Use Sriracha. Want something plain but still tasty? Just use soy sauce.
  20. The material exchange was never intended to eliminate the grind and cash drain. It was meant to reduce it. And that job has been done remarkably well. I'm afraid I simply can't agree with you. This is a massive improvement over what we had before. Would you rather still be paying absurd amounts for plain motes? I recommend rolling with only one tower upgraded each reset, and a few others equipped with random drops. I was able to hit 20 AP pretty easily using only PDTs, and this was months ago. It would be even easier now if you just throw a random relic on your Earthshatters and petrify the heck out of everything.
  21. Yes, at least in my own experience, the pity timer still functions if you start rerolling a different mod. I had this happen a while back when I was farming rerolls. I got the mod I was initially trying to reroll as a drop, and when I switched to a new mod, the pity timer still activated at a total of exactly 286 reroll tokens used.
  22. Not getting a 5 is just bad luck. Keep at it, or maybe test the waters with some rerolls (5/10 is pretty common). Though I do feel the need to ask, why Drain Aura? It's not "meta" at all. It's about as far from the meta as you can get. It does low preset damage once per second, which cannot in any way make up for the loss of DP boost from using a better mod. I can at least keep an eye out for a 5 on your behalf, though that is dependent on which platform you play on.
  23. Disagree. The host of a match should always have the option of kicking. There are times that people can abuse the privilege, but it is far outweighed by people having the ability to kick leeches, AFKers, or folks with severely underleveled gear who insist on dropping towers. That being said, DD2 currently uses a vote kicking system, the option to trigger that shouldn't even pop up in two player, and if it does, that's a sign they should remove vote kicking and just use normal host priviliges. But, as I mentioned, the final say in kicking should always belong to the host.
  24. Super bummed to find out that poison DOT is currently not working (and as a result, the petrify elemental combo), nor are crafting materials currently tradeable.
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